Syria´s Minister of Information Al-Zoubi: Opposition Meeting in Doha Is New Form of Foreign Intervention in Syria

Syria´s Minister of Information Al-Zoubi: Opposition Meeting in Doha Is New Form of Foreign Intervention in Syria

(Syriaonline, nsnbc) – Syria´s Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi stressed that the current meeting of opposition figures and groups abroad in Doha in the presence of Arab and foreign ministers constitutes a new form of foreign intervention which aimed at remarketing an old product, the Istanbul council, in a new international, regional and popular way.

In an interview with the Syrian TV broadcast on Friday, al-Zoubi said that the initiatives proposed during the meeting were set up by the US Studies Center and attributed to certain figures to claim that Syrian people have formulated them.

He added that there are various opposition parties in Syria which is normal but resorting to foreign sides and holding meetings under their sponsorship, funds and agendas is shameful and humiliating.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the leadership in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad believe in dialogue which should be held between influential and organized parties with political programs and visions, not between the opposition and the government.

He indicated that attempts to re-unite the opposition parties aboard are ones of bringing them together to the minimum limit that is related to slogans and organization, not on the political project which may put the agendas of their sponsors in an embarrassing situation due to their differences in a lot of issues.

“The terrorist groups in Syria will fail since there is no real incubator environment and the majority of the Syrian people are not extremists in their thinking or behavior,” the Minister said.

He added that the inability of small incubator environments to protect terrorists will lead them to move to other places such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey or Iraq after which they may head to Europe and spread chaos and terrorism.

Minister al-Zoubi said that the time period between issuing Geneva statement and today witnessed no achievement of political goals rather it was full of massacres, more bloodshed and destruction by the armed terrorist groups which oblige countries who signed Geneva statement but did not commit to it to change their thinking as the political logic and circumstances indicated their incapability of launching military aggression because of the Syrians’ steadfastness and their rallying around their country and army.

The only option that may succeed in Syria is to sit down around national dialogue table, said Minister al-Zoubi, adding that “When the opposition is convinced that dialogue is the only solution and respond to the decision of the leadership in Syria in dialogue, we will not retreat,” said al-Zoubi.

Al-Zoubi added that the war in Syria is a war against terrorism, adding that combating terrorism is not a Syrian constitutional duty only, but also an international duty since there are international resolutions on the necessity of combating terrorism.

He indicated that any consistent decision by any international reference should oblige Turkey, Qatar and other countries to stop exporting terrorism to Syria or funding it.

Al-Zoubl said that the role of the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is mainly related to achieve the UN six-point plan and halt violence through stopping the smuggling and arming of terrorists which means that Brahimi has no work with Syria, but rather with foreign sides which support terrorism.

He said that the talks about civil war in Syria indicate the immaturity and inability of those who talk to see the reality since what is taking place is a confrontation between the Syrian people and the foreign-backed terrorism.
He stressed that the real reason behind targeting Syria is its stance towards the Palestinian issue and the Syrian people are punished for considering the Palestinian issue as their national issue, stressing that the Palestinian people in Syria is part of the Syrian social texture and the Syrian and Palestinian people stand together against one enemy.

He added that the national public and private media continues their national duty despite all attempts to silence them, adding that the Syrian channels broadcast on the internet and that there are around 22 friendly channels which broadcast news and facts on events in Syria in cooperation with the Syrian Ministry of Information and the General Organization of Radio and TV.

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