Syria refers Terrorism to U.N. Security Council.

Syria refers Terrorism to U.N. Security Council.

SANAnsnbc. On Thursday the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the President of the Security Council and the UN Secretary General Ban Kyi-moon. The letters contained evidence on the involvement of foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, in supporting and arming terrorist groups in Syria.

In the letters, the Foreign Ministry states that these countries aiding of terrorist organizations is hindering dialog and obstructing peaceful solutions. The aiding of terrorist organizations, so Syria´s Foreign Ministry, is harming the Syrian state at material and humanitarian levels. The Ministry stated, that supporting terrorism and the arming terrorists in Syria has become overt and that it went so far as to urge others to get involved, which has been made clear in the statements of officials in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The letter continues by stating that the Ministry, in line with previous letters, informs the President of the UN-Security Council and the UN Secretary General about that the terrorist attacks in all its components are backed by some regional and international powers and countries, and that the Ministry would like to remind that the continuity of the terrorist attacks claim the lives of many innocent military personnel and civilians, and destroy the infrastructure of the country, including archaeological and historical treasures on which existence the Syrian state has spent vast human and material resources to secure their preservation.

The letter continues: “It has been clear to all, that those who are behind targeting Syria are the same countries which stress the importance of devising the appropriate international mechanisms to combat terrorism with all possible means. Evidence on involvement of foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, in supporting and arming the terrorist groups in Syria has recently increased, not to mention their contribution to hindering dialog and peaceful solutions and harming the Syrian state at material and humanitarian levels,”

The Ministry added that statements by officials from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have elicited that these countries have gone as far as to overtly encourage others to get involved in terrorism against Syria The Ministry is pointing toward the report of a BBC reporter in Aleppo, who witnessed and reported about weapons shipments from the Saudi Arabian military that had been diverted to armed terrorist groups in the city on the 9th of October.

The Ministry added that French President Francois Hollande admitted the presence of French terrorists among the ranks of the so-called Free Syrian Army in Syria  in a statement to the French TV5Monde and France24 TV Channels on Thursday 11th October 2012. The British Foreign Minister William Hague also admitted the intentions of some British extremists to join the fighting in Syria on October 10th, 2012.

The Ministry said that the Turkish government is responsible for harboring and training these terrorists on its territories and for sending them to Syria across its borders.
The letter continued by stating that: “The Syrian Arab Republic would like to draw your attention to the statement made by the US Defense Minister, Leon Panetta in a press conference in Brussels on October 10th in this regard as he announced that the US is providing aid to the Syrian opposition, including non-lethal support, adding that he knew that there are countries in the region who are offering lethal aid but that the US efforts aimed at working with the opposition with all possible means to improve its capabilities”.
The Ministry added that it might be useful, while reviewing the statement of the US Defense Minister to remind of what the New York Times has published one day before his statement about that the Syrian opposition, namely, that it receives aid from the US and its allies to carry out terrorist attacks, indicating that one of the photographed reports depicted a war crime committed by an armed group called “Osod al-Tawhid” as its members deceived one of the war prisoners to carry out a suicide operation with a booby-trapped truck against a government headquarters.
The Ministry pointed out that the involvement of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in dispatching weapons to the Syrian opposition through the Turkish city of Adana, where the U.S. Incirlik Air Base is located, depends completely on the U.S. agreement about this support of terrorists and on the U.S. aiding it. The Ministry further stated that the non-lethal support is provided to the same terrorist organizations who receive lethal aid. These deliveries tie the involved governments directly to the support, the aiding and abiding some of the most dangerous terrorist organizations with ties to Al-Qaeda.
The Ministry stressed that as the Syrian Arab Republic draws the attention of the world´s nations to the conclusive evidence about some Arab and foreign countries’ support to terrorism in Syria, and it emphasizes the importance of eliciting the blatant contradiction between some nations support to the international efforts for combating the global terrorism, while they are active in financially and logistically supporting extremist groups in Syria.
The Ministry pointed out that Syria emphasizes that this contradiction also applies to some of the permanent members of the UN Security Council who have ratified joint agreements about the condemnation of the terrorist bombings that have taken place in Syria over the recent months. While on one hand condemning this terrorism, they approve of the support that is provided by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey in carrying out terrorist operations.
The Ministry stated that these facts must warrant a legal investigation into the role of some major regional states in combating terrorism while investing heavily in the support of terrorism in Syria with the purpose to achieve political gains. The Ministry asks whether it should be allowed to resort to hypocrisy and double standards when dealing with the plague of terrorism, that has caused destruction throughout the world.
Syria reiterated its call for the UN Security Council and its relevant committees to begin an immediate investigation into the information about the dangers posed by terrorism and the support of terrorism, stressing that it will provide all available data to the Security Council and its committees which specialize in combating terrorism.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry concluded the letters by expressing hope that the UN Security Council would take serious steps to deter and stop the funding of terrorism and that it would hold those nations who are responsible for terrorism accountable.
The Ministry reiterated that the question whether the UN Security Council would address the issue constructively is decisive for security and stability in Syria and the Middle East, and it also determines whether the United nations can preserve its credibility among its constituent member states.

Source: S.A.N.A. – edited by nsnbc.

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