Sirens in China wail for murdered civilians, raped and murdered women worldwide.

Sirens in China wail for murdered civilians, raped and murdered women worldwide.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. On Thursday, 13. December 2012 at 10 a.m. sirens throughout China started wailing. With global security being more fragile than ever since the end of the so-called Cold War; with new cold war conflicts from the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, Phillipines, Southern Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Kongo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, Libya, Colombia, Palestina and Syria.

With many of todays conflicts having the potential to develop into regional conflicts with global consequences, the sirens of China are understood as an ominous warning by war victims worldwide; the sirens of China are also sobering wakeup calls for those political leaders who oppose imperialism and warmongering, and who are aware of the daunting task that lies ahead.

To maintain peace without surrendering to warmongers, imperialism and the heart of Darkness that is at the root of the rapes.

The sirens of China were wailing; 75 years after the Nanjing massacre 75 years after the rape of Nanjing. They were not only wailing for the 300.000 murdered and the survivors, they were wailing for the victims of the massacres in Sabra and Shatila, Jenin, Rwanda, Al Houla and the victims of massacres worldwide.

The sirens of China were wailing for the more than 20.000 women who were raped in Nanjing, 75 years ago, while the warmongers still systematically use rape as a weapon of war, worldwide, and with impunity.

In a certain sense, the sirens of China were wailing for the International Criminal Court, which ten years after the Rome Statute has failed to prosecute any war criminal who acted under the protective cover of the US/UN/NATO Hegemony while prosecuting, sentencing and incarcerating exclusively those political and military leaders who dared to oppose the alliance.

The alliance which has the expressed ambition of a Pax Americana and global full spectrum dominance.

Nanjing, the capital of China´s eastern Jiangsu Province is still physically and emotionally scarred; 75 years ago, in December 1937, more than 300.000 people, predominantly civilians including infants and the elderly were massacred; massacred systematically and in cold blood.

And all those rapes; 20.000 women beaten, brutalized, barbarically penetrated, many of them raped to death, many others of them beheaded for sport after they had been abused beyond recognition.

How easy it is to murder those whose humanity has been murdered and raped already; how easy it is to forget a woman’s humanity after every remainder of her humanity has been gang raped. 20.000 experiences of sheer and unadulterated fear, hell and evil before a naked death. Where is the Heart of Darkness today.

On 13 December 2012 more than 9.000 international guests took part in the commemorations and the demonstrations for peace and yet, non of the most dangerous warmongers, who unleash rapes and beheadings in Syria today were among those 9.000.

Yang Weize, the secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China delivered a keynote speech.

Yang Weize called the Nanjing Massacre “the darkest chapter of modern civilization“. And yet; there were Hiroshima and Nagasaki and there were Dresden and Pfortzheim, and more can be expected any minute.

No women were raped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No women were raped in Dresden, that is, not during the firebombing. The rapists had to wait until the ground troops arrived.

One may speculate which is more evil, the mass incineration of an  entire city’s population from the comfort of a cockpit or the hands on beheading and brutal rapes.

As brutal as it may sound, if the intention is to stop either of them or both it is irrelevant to philosophize and to study how distance makes it easier to commit mass murder, or how thousands of young men in uniform who are normal human beings like you and I are brought into a situation where they literally rape women to death.

Those who are holding the political responsibility and those who are holding the economic responsibility by financing both sides of the wars which they helped to create are neither to be found in the cockpits of long distance bombers nor in the dirty fields and trenches of bloody and slimy rape and murder.

They are to be found in the comfort of their homes, together with their wives or husbands and their children, they are found in the offices of imperialisms presidential palaces and in the palaces of todays financial aristocracy. That is where the Heart of Darkness resides today.

When Yang Weize delivered his keynote speech for 9.000 guests  from the USA, Canada, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Greece, Nepal, the Republic of Korea, before the 9.000 international guests who had gathered in the memorial hall, he said that “we must engrave the lesson in our minds because if we let ourselves fall behind we will suffer a beating“.

He concluded that “only development can make us strong”.

What development would be needed ?

Unless we the people bring our opposition directly to the comfort of the palaces, homes and offices of those who abuse people like you and me as both the victims and the perpetrators; unless those who rape and murder you and me in the tens of thousands are confronted with the realistic possibility of having to face you and me and our justice, face to face, and until we the people of the world, men, women, elderly, civilians, soldiers, law enforcement officers stand up and unite in such a manner that raping or murdering any one of us will bring our wrath into the comfort of their homes and lives, unless we succeed at just that, we will continue being both the rapist and the raped, the murderer and the murdered.

The sirens of Nanjing wail for the murdered civilians and for the raped and murdered women worldwide. My deepest solidarity with and compassion for the people of Nanjing.

Christof Lehmann

13.12.2012 on the 75th anniversary of the massacres in Nanjing.

Please also visit the official website of the Nanjing Memorial Hall at:

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