Syrian Government and Military reclaim Sovereignty and liberate civilians throughout the Country.

Syrian Government and Military reclaim Sovereignty and liberate civilians throughout the Country.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc/SANA and Sources.  – After months of Syrian, Russian and Chinese diplomatic initiatives have failed to stop the anti Syrian coalitions massive financial, and military support of a wide variety of state sponsored terrorist organizations which are either branded euphemistically as “Free Syrian Army” or as “Al Qaeda Terrorists” when their utility is to argue for the protection of civilians, the Syrian government and military have taken up the responsibility to reestablish national sovereignty, security for civilians and the rule of law in areas that were held by the Western-Backed Terror Consortium. Western Media cry wolf, reporting about a massive military operation. In fact, the Syrian counter insurgency strategy is as effective as it is a de-escalation strategy, more humane than any international body of law would recommend.

Offensive seems to be based on de-escalation model, preventing casualties.

On Friday the Syrian Armed Forces initiated a carefully planned offensive. Contrary to Western Main Stream Media reports the Syrian Military is doing the utmost possible to prevent civilian casualties and damage infrastructure and civilian property.

Military operations against the insurgents in urban areas are generally conducted after a carefully drafted strategy along the guidelines of international law and more importantly with the greatest possible care to prevent civilian casualties. The strategy also seems to be based on a de-escalation model that allows insurgents to leave the combat zone together with the civilian population if they leave their arms behind.

Operations in Damascus and Damascus Region.

The city of Damascus is relatively calm after military forces cleared the al-Hajar al-Haswad neighborhood for insurgents. Also here the insurgents were offered to leave the area together with civilians before the military attacked. After the offer to leave the area without arms and heavy fighting, a large number of the insurgents were killed in an attempt to flee the districts with their weapons, failing to surrender. Weapons caches were confiscated in al-Qtaifeh, Daraya, and Yabous.

In al-Qtaifeh, a rural area near Damascus, Syrian authorities seized a Volkswagen car that was being transported on a lorry, under the pretense of taking it to the town of Harasta for repairs. The Volkswagen was loaded with weapons, including automatic rifles, RPG launchers, a DShK machine-gun, sniper rifles, and a large amount of ammunitions and cameras.

An official Syrian source informed a SANA reporter, that military engineering units had dismantled 8 explosive devices, each of them containing 20 kg of explosives. The devices had been placed near the al-Rahman Mosque in the al-Hahar al-Aswad area.

During counter insurgency operations in the Damascus area, two Italian nationals who had been kidnapped and held hostage by insurgents were liberated by Syrian military forces. The Italians were, according to a source at the Electricity Ministry Italian Experts who were working at the Deir Ali Electric Power Station.


On Friday Syrian military forces clashed with armed insurgents that were moving from the Daet Azzeh area in the countryside near Aleppo and inflicted heavy casualties on them.  The successful operation was conducted, based on information by local residents who had informed the military about the insurgents movements. The military destroyed five pick-up trucks with mounted heavy machine-guns, of which one also contained explosive devices.

Hasaka Province.

In the province of Hasaka, Syrian authorities recovered most of the items which insurgents had stolen from private properties and buildings, including items that had been stolen from the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing in al-Yarubiya. The list of items included TVs, office equipment as well as weapons that are belonging to the security personnel at the border. Dozens of insurgents or terrorists were arrested, their weapons confiscated.

Daraa and Deir Ezzor.

In Daraa, four insurgents were killed in clashes with security forces. The insurgents attempted to launch an attack after Friday prayers at the al-Hassan Mosque in Daraa. According to SANA, four insurgents were killed in the incident.

In the province of Deir Ezzor the security authorities chased down an armed terrorist group in the city of al-Mayadin, killing some, arresting others of it´s members. Another clash took place in Ali Beik al-Kabir Street in Deir Ezzor, resulting in heavy casualties among the insurgents.


Late on Thursday, Syrian authorities raided hide-outs of terrorist groups in the al-Qseir area and the villages of al-Nahriyeh, Abu Houri and al-Jadiriyeh in the countryside near the city of Homs. SANA reports about heavy losses and many injured among the terrorists and insurgents.

Hama City

In the city of Hama, engineering units of the Syrian military dismantled two 50 kg explosive devices. According to SANA, one of the explosive charges had been placed near the al-Nahra roundabout while the other was placed to the opposite of the Hama Traffic Department. The explosive devices contained nails and sharp iron fragments, and could have been exploded by remote control. The devices were obviously constructed and placed to cause the maximum possible amount of casualties and injuries.

So-Called Humanitarian Corridors.

With such good friends, who needs any enemies !!!

The Syrian government as well as sources within the Russian and Chinese Ministries of Foreign Affairs refuse to agree to the establishment of so-called humanitarian corridors. The establishment of such corridors, as proposed by  some of the self-proclaimed “Friends of Syria” would invariable be equivalent to the Syrian government giving up sovereignty of parts of Syrian territory, resulting in the government’s failure to protect Syrian citizens from the insurgents. The corridors would invariably become secure pathways for the weapons which are being funded and provided by some NATO member states, GCC member states, some Lebanese players like Hariri and Jumblatt, Israel, and others. The corridors would invariably be used to ease the insurgents free movement throughout Syria.

In cases where the Syrian military has to conduct larger military operations, such as the ones in Damascus and Aleppo, the military prepares a staging area, helps civilians, which are often held as human shields and hostages by insurgents to safely evacuate; the Syrian military offers insurgents free passage by offering them to leave the area together with the civilian population, but without their weapons. What other humanitarian corridor would be needed other than this offer to leave the combat zone without weapons, as a free person, alive, unharmed, and with the possibility to leave Syria, to return to their country of origin and to stay away. Neither the Geneva Convention nor any other body of international law provides that largeness for any troops, let alone irregular mercenary forces who do not adhere to any military code of conduct and systematically use terrorism as their preferred tactic.

Christof Lehmann


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Syrische Regierung und die Armee erobern ihre Souveränität zurück und befreien Zivilisten im ganzen Land

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