Merry Christmas Palestine: A Jordanian Vatican in the West Bank and an Egyptian Bazaar in Gaza.

Merry Christmas Palestine: A Jordanian Vatican in the West Bank and an Egyptian Bazaar in Gaza.

How Palestine has shrunkIn 2012; Palestinians worldwide celebrated. It is not that Palestinians are more fond of travelling than other people but because Palestinian families have been forced into worldwide Odyssees since 1948 that the point must be made that Palestinians worldwide celebrated.

In 2012 Palestine was granted non-member state observer status at the United Nations where Israel has been a full and fully defiant member for decades. Yes, Palestine was mercifully granted an observers peephole to the stage of worlds political affairs and it is now allowed to officially lobby.

The “implicit recognition” of Palestine as a state was endorsed by 198 member nations at the UN General Assembly. An overwhelming majority indeed; and a significant number of member states of the European Union voted in favor. Did anybody else smell a rat ? I did.

To begin with, here are a few of the most pertinent issues which the “implicit recognition” does not even begin to address. After that, lets have a look at the dusty details which strongly indicate that the future of “Palestine” will be that of a Jordanian UNESCO Vatican in the West Bank and an Egyptian Bazaar in Gaza. I wish I was joking but I´m not.

What Palestine was “implicitly recognized”? Palestine within the borders of 1948, of 1967, of 1973, or are we talking about the few, securely walled enclaves in the West Bank and the partially occupied Gaza Strip ?

Are we talking about the Palestinian enclaves whose economy is systematically sabotaged by Israel and whose European, American and worldwide social welfare is arbitrarily granted or withheld by Israel ? Is it that Palestine that was “implicitly recognized”?

The Palestine whose economy is sabotaged to such extend that the IMF states that its economy does not warrant recognition of Palestine as a state ? And who is running the IMF ? Since Egypt´s Mursi had to enslave the entire people of Egypt to the IMF Pharaoes for decades to come before he even was elected, I presume it is part of any decisions about the future status of Palestine too ?

Are we discussing the quasi construct of a quasi state which has limited political sovereignty and no military sovereignty at all over a not exactly specified territory ? A state which therefore has quasi representative observer status at the UNESCO and by the way;  What is the UNESCO all about ? Does anyone else hear a world heritage bell ringing ? Right, World Heritage Sites !

Does anyone else recall that Hamas declared Gaza to be a “liberated zone” in August 2012 ? (1) Remember that the decision was met with the criticism that it would further the division between the West Bank and Gaza rather than strengthening national unity ?

Right, and is it therefore then, that Hamas and Egypt are now discussing the development of a free trade zone in the Sinai. A free trade zone which would be controlled and administrated by Egypt, funded by Qatar and heavily invested in by the Rothschilds.Never miss out on a good opportunity to control, right ?

A free trade zone which guaranties profit sharing between the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and Gaza. A Monacco like free trade zone with an attached Bazaar called Gaza ? And make no mistake about it, even with a free trade zone established, you will still have Israelis keeping the gates and making decisions which goods the tourists and Gazans can safely consume.

And make no mistake about this either, the fall of the Hashemite King of Jordan and his replacement by a Qatar controlled Muslim Brotherhood government in Jordan is part of the deal. The deal which Obama, when he refused to recognize Palestine at the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly in 2011 alluded to when he said that ” a solution for Palestine could only be found within the framework of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East“. Long live “THE ARAB SPRING” capital letters only.

With Gaza effectively separated from the rest of Palestine, what is it that remains ? Right the enclaves in the West Bank.

Remember that there is a considerable amount of significant religious sites in the West Bank ? Here we will see the establishment of a Jordanian dominated Palestine. It will be  comparable in status to the Vatican. Only in this Vatican we will have a Black UN Pope at the helm.

With UNESCO administrated World Heritage Sites, with Palestinian walled enclaves, with a Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood branch dominated Palestinian quasi government governing the quasi state, sharing the revenue of the religious circus with the Muslim Brothers, the Zionists and the UN-Pope.

What about providing costumes to the people in places like Qalkila, Tulkarem and all the other walled enclaves. Imagine the privilege of being a prisoner in a Museum of “Palestine” with an orthodox Jew cashing in at the gate. The very least the Israelis could do would be to provide decent costumes. You know ? Costumes which live up to the worst expectations; to what the Palestinian Scholar Edward Said called ORIENTALISM.

If there is one thing which I would like to wish Palestinians for Christmas it would be a political leadership that really represents you, Palestine and a one state solution. I would also wish you more neighbors like Syria – before it was destroyed and betrayed by the enemies of Palestine. I wish you courage to resist to plans to turn the Sinai into an Egyptian Casino with Gaza as attached Bazaar. I wish that you have the courage to resist against the transformation of the West Banks into Museum Enclaves under the auspices of the UNESCO. I wish that you have the strength to resist your internal and your external enemies and that you stand united. My solidarity is guaranteed.

Merry Christmas 25.12.2012

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc

In deutscher Übersetzung von Einar Schlerth bei “Einartysken”

FROHE WEIHNACHTEN, Palästina: Ein jordanischer Vatikan im Jordanland und ein ägyptischer Bazar in Gaza

How Palestine has shrunk

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