A sinister development: Saudi Arabia reaches for nukes

A sinister development: Saudi Arabia reaches for nukes.

There is a sinister development. It is reported that Saudi Arabia – a feudal and unstable state – is trying to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. It is almost certain that the Saudis paid for Pakistan’s nuclear bomb thirty years ago. Now it’s payback time.

It is bad enough that a paranoid, expansionist attack dog – the Zionist entity of Israel – has between two hundred and four hundred nuclear weapons ranging from small uranium bombs to monster hydrogen bombs with neutron bombs in between. Israel is unstable – the demonstrations for social and economic justice and the recent series of self-immolations by desperate Israeli citizens are signs of societal fracture – and who wants an unstable regime with nuclear bombs?

It is not as if the Zionist entity is at peace with its neighbours. Far from it. Refusing to allow the existence of a viable, democratic, and independent Palestine, Zionist Israel (as a result of the on-going ‘Arab Spring’) will be increasingly surrounded by hostile nations. The march of history is not in favour of Zionist Israel and it proposes trying to stop the march by using atomic bombs.

The situation in respect of Saudi Arabia is potentially worse. The regime is archaic, kleptomaniac and totalitarian. It has no place in the modern world and the signs are of increasing decay. Despite vicious suppression, democratic forces are stirring and have even reached the capital, Riyadh, where protesters, shouting slogans against the Saudi regime, demand the release of the many thousands of political prisoners which include children.

Most significantly of all, Saudi women are starting to join in the fight for decency. Over 500 women have sent a letter to Muslim clerics urging release of political prisoners. What with the brave women drivers, the marches in the East and, in particular, the insistent demands in the homes that the Saudi men should make an effort to grow up, Saudi women are the coming force for change.

But perhaps the biggest reason for Saudi instability is that Saudi Arabia has no depth of culture, no political legitimacy, no technological success. All it has is that gruesome sword dance to remind people that the regime likes cutting off heads.

This paucity of achievement becomes particularly dangerous by contrast with the huge political, cultural and technological success going on only one hundred and fifty miles away – across the Persian Gulf in Iran. The latest news is that Iran will soon be exporting electricity to Syria via Iraq. Those who are unsuccessful get jealous of those who are successful. Those who are insecure are fearful of those who are secure. And those who, underneath, are weak strike out against those whose quiet, reasoned behaviour is that of the truly strong.

The Saudis are aware that their political history is only eighty years; that there is no true national unity (the Hejaz, with Mecca and Medina, was long an independent kingdom); and that, without oil and buying in everything from the West, the country would quickly sink back into the sand.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is twisted and contorted by violence within. Thus there are strong anti-democratic forces at work in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism-Salafism produces bigotry and viciousness and, to save itself from that viciousness, the country is trying to export it – which is one of the reasons the Saudis are sending terrorists to Syria. German intelligence has now established that the Houla Massacre of over one hundred people in May 2012 was committed by the Wahhabist murderers and anybody who knows anything would have realized that, because of the way the women and children were cruelly slaughtered.

Saudi Arabia, of course, is also a player of the sectarian card considering Shias as inferior, even non-Muslim. Playing the sectarian card is mad arrogance which will rebound on Saudi Arabia some day.

Mind you, the Turks (instigated by the Zionists and the Americans) are at it as well. Turkey is interfering in Syria: it is supplying men and money (a lot of which originates in Saudi Arabia and Qatar) to the al Qaeda opposition. But Turkey has a lot of Kurds within its boundaries and is stupid enough not to realize that it (i.e. Turkey) will one day be the object of Zionist and American intent. That intent simply wants no ensure that no country in the Middle East (which, of course, includes Turkey) will ever be sufficiently strong and independent enough to stand up against Israel.

One way and another, Saudi Arabia is as much a danger as Israel. Its stunted development means that it will always have aggressive feelings towards more successful societies and, in particular, it is terrified of any expression of democracy. It has already occupied Bahrain and Wikileaks revealed the Saudi desire to attack Iran.

We must hope that the Americans ? who indulge the Saudis in their every whim and cruelty ? will have the sense to stop Saudi Arabia from getting the atom bomb.

But, then, the USA gave the bomb to Israel….

Rodney Shakepeare.

Rodney Shakespeare is a Visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia, Rodney Shakespeare is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement http://www.globaljusticemovement.net, a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is http://www.binaryeconomics.net. Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain.

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