DFLP calls for addressing the urgent economic and social conditions of the Palestinians in Lebanon

DFLP calls for addressing the urgent economic and social conditions of the Palestinians in Lebanon

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine held an extended meeting dedicated for discussing the situation of the Palestinians in Lebanon in the light of the latest local and regional developments. A statement released after the meeting confirmed that the policy of the denial of human rights by the Lebanese government in the absence of the response to the needs of the refugees threatens to aggravate the economic and social conditions and lead to other negative consequences which serve none and do not contribute to strengthening the steadfastness of our people in Lebanon in their struggle for the right of return.

The statement noted that there is a delay in translating what was stated in the ministerial statement in terms of the human rights of the Palestinians, calling for expediting the move by draft projects presented and submitted to the House of Representatives, leading to the adoption of the right of work for the self-employed workers and the abolition of leave work, in addition to the right of social security and the right to own property and the cancellation of military measures in Nahr Al-Bared and other camps in Lebanon.

The statement welcomed what had been stated by the head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue committee, Khaldoun Al-Sharif who stressed on the formation of a political, technical and security committee for dealing with the Palestinian controversial issues.

The DFLP confirmed in its statement that the Palestinians in Lebanon are not a party in the internal conflicts of Lebanon. And the Palestinians’ main concern is to continue their struggle to gain their national rights, particularly the right of return and their human and social rights. The DFLP also confirmed that they side with the Arab identity and sovereignty of Lebanon.

The DFLP called all the political, social and religious parties to support the human rights of the Palestinians in a way that puts the Palestinian-Lebanese relationships on the right track and enhances the right of return in accordance with the UN resolution and the rejection of all displacement and resettlement projects.

Finally, the Democratic Front called on the UN Secretary-General and the Commissioner General of the UNRWA to put an end to the policy of reducing its services, confirming the adherence of the Palestinian refugees to the UNRWA as a witness to the tragedy of the Palestinians and called for finding a just solution by the implementation of resolution 194.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
July 31, 2012


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