Palestine; PFLP denounces new US/Israel military pact

Palestine; PFLP denounces new US/Israel military pact

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) denounced the new “US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act” signed by US President Barack Obama, which seeks to strengthen military and security cooperation between the U.S. and the occupation state.

The bill specifically and comprehensively notes U.S. goals for Israeli military supremacy in the region, calling the U.S. government to secure Israeli “qualitative superiority.”

This new bill which is, once again, a recognition of the U.S. strategic alliance with Israel, was given to the racist settler regime of Netanyahu in the month of Ramadan, as it escalates its aggression, settlements and siege, as well as its violation of Arab Muslim and Christian holy sites.

This law demonstrates once again the utter contempt of U.S. imperialism for Palestinian blood, Palestinian plundered land, displaced people, denied rights, and utter disregard for the Arab and Muslim nations.

The Popular Front demanded that the official silence, complicity and encouragement of Israeli crimes be broken at national, Arab and Islamic, and international levels, in order to challenge the U.S./Israeli war on our people and to demand our inalienable national rights to return, self-determination and independence.

We will not place our rights up for sale, subject to bids, tenders, buying and selling in the bazaar of the U.S. election. Reliance on the U.S. has only caused heavy damage to our national rights, cause and security, distorted the struggle of the Palestinian and Arab people from their real objectives in confronting the occupation and its strategic ally and partner, to free our occupied Arab land and win freedom, dignity, justice and liberation.

The Front called upon the Palestinian leadership, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all regional and international organizations to condemn and act to oppose this new law which only exacerbates the balance of power in favor of the occupation and supports the further militarization of the region and the import of weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, threatening the people’s security and international peace and supporting the occupation state in defiance of international law, international humanitarian law, the Geneva conventions, and stomping upon international resolutions and denying the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, return and independence like all peoples of the world.

Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine – PFLP

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