Israel´s “Final Solution” for Palestine and Greater Israel.

Israel´s “Final Solution” for Palestine and Greater Israel.

After a longer discussion with a Palestinian Intelligence source and analyst who has previously provided the author of this article with reliable information about Palestine related issues, the outlines of what could be called the Zionist “Endlösung des Palestina Problemes” the Final Solution for the Palestine Problem are emerging and becoming increasingly evident.

After a detailed analysis of up to date data on Palestine as well as the ongoing NATO/GCC/Israeli, and not to forget Jordanian and partially Lebanese sponsored aggression against Syria, the dialog resulted in outlining the following short, medium and longer term strategies of Israel, towards a final solution of what Israel perceives as “The Palestinian Problem”.

The prognosis indicates a permanent displacement of most Palestinians in the West Bank, the permanent annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, the permanent annexation of parts of Southern Lebanon, and the establishment of a Palestinian Micro Emirate in the Gaza Strip.

The evolution and details of what Israel perceives as the “final solution” is not surprising when the key historical developments are understood.

Syrian-Jordanian Relations are playing a key role in the evolution of the plan. In i970 the PLO was well established in Jordan making frequent incursions across the Jordan river, placing land mines, attacking Israeli Occupation Forces and generally fighting a war of Liberation.

Tensions between the PLO and the Hashemite King of Jordan arose after Israel sent troops into Jordan to fight PLO soldiers, and Jordan “had to” come to the assistance of a PLO dominated Jordanian village near the Jordanian Israeli border. Tensions between the PLO and Jordan rose further after Yassir Arafat rejected the King´s offer to give the PLO a permanent seat within the Jordanian parliament.

The rejection of the offer was based on the will to liberate Palestine rather than to become politically established in a permanent diaspora. In other words, the Hashemite King would rather support the permanent displacement of Palestinians than to support their struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

Tensions finally lead to open armed conflict between the PLO and Jordanian military when PLO troops began working towards a popular, socialist revolution in Jordan. It came to heavy clashes between the Jordanian military and PLO troops in Amman.

Because the Jordanian military was about to literally wipe out the PLO and because King Abdullah of Jordan refused to negotiate with the PLO or Syria, the Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad dispatched a Syrian Palestinian armored brigade. Palestinians in Syria can join the Syrian military and Syria maintains Palestinian military forces.

Jordan was not really in a position, from where it could have defended the country from the Syrian-Palestinian attack. Rather than to begin negotiations which could stop the killing of Arabs by Arabs, and which could result in a peaceful settlement of the disputes between Amman and the PLO, the Hashemite King turned to Israel for help against his Arab brothers.

The Israeli air force then forced the Syrian tanks to return to their bases in Syria. The PLO subsequently left Jordan. Arafat escaped to Egypt in disguise, where a settlement was reached under the leadership of Nasser. Subsequently the PLO established its base of operations in Lebanon.

The events are generally known as “The Black September”. Jordan has never forgiven Syria that it sent tanks across the Jordanian border to prevent the defeat of the PLO in Jordan. Syria and many within the PLO have never forgiven Jordan that it cooperated with the Zionist state against the PLO. It is important to keep this fact in mind when we return to Israels planned final solution for the Palestinian problem.

Lebanon is with respect to the Palestinian presence in the country strongly divided. Many, especially Christian Maronites, have blamed and are blaming the Palestinians for many of the domestic as well as foreign policy problems of Lebanon. Others in Lebanon have a generally pro Palestinian outlook, but are strongly opposed to the influence of Syria in Lebanon. Prominent among those is i.e. the Secretary General of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt. Jumblatt is also the political leader of the Lebanese Druze community. Jumblatt is, along with Lebanese-Saudi citizen Saad Hariri one of the main Lebanese supporters of the “Free Syrian Army”, supplying them with weapons and funds. It is documented that at least 50 Ton weapons that were provided by Jumblatt were delivered via the Israeli arms merchant Raphael Industries; This delivery, worth 250 million USD is only one of many of such deliveries.

