Is Canada Prompting Canadians for “Iran” False Flag Terror ?

Is Canada Prompting Canadians for “Iran” False Flag Terror ? Lehmann – Not only Tehran was baffled by the Canadian governments sudden and unexpected decision to break all diplomatic ties to Iran. The only fact that was not surprising was that Netanyahu and Israel´s Knesset were elated and made the best of it in terms of Zionist PR efforts.

From China to Alaska the response of many politicians, observers and analysts was bafflement.  Others would engage in speculations of an imminent attack on Iran by Israel. After all, some speculated that Canada would be wise not to keep its diplomats in a potential nuclear disaster zone that would make Chernobyl and Fukushima pale in comparison.

Canada having developed into a kind of “foreign policy bread and butter front for US foreign policy” suddenly making a decision that even makes US policy toward Iran pale in comparison ? Something had to be upcoming, but then again.

“I would rather wait and see than risking to be called an alarmist.”

After all, an Israeli attack on Iran, as plausible as the Zionists madness makes it, is hardly to be expected prior to the US elections are “over and done with” – meaning that the preprogrammed computing of US citizens minds has resulted in the installment of either the one or the other of the two globalists candidates into office and that the first effects of election campaign lies, broken promises and flip-flopping begin to set in.

Then” and not before, as precedents have shown, is it likely that some big bang will rally US citizens behind yet another act of global US madness, and it is extremely unlikely that Israel would not make use of these dynamics. Yes, Bibi is an attack dog but a shrewd one who knows when and how he can pull strings in the White House and when not.

If it was all about Iran’s stubborn support of Syria and the fact that Iran is upholding international law against crimes against peace it could of course be that Canada´s breaking of diplomatic ties with Iran is to be understood as Washington’s way of telling Hu Jintao and Putin something to the effect of:

your support of Syria at the UN is UN-acceptable, so we make our lap doggy break ties with your lap doggy“.

But then again, it’s not a kindergarten but about serious politics – or at least one should be able to think so.

Then there are those who speculate that Canada was outraged over the fact that Tehran had the audacity to inform the Washington led alliance, consisting of NATO, GCC crack-pot dictators, Israel, and Jordan, that they won´t just roll over and die.

After all, telling modo-colonialist warmongers and their stooges straight into their faces that a war on Iran also would have consequences in those nations that would engage in the sport of murdering hundreds to hundreds of thousands of Iranians would have violent consequences within the nations who attack Iran,- that is in deed outrageous. How dare they threaten to “terrorize their murderous masters”.

In a more matter of fact way of analyzing the situation however, it can hardly be surprising for anyone that waging war can have consequences. Even when one is used to do so illegally, on foreign soil and with impunity. A sudden discontinuation of diplomatic ties for that reason is as unlikely as any of the ones above. Besides, “if” a surprise attack was imminent, why withdraw ones diplomats in a situation where you can need all the spies you can possibly have on the ground as long time as possible.

Something entirely different had to be going awry and I hesitated writing about it. “Let others make fools of themselves“, I thought.

Then a Canadian friend, an international lawyer and a shrewd analyst sent a link to an “Analysis” article written by  Brian Stewart, published in Canada´s CBC News, titled “Did Intelligence Fears prompt Canada to cut Iran ties?”. He suggested that the discontinuation of diplomatic ties and the subsequent scripting of the population to be prepared for terrorism could be a precursor of a “false flag” to be blamed on Iran. (1)

Stewart’s article is in fact perfectly disconcerting and prompting Canadians and baffled citizens world-wide to expect “Terror from Tehran”.

Ámong other, Stewart wrote that in January, a “Top US Intelligence Official Stated“, not documented but stated, that “Iranian Diplomats are setting up Terrorist Sleeper Cells which could be activated if Iran should be attacked“.  And that “Tehran has made no secret of the fact that it will reek as much havoc as possible should it be attacked“.

All that, of course, happens just about perfectly timed with the 11th anniversary of the events on 11 September 2001. A perfectly useful cognitive backdrop for the arousal of terrorism scares.

Maybe the Canadian government has not lost its marbels after all and the act of diplomatic madness is explainable. If the Canadian government has not lost its marbels, then the explanation that the cutting of diplomatic ties has the function to cognitively prepare western populations for the likelihood of a hideous Iranian terror attack, masterminded by vicious Iranian diplomats and members of their bloodthirsty sleeper cells is in fact likely to be the most plausible explanation.

Such an attack could either be organized as a pretext for an attack on Iran or subsequent to an Israeli attack on Iran and as a pretext to make western populations who are weary of wars and austerity to rally behind the unadulterated madness of an attack on Iran.

Christof Lehmann


1)  Did intelligence fears prompt Canada to cut Iran ties?

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