PFLP demands end to Security Coordination; 11th Anniversary of Sa´adat Kidnapping.

PFLP demands end to Security Coordination; 11th Anniversary of Sa´adat Kidnapping.

The Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, issues a press release, condemning the kidnapping of PFLP Secretary General Ahmad Sa´adad by the Palestinian Authority. The Front is calling on the Palestinian Authority to end to the use of Palestinian prisons for holding political prisoners and is calling for an end  the oppression of the resistance on behalf of the Zionist occupier of Palestine.

The PFLP reiterates that the political arrests within a Palestine under occupation are a crime against the national and social fabric of Palestine and that the arrests and oppression contradict the values and heritage of the Palestinian people while serving the interests of the occupation.

The PFLP demanded that the Palestinian Authority releases all political detainees and emphasizes that it is 11 years ago that the Secretary General of the PFLP, Ahmad Sa´adat was arrested by Palestinian Security and Intelligence Services.

On 15 January 2002 Palestinian Security and Intelligence Services kidnapped Ahmad Sa´adat from a hotel Ramallah while he was negotiating with a representative of Yassir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. The PFLP is holding the Palestinian Authority responsible for his imprisonment over four years in a Palestinian prison, his subsequent kidnapping from the prison by bu occupation forces and his sentencing in an Israeli occupation court and imprisonment. Sa´adat was sentenced to serve a thirty years prison term in a Zionist occupation prison. The PFLP emphasized that it is absolutely necessary to protect the rights and liberties of Palestinian citizens as well as their inalienable right to resist the occupation of Palestine.

The PFLP stated that if the implicit recognition of Palestine as a state by the United Nations should be given any credibility, the Palestinian Authority should stop acting on behalf of the occupation and rather act as a state in which Security services act to protect Palestinians rather than the occupier.

The PFLP demanded that the Palestinian Authority ends its security coordination and all commitments with the Zionist entity as a mechanism to restore national unity and to end division, stating that ongoing political arrests are a major cause for division among Palestinians and Palestinian factions.

The PFLP encouraged the national reconciliation commission to uphold its responsibilities in this regard and demanded an investigation to find those responsible for torture and political arrests to hold them accountable. The Front encouraged the national reconciliation commission to work toward an end of the security coordination, stating that it strikes at the very heart of Palestinian national unity. National unity, the Front stated, must be based on the Palestinian people´s resistance and struggle against settlements, the occupation, and colonialism, the liberation of prisoners, and on the struggle for freedom, the right to independence and the right to return.

Christof Lehmann, nsnbc


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