National Dialog in Syria continues making Progress.

National Dialog in Syria continues making Progress.

Flag of Syria.svgWhile mainstream media in the USA, Western Europe and the Gulf-Arab Nations continue their attempt to sell a revamp of the failed National Council of Syria as Syrian Opposition, the genuine national dialog toward political, social and legal reform and progress in Syria is making steady progress, underpinning that a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria is not only possible, but that the sole obstacle for peace, reconciliation and further reform is the continued, illegal foreign support of the political and militant subversion under the guise of a Syrian Opposition, freedom, democracy and human rights.

Today the Syrian National Dialog Conference continued to meet and work in Tehran under the working title “No to Violence, Yes to Dialog and Democracy”. The over 200 delegates to the conference represent a vibrant spectrum of political parties, NGOs, clans and special interests and grassroots organizations.

The Conference rejected a military intervention in Syria and any foreign imposed solution. The conference stressed the importance of neighboring countries committment to international law by prohibiting and preventing the illegal shipment of arms to insurgents in Syria.

The Syrian National Dialog Conference stresses the need to continue the dialog, to confront foreign interference into the domestic affairs of Syria and it stressed the urgency of the need to stop acts of violence in order to create a climate that facilitates genuine reforms.

Also the Syrian coalition government has sent delegates to the conference. The Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil stated that the conference in Tehran is representative for the difference between the genuine national opposition and reform movement and the one which he described as the non-national opposition. Jamil added that the crisis in Syria is moving on two parallel tracks. The track of dialog and non-violence and the track of violence.  Jamil stated that the Syrian government encourages and endorses the non-violent track and that the support of the non-violent track mitigates the effect of the violent opposition.

Also the Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar expressed Syria´s readyness for dialog. Haidar stated that Syria is ready to sit at the table with all parties who reject foreign interference. Haidar asserted that the only solution to the crisis in Syria is genuine dialog and the use of political mechanisms.

The Secretary of the ´Peoples´ Assembly, Khalid al-Abboud, stated that Iran was not biased toward any particular political party in Syria, but that Iran´s bias was toward the people of Syria as a whole and against a fragmentation of the country. Al-Abboud emphasized Syria´s role as a country that belongs to the regional resistance.

The Sheikh of the al-Bulil Clan in Aleppo, Sultan al-Shwitta stated that violence does not solve the crisis. Al-Shwitta asserted that the people of Syria reject foreign interference and that the people of Syria prefer to, and are capable of solving their own problems.

Ahmed al-Kossa, the Secretary General of the Syrian Democratic Party stated that the participating powers in the Tehran Conference are seeking to reach a compromise and that one goal of the conference is to find a solution which can stop the bloodshed and the violence.

The conference, with participation from the Syrian government, opposition parties, religious leaders, representatives of clans, special interests and grassroots movements, youth organizations and more represents a vibrant and genuine democratic discourse and openness toward genuine reform which is not only unseen but highly unlikely to be tolerated in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt. In fact it is highly unlikely that this kind of genuine democratic discourse could even take place in the very nation which brands itself as the beacon for freedom and democracy; the USA, whose government has ordered several million rounds of prohibited large-caliber, hollow point bullets to be used against US citizens in case of civil unrest.

Christof Lehmann

nsnbc – 19.11.2012

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