OIC Decision to Suspend Syria Membership a Violation of the Organization’s Charter.. the US Leads Conspiracy against Syria

OIC Decision to Suspend Syria Membership a Violation of the Organization’s Charter.. the US Leads Conspiracy against Syria

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said that suspending Syria’s membership at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is a violation of the organization’s charter as its decisions are taken unanimously, indicating that several countries have informed him of their rejection of the decision.
In a special interview with the Syrian TV broadcast on Thursday, al-Moallem said that the Arab League and OIC have not only suspended Syria’s membership, but also conspired against it, adding that they are responsible for the bloodshed in Syria.
Al-Moallem indicated that they sent private planes to bring the leaders who were hesitant to attend Mecca meeting, describing them as hypocrites.
“The Syrian people had no interest in the summit which was held in Mecca, because an invitation was not sent to Syria, in another violation of the Organization’s charter.. Mecca is free from them because it will ask them what did you do for the occupied Jerusalem, al-Moallem said.
He added that they had no wish to invite Syria because they feared to hear the word of Right, and that might affect the mentality of some leaders whom they brought for this meeting.
On his meeting with Valery Amos, the UN Under Secretary General for the Humanitarian Affairs, al-Moallem said, ”During my meeting with Amos yesterday, I asked her about the countries who offered donations to the Syrian people, saying that there are four countries and not one dollar came from the Arabs.”
Al-Moallem stressed that the conspiracy against Syria is spearheaded by the US, while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are but tools, stressing that they wanted to pass their conspiracy by all means, but the Syrian people stood firm thanks to their faith in their independent decision and secular state.
“They are hypocrites because they pay the money for the terrorist gangs in order to kill the Syrians, destruct their infrastructure, force them to leave homes and take them as human shields,” al-Moallem said.
He added that all states are obliged to implement resolutions issued by the UN Security Council to combat terrorism, adding that following the 9/11 events in New York, the US headed this act and mobilized the world public opinion towards combating terrorism.
“But regarding Syria, the US supports terrorists in a clear contradiction with the UN resolutions and the US commitment itself which disregarded this for a simple reason; as it leads the conspiracy against Syria, while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are tools,” al-Moallem said.
Al-Moallem referred that the UN committed mistakes the same as made  by the Arab League which took a decision to send an observer mission and after two months it decided to withdraw it as it recorded a report which admitted a presence of armed terrorist groups which cause violence and destruction in the country, and this contradicts with the conspiracy which they had plotted.
“The Arab League has taken the issue to the UN which decided to send a special envoy; Kofi Annan.. Syria has cooperated with the UN and Mr. Annan.. Syria has always asked him about the commitment of the other party and the neighboring countries.. but he had no ability to get any commitment for his plan from them,” the Foreign Minister said.
Al-Moallem added “We also asked him about the coming of  mercenaries from Arab and non-Arab countries to fight in Syria.. he ( Annan) was saying: I admit that there is a third party, we were asking: is it al-Qaeda.. he was answering: I don’t want to respond.”
Al-Moallem went on to say that they appointed Annan and he resigned because he had no ability to get commitments from those states, the armed sides and the opposition inside and outside.. it was natural that this man would resign because he has his dignity.
He underlined that Syria welcomed the possibility of appointing Lakhdar al-Ibramimi as a new envoy, but the UN didn’t take a final decision yet.
“Syria wants to keep the presence of the UN as a good intention.. but we defy the UN to bring a side, whether from the opposition or from the armed terrorist groups, that accepts to stop violence,” al-Moallem said.
He added that Syria is committed to Annan’s six-point plan, but this is not enough and needs another party to conduct a national dialogue.
“We tried to do so on April 12th when we withdrew the army and the heavy weapon from the center of the cities, but the armed groups captured new regions and the victims between the civilians and the army members became triple than what were before,” al-Moallem said.

nsnbc is publishing this and other articles from the Syrian Arab Nes Agency (SANA), due to the fact that an unprecedented and illegal media blockade is being waged against the government de jure of Syria and Syrian media. This illegal blockade includes, the Arab League´s initiative to block Syrian TV and Radio Signals via Arabsat and Nilesat, the hacking and blocking of internet news media, including Champress and SANA, and other, the systematic kidnapping, murder and assassination of journalists, bombing of media. . .

It can not stand that NEWS in “The Fee West” becomes an Orwellian Propaganda Machine where “Big Brother” decides what News and Truth is.

During WWII, so we are told, Germans who listened to the BBC were arrested – today we are well on the way to those conditions again, where all we have to do is substitute NAZI with NATO. If this stands, then beyond this comes Auschwitz.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc editor.

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