Egypt in Turmoil: Mursi´s “Revolution” Backfires.

Egypt in Turmoil: Mursi´s “Revolution” Backfires.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) – After the effective hijacking of the “Arab Spring” by a well prepared, well connected and not least well financed Muslim Brotherhood, the Mursi “Revolution” as even some so-called liberals like international lawyer Franklin Lamb called it, is about to backfire.

FJP Egypt ablazeIn spite of Egypt being a predominantly Islamic country, it is also the cradle of Arab Socialism and the Naserite Arab and Nationalist Movements. Mursi´s wholesale of Egypt to the IMF before he even took  office, a restrictive and intolerant new constitution that does not afford protection for minorities, and a backward Islamo-Fascist new government that has already begun showing its true Islamo-Fascist face by arresting and cracking down on dissent and even moderate criticism of the Freedom And Justice Party and Mursi, whom many Egyptians describe as the new pharaoh, have brought the situation in Egypt to the boiling point.

After the eruption of massive protests in Cairo and several other cities, clashes between protesters and police have have left more than hundred injured. At least five protesters have reportedly been killed.

The office of the Muslim brotherhood´s political party, the Freedom and Justice Party in Ismalia was set ablaze on Friday 25 January. The torching of the Freedom and Justice Party´s office in Ismalia is significant because it is here, that the party was established in 1928. It is also from here that the party developed its alliances with European Fascism. The Freedom and Justice Party´s offices in Cairo came under attack too. Protesters were hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at the offices in attempts to set the offices ablaze.

Protesters at Cairo´s Tahrir “Freedom” Square engaged into pitched battles with Egyptian police forces, hurling stones, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at the police. The police responded with tear gas.

Also the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo came under attack. The Ministry of Interior is especially being criticized for its abuse of power and the often violent oppression of political dissent against the Freedom and Justice Party or the Mursi Government, and for the attempt to turn Egypt into an Islamo-Fascist control state while the population is forced into even more poverty than before the Muslim Brotherhood´s takeover.

On the second anniversary of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, which led to the ousting of the Mubarak administration and the arrest of Hosni Mubarak and other government officials for the violent crackdown on protesters, the want-to-be-dictator Mursi who deposed the dictator Mubarak is experiencing his own Arab Spring.  One US and IMF proxy was substituted by another US and IMF proxy with the friendly financial and political support from the dictatorship in Qatar. Who would blame impoverished Egyptians to “enough is enough”.

The question whether Mursi and Mubarak soon could keep one another in company in jail could become a valid question to be asked. Many Egyptians are probably thinking that they wish that they did meet in jail. However, the Freedom and Justice Party enjoys the privilege of government and access to government instruments of control in Egypt. The Muslim brotherhood is internationally well organized and well funded. The Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt enjoys considerable financial supported from Qatar.

It is likely that also this attempt to save that, what many had hoped for to be a real revolution for the people of Egypt, will loose momentum unless the situation escalates to such a degree that the still powerful military intervenes. Most likely it was to prevent exactly such an escalation that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party made the decision not to take part in public meetings to celebrate “The Arab Spring”; even though they are the primary – and some would say the only beneficiaries.

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