Israel´s Attack on Gaza – All Options are on the Table – but what Options ?

Israel´s Attack on Gaza – All Options are on the Table – but what Options ?

(nsnbcChristof Lehmann)After the assassination of Hamas´ chief of military operations, Ahmed Jabari, the spokesperson of the IDF, Yoaf Mordechai stated that “All Options are on the Table”.  Not surprisingly Israel escalated the aggression as fast, furious and disproportionate as  historic precedence would indicate. An all out assault during the operation which Israel has doubt “Pillar of Cloud” is expected; the target will be “all terrorist organizations”.

Mordechai continued his statement by calling Gaza a forward Iranian base, which could indicate that the motivation behind the attack is even more sinister than it may appear for the untrained observer of Middle East politics. Consequently many of those who have observed Hamas´ U-Turn, away from its alliance with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah and back into the folds of the Qatar led international Muslim Brotherhood since 2007, and for many who have paid attention to the executions and murders within the ranks of Hamas since it had to leave its Damascus Headquarters in haste after its cover over its realignment, away from Iran and Syria had been blown wide open, it is not exactly surprising that the first victim that ascended to heaven in Israel´s “Pillar of Cloud” was Hamas´ chief of military operations. Being a top Hamas leader and somewhat critical about Hamas´ U-Turn is equivalent to ” driving to martyrdom on a settlers only highway to heaven”.

Not surprisingly the response of Hamas and Islamic Jihad was fast and furious too. Not that the sentiment of honest ordinary members of Hamas and the citizens of the world largest open air prison is not justified and genuine. The doubt arises when those among the top Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership who are proponents of the realignment seem to make statements which can only give upwind to the Mosaic Pillar of Cloud.

In the final equation it will be a question about who benefits. Israel certainly does. The many innocent children and non-combatants who will make the main contribution of souls which will rise to heaven in the Pillar of Cloud won´t benefit. The question who actually benefits will be answered when the madness is over but I can make an educated guess.

The majority of victims will be among the non-combatant civilians. Knowing that it is a fact of modern warfare that approximately 90 % of all casualties are civilian non-combatants that percentile is as predictable as it is an under reported outrage against humanity.

The remaining percent will most likely be predominantly distributed among the militants of progressive organizations such as the PFLP´s Abu Ali Mustafa Brigae and the resistance fighters of Fateh, DFLP, As Saika and of course some of them will be so-called dispensable assets among Islamic Jihad.

You may call me a cynical but when it becomes increasingly obvious that Hamas has entered an agreement with Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mursi in Egypt, and implicitly Israel to establish a separate Palestinian entity or State in Gaza while Israel can permanently annex the greatest part of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the occupied Syrian Golan one has to be either cynical or right out naive about the Options Hamas is considering when Israel´s military states that all options are on the table.

While being in the cynical corner I may as well add the question whether the Fateh – led PLO and the Fateh – led PLO believe that a symbolic blue chair at the United Nations, and the pleading for observer status at the U.N. that has consequently failed to protect Palestine against the outrages and massacres of Israel since 1948 will change anything. That is, unless one considers the privilege of being granted a peephole to observe world politics and the systematic genocide on Palestinians as a change that is worth mentioning.

Am I only cynical or do I also have suggestions ? Yes I have. To begin with, what about a return to a politically and militarily credible PLO ? A PLO Secretary General who is carrying his sidearm with confidence at the U.N. is most definitely one that radiates more credibility than one who comes begging for a symbolic blue chair. A return to a credible PLO would also solve the Hamas problem or do you sincerely believe Hamas would have risen to power unless it had received more than ample assistance due to Fateh´s and the PLO´s – PA´s incompetence and corruption?

When the Pillar of Smoke has risen and the 90 % non-combatants who have risen to heaven in it are accounted for we will have to have a close look at the remaining 10 % and see who benefits. Eventually the dry statistics have the potential to wake up the people of Gaza to let them recognize the Trojan Horseamong them for what it is.

To add an international perspective. Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Al-Khalifa, the House of Saud, Erdogan, Kyi-moon and all those other proponents of freedom, democracy and human rights in Syria; where are you now that the people of Palestine could need you.

Christof Lehmann



“Justice must never be adjusted to politic, but politic must be adjusted to justice at any time”Kant (1724-1804)

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