The Palestinians are occupying the West Bank

The Palestinians are occupying the West Bank

The Israeli reactions protesting against the retired judge Edmon Livy’s advisory opinion about the legality of settlements in the West Bank as an Israeli liberated land does not negate that this opinion has become one of the Israeli official documents to be referred to in due time, and that Netanyahu’s government will base on it in dealing with some of the outposts called illegal.

In his advisory opinion, Livy defies the Hague Court’s legal opinion about the separation wall on 9/7/2004 which confirmed the illegality of all forms of the Israeli settlements. He also defies the resolution of the General Assembly on 30/6/2004.

By looking thoroughly into Livy’s advisory opinion, we find that it implicitly calls for more settlements in the West Bank and around Jerusalem, which can be considered the official response of Netanyahu to Abbas’s message in which he called on Netanyahu to freeze settlement activities, even for a limited period sufficient for the resumption of the negotiations and resolving the issues of the permanent solution.

Livy’s advisory opinion and the welcome of Netanyahu, Lieberman and Shas must have formed a prominent political issue through which the Palestinian Authority restores its political vitality at all levels and in all places, including the United States, Europe, as well as the Islamic and Arab countries in a way that makes the Palestinian issue returns to the surface.

However, it seems that the Palestinian Authority these days lacks the political will that motivates it to move in this direction. It suffers from financial difficulties and it is looking for sources of funding, including Stanley Fischer, the head of the Central Bank of Israel and his colleague Fayyad, the prime minister of the Palestinian government.

On the political level, the Palestinian government suffers from multifaceted division, which passively reflected on the behavior of the security bodies in Ramallah which no longer hesitate to take extreme measures in repressing the peaceful popular moves under the pretext of blocking the way before Hamas’s moves.

Livy’s advisory opinion has reaffirmed the real face of Zionism. In 1948 Yousef Weitz, the head of the Settlement Department and the director of the Transfer Committee said, “It should be clear that there is no room for two peoples in this country.” And levy says the Palestinians are occupying the West Bank.

Source: alhourriah Via DFLP

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