Hamas, adding lies on lies does not make a “truth”.

Hamas, adding lies on lies does not make a “truth”.

Hamas official Mahmoud ZahharChristof Lehmann – nsnbc – On Sunday 22 Juli the Hamas representative  Mahmoud Zahhar declared that Hamas would not break away from the P.A. and the West Bank in the “near future“. One is tempted to tell Mahmoud Zahhar and the Polit Bureau of Hamas that adding one lie on top of another does not make a truth and neither is it to be understood as a “truth” in the war Hamas has effectively entered against Palestine in 2009.

The statement by Mahmoud Zahhar on behalf of Hamas however can not come as a surprise for regular nsnbc readers. The operand question is “What does Mahmoud Zahhar mean with foreseeable future” and not whether Hamas has plans to establish a Hamas led Emirate of Gaza in concordance with Israel´s, the GCC´s, NATO´s and the Muslim Brotherhood´s “Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East”.

For those who are tempted to give Hamas and Zahhar the credit of the doubt, it could be incumbent upon them to recall recent developments which have been roported on nsnbc.

  • In 2009 Hamas as well as Lebanon´s Al Jamaa Al Islamiya covertly realigned themselves with the Qatar-led International Muslim Brotherhood. Also in 2009 Hamas officials were responsible for the infiltration of the Gaza Flotilla vessel Marvi Marmara, assisting the Turkish and Israeli government and the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood to assassinate nine Turkish members of the Muslim Brotherhood and associated organizations who were opposed to a Turkish military transgression against Syria. (1)
  • Even though Hamas shortly before it left it´s Damascus office had declared solidarity with the Syrian government, Hamas suddenly left the Damascus office. This “escape” happened shortly after nsnbc had published the truth about Hamas 2009 U-Turn and betrayal of Palestine, Syria and Iran. (2)
  • According to a reliable Palestinian Intelligence source in Turkey, Hamas had agreed to the U-Turn after having been promised a leading role in a Palestinian Spring after the fall of the Syrian government.
  • Hamas is thus part of what President Obama at the 66th session of the UN General Assembly called a comprehensive solution for the Middle East and what an article on nsnbc has described as Israel´s Final Solution. (3)
  • This Final Solution implies the permanent annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, the permanent annexation of the West Bank, and the permanent annexation of parts of Southern Lebanon, as well as the establishment of a Palestinian Emirate Gaza led by Hamas, with support of Egypt´s Muslim Brotherhood, the GCC member states, and in fact Israel and NATO member countries, most prominently Turkey.(ibid.)
  • The author of the present article and those referred to above has been presented unimpeachable evidence for the facts by a reliable Palestinian Intelligence Analyst situated in Turkey.

When Hamas and Zahhar inform the international media and the people of Palestine and neighboring countries that it has no intentions to separate Gaza from the West Bank in the foreseeable future, it may have the following reasons.

  • The fact that the truth about the treasonous project was reported prematurely makes the implementation more difficult and Hamas rightfully fears loss of domestic support.
  • The fact that the government of Syria, in spite of the Muslim Brotherhoods concerted efforts is not expected to fall in the foreseeable future, and the project thus is not expected to be fully implemented in the foreseeable future either.

As understandable as the political maneuvering of Hamas and its Polit Bureau is, adding lies on lies does not make a “truth”.

Christof Lehmann


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