The Transpiring Truth About the Battle in Aleppo and NATO´s War on Syria.

The Transpiring Truth About the Battle in Aleppo and NATO´s War on Syria.

NATO´s Economical, Military and Moral Bankruptcy.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. – The so-called “Battle for Aleppo” is letting the truth about NATO´s war on Syria transpire with all possible clarity. Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov used the irony of understatement when he pointed out that “some media outlets are providing advance coverage of the events”. On his web-site, Gatilov stated that “tendentious media outlets are trying by all means to make up for what the opposition has failed to achieve”.

The so-called “Battle for Aleppo” is showing with all possible clarity that the NATO/GCC/Israeli Discount Army of Low Lives, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brothers, and hands for hire is no match for the Syrian Military and for the people of Syria. They can create terror, and they do. They can spread murder and may-ham, and they do. They can rob, plunder, rape and pillage, and they do. They can be supported by NATO/GCC Special Forces, and they are. Their unadulterated barbarism can create the most appalling outrages and the greatest grief and suffering and human tragedy, and it does. They can cause this suffering in the name of human rights, and they do so with the help of complicit media.

What they can not, is to defeat the Syrian Military and the people of Syria with a Financially and Morally Bankrupt Modo-Colonial Powers Discount Army of Robbers and Rapists. What they can not, is to destroy national unity along the lines of ethnicity and religion – but they try.

The Turkish opposition to the Erdogan Regime is becoming increasingly confident. Ever more evidence for Turkey´s massive and criminal involvement in the manufacturing of the war on Syria transpires.

Recently, the Deputy Chairman of Turkeys Labor Party, Hasan Basri Ozbey, declared that the Party has clear evidence that Turkish President Gul and Erdogan were involved in manufacturing the war on Syria.(1) Yesterday the Turkish newspaper Yurt wrote that it is in possession of documented proof, that Turkish Intelligence is involved in carrying out terrorist attacks inside Syria. (2)

Having witnesses inside Syria who can confirm Syrian media reports from Aleppo, the reality of the so-called “Battle for Aleppo” transpires and underpins that NATO´s Discount Swarm of Disposable Assets is no match for the Syrian Military or the people.

By yesterday the majority of the mercenaries that had swarmed to Aleppo had been uprooted and were being pursued by military forces. In Handarat, a northern district of Aleppo, the military confronted a group of 400 – 500 insurgents with approximately 30 pick-up trucks, destroying all vehicles and inflicting heavy losses among the insurgents. After receiving information from residents and verifying it, the military confronted armed insurgents in the al-Nairab neighborhood in Aleppo.

A clear signal for that the insurgency is not faring too well is that it had to register significant losses among it´s officers. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, Ahmad Haj Qasem bin Abdul-Rahman, who was one of the armed groups leaders in the northern regions of Syria has been killed. Other high-ranking insurgents who reportedly have been killed include Yaser Mehi Eddin Abbas and Rajab Mohammad Hamimi.

In the Aleppo countryside districts of Daret Azzeh and Qibtan al-Jabal a group of armed insurgents traveling in 9 cars were confronted by the military and killed, after residents reported that they were committing acts of murder and sabotage.

In the Salah Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo the military confronted armed insurgents, inflicted heavy losses on them and seized their weapons.

According to one source in Aleppo, the military pursued an armed group which intimidated civilians in the al-Jameeliya area, killing 11 of the insurgents, and six others in Saadallah al-Jaberi Square. The source added that Syrian authorities also had pursued an armed terrorist group which horrified the citizens by shooting randomly around in the Mohafazaa area.

An official source of the Syrian government informed SANA that an armed terrorist group had managed to take control of a warehouse in Aleppo where military uniforms and food supplies are stored. The terrorists then proceeded by placing explosives in the warehouse. One of the explosive charges reportedly exploded prematurely, causing the others to explode, killing and injuring scores of the terrorists.

In the area of Ourum al-Kubra, a rural district outside Aleppo, the military reportedly captured a truck that was loaded with large amounts of explosive devices. The truck was reportedly bound for Aleppo. Three men were arrested.

A group of insurgents that attempted to cross the border from Lebanon into Syria at Halat, outside of the city of Talkalakh  was repelled by the Syrian military. A SANA reported quoted a source, saying that the insurgents fired machine-guns and missiles from inside Lebanese territory at the al-Dabousiyeh border crossing in an attempt to infiltrate into the Halat side of the border. The insurgents reportedly suffered heavy casualties.

In the Daraa region, Syrian authorities tracked an armed terrorist group in the towns of jeb al-Safa and Qara. The terrorists hideout was stormed and the terrorists were arrested.

A Syrian military unit confronted an armed group of insurgents near Hamaa, which had opened fire on law-enforcement officers at the al-Sqelbiya roundabout which leads to the al-Madik citadel.  The clash led to the destruction of the car and the arrest of the insurgents.

This is, in brief, what Western main Stream Media, the US-State Department, and the political leadership throughout NATO and GCC member states as well as Israel describe as “The Battle for Aleppo”. The mere fact that this chaotic acts of terrorism, murder and may-ham are at all described as “a battle” makes it evident that NATO and the NATO led alliance is morally as well as militarily bankrupt.

The question is, whether NATO´s political and military leadership will realize their bankruptcy and begin taking part in a process of actual conflict resolution, or if they will choose to continue the escalation. In the latter case it might be that it becomes necessary for China, Russia and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Council to remind the want to be modo-colonialist masters about their actual standing.

Time for a reality check ? The economic crisis in Europe and the USA is bad enough as it is. China and Japan have begun accepting each others currency and others are following suit. The true “International Community” is tired of accepting an absolutely worthless US-Dollar and Euro at face value to finance NATO military adventures which are ultimately directed against themselves.

What did the EU delegation to China learn when it came begging to China for bailout money in late 2011 ? ” We don´t lend out stupid money”! How much more clearly and politely do you expect a Chinese diplomat to be when he is trying to find a nice way of saying that China has had it with you ? A little bit cultural sensitivity rather than a want to be colonial master-race arrogance and ethnocentrism helps understand the true bearing of that message.

For those who have problems getting off of their high horse, here is a translation:

“No, Mr. and Ms. NATO ! Even if you are waging Discount wars with hordes of terrorists to compensate for your economical bankruptcy – you are still morally bankrupt! Unless you cease your degeneration into barbarism you will have to learn the hard way how it is when your worthless funny money just does not buy the gas needed to fuel your terrorists pick up trucks. Go begging somewhere else to finance your disgrace!”

Christof Lehmann


1)Turkish Labor Party Deputy Chairman: We Have Clear Evidence That Turkish President Incited Terrorism and War on Syria.
2) Turkish newspaper documents with a Videotape Turkey’s intelligence involvement in perpetrating an attack on a Syrian village.


Authorities Pursue and Eliminate Large Numbers of Terrorists in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Deir Ezzor and Idleb

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