Largest Shipload of Libyan Weapons Heading to Armed Groups in Syria

Largest Shipload of Libyan Weapons Heading to Armed Groups in Syria

LONDON, (SANA)- The British newspaper The Times revealed that the largest shipment of weapons has arrived in Turkey to be delivered to the armed groups in Syria.

“A Libyan ship carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria…has docked in Turkey,” said The Times in an article published on Friday.

The article´s writer, Sheera Frenkel, said most of the Libyan ship´s cargo is making its way to the armed  terrorist groups inside Syria.

Quoting a member of the so-called `Free Syrian Army´, who called himself Abu Mohammad, the article said that the over 400 ton cargo included ´SAM-7 surface-to air anti aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPG`s)´

Abu Mohammad, who told The Times that he “helped to move the shipment from warehouse to border” said “this is the largest single delivery of assistance” the gunmen have so far received.

The article said the Libyan ship, which is called ´The Intisaar´(victory), is berthed at the Turkish port of Iskenderun and had been given “papers stamped by the port authority by the ship´s captain, Omar Mousaeeb.”

The article pointed out hat Mousaeeb is “a Libyan from Benghazi and the head of an organization called the Libyan Council for Relief and Support,” which is delivering supplies to the armed groups in Syria.

Mousaeeb ascribed the defeats of these groups in Syria to the lack of weapons, adding however that “we now see there is even more they need.”

The British newspaper highlighted differences between the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Syria and the so-called Free Army over claiming the cargo for themselves, which “delayed the arrival of the weapons in Syria.”

The article revealed that videos and photos confirmed the arrival of the shipment to the Syrian border and that “more than 80 per cent of the ship´s cargo…has been moved into Syria.”

According to the article, huge weapons stockpiles went missing in Libya after the killing of Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi, referring to photographs of empty boxes of SAM-7s and confirmations by Libyan officials that more than 5.000 of the missiles had vanished.”

The Times affirmed that this is not the first time that Libyan ships try to deliver weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to “a large consignment of Libyan weapons, including RPGs and heavy ammunition”, which was seized by the Lebanese authorities in the Lebanese northern territorial waters as it was ment to reach the gunmen in Syria.

Syrian Arab News Agency SANA

Editors note: For Internet users in western countries, GCC member states and a number of other contries that either participate directly or indirectly in the illegal subversion in Syria, the websites of SANA are blocked and the link to the article on SANA´s website can not be accessed.

Likewise, all Syrian TV and Radio signals have after pressure from The Arab League, been illegally blocked from both Arabsat and Nilesat satellites. This practice is in violation of international laws and constitutes, together with the direct or indirect support of or participation in the subversion a crime against peace and a wat crime.

nsnbc has chosen to consequently publish articles from SANA to break the embargo on news and reporting as perceived and narrated from the side of the Syrian government and Syrian journalism, and to give populations in those nations that participate in the embargo on Syrian media the possibility to form their own opinion rather than having to rely on one sided, strongly biased propaganda.

Finally, it seems worth mentioning that every single of the approximatly 20.000 SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles that “went missing” in Libya, many of which are now distributed among everything between Muslim Brothers to Al-Qaeda associated ragtag rebels from throughout the world is capable of bringing down a civilian airliner. Happy Journey next time you book a flight.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc

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