Palestine: The occupation races with time to impose a fait accompli and abolish the Palestinian existence in Jerusalem

Palestine: The occupation races with time to impose a fait accompli and abolish the Palestinian existence in Jerusalem

DFLP – MP Qais Abdel-karim, Abu Laila, member of the politburo of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, has said, “The decision of the occupation authorities to build 1000 settlement units in Jabal Abu Ghoneim in occupied Jerusalem area comes in the context of a comprehensive Israeli war against our people, aiming at rooting our people out of their land and deporting them to other territories.”

Abu Laila condemned the decision, considering it a flagrant challenge to the international community and all the international resolutions that condemn the settlement and consider it illegal and a violation to the international norms and conventions.

“What Israel is doing is an attempt to impose a fait accompli on the ground. The Israeli extremist government has accelerated the pace of settlement all over the Palestinian territories, especially in the occupied Jerusalem in order to create new facts on the ground”, Abu Laila added. “These actions require the international community to hold responsibility and take a decisive resolution compelling Israel to stop violations in the Palestinian territories.” Abu Laila added.

Abu Laila has confirmed that the settlements built on the Palestinian territories are illegal and the attempts of the occupation to create facts on the ground by extending the settlements will never create a fact accepted by our people who adhere to establishing their independent state on the border of June 1967 with Jerusalem its capital according to the international norms and laws.

The Israeli press sources have recently revealed a series of ratified settlement charts in the West Bank and Jerusalem including the construction of 130 settlement units in Jabal Abu Ghoneim located on the south east road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem in the south of the West Bank as part of 1000 housing units to be set up and rent.


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