The influence of Syria in Lebanon is based on four factors. The arbitrary drawing of borders by former colonial powers; support of the Palestinian diaspora and the support of the Palestinian struggle for the Liberation of Palestine; support of Hezbollah, whose military wing was mainly established to counter frequent occupations of Southern Lebanon and frequent Israeli military aggressions against Lebanon, including Beirut; support and maintenance of the Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian, Russian axis, which is countering US, NATO, Israeli hegemony in the region.

During the unrests in Egypt last year, and subsequent to the latest elections in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has become a major political player. Even though election promises were made, that the M.B. would never accept anything but a liberated Palestine with Jerusalem as Capital, the political reality tells otherwise. Election promises come cheap. The Egyptian M.B. have close ties to Qatar, and after Hamas made a U-Turn in 2009 and realigned itself with Qatar, the M.B. and Hamas are so to speak pulling into the same direction and that direction is not leading towards a liberation of Palestine but in the direction of the establishment of a Palestinian Emirate in Gaza.

In fact, Hamas has in 2009 entered an agreement with Israel, in which it was promised that Hamas would play “a lead role in a Palestinian Spring” after the fall of the Syrian government. The final product and price for Hamas U-Turn, away from Syria and Iran is the promised support for the establishment of a Palestinian Emirate in the Gaza Strip.(1)

The Syrian Golan have been occupied by Israel since 1963. Israel has since implemented a policy of ever increasing  oppression against Syrians in the Golan in an attempt to displace the population, or to force them into accepting Israeli culture and nationality.(2) The oppression of Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan is in fact almost identical to the oppression suffered by Palestinians in the West Bank.(3) Israel has only recently passed legislation that indicated that Israel has occupied the Golan to stay there and to annex it as part of a greater Israel. Precisely this is what according to the Palestinian Intelligence source has transpired.

It is necessary to take into account that plans, according to the dynamics of political and military developments not necessarily can be prepared or implemented to the last detail. The Israeli plan however, is to the best of our knowledge as follows.

Israel continues to support the NATO/GCC/Israel  led and sponsored subversion of Syria and will continue a destabilizing influence regardless of the outcome of the ongoing conflict. One function of Israel is to uphold a credible threat against Iran to limit Iranian involvement in Syria during the ongoing subversion.

Israel will be using the fact that Syria is becoming increasingly unstable, and the fact that Syria is increasingly attracting “terrorists” as a pretext for a stronger military footprint in the occupied Golan. This means, that regardless whether Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and NATO initiate an overt military attack on Syria or not, Israel will have a pretext for a stronger military presence in the Golan Highs. The final goal is a permanent annexation of the Syrian Golan into a greater Israel.

Should the destabilization of Syria be successful, then a “Palestinian Spring” will be manufactured with the aid of Hamas, Israel, and Muslim Brothers from Qatar, Egypt and eventually Turkey. Wide spread unrests in the occupied West Bank will be used as a pretext for a permanent occupation of the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem.

Details about what status Israel wants to give Palestinians in the West Bank are so far unknown. It is not unlikely that an attempt to pressure many into fleeing to Jordan and to pressure others to accept Israeli citizenship will be made.

Israel is working towards the destabilization of Lebanon. According to nsnbc´s source, there will be increased attempts to spread the conflict from Syria to Lebanon, to support anti Syrian forces like the Progressive Socialist Party led by Jumblatt and the Movement of the Future of Saad Hariri. Regardless whether Hezbollah eventually will respond to an overt NATO led military attack or not, it is planned to draw Hezbollah into an internal conflict that weakens it´s capacity to repel an Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. Al Jamaa al Islamiya has, like Hamas, realigned itself with the Qatar led Muslim Brotherhood. It is not unlikely that it will be playing a role in the engagement of Hezbollah.

According to nsnbc´s informant, there already exist precise war plans for a massive air campaign against targets in Southern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley, as well as Beirut and other major Lebanese cities. The final objective is a permanent occupation and annexation of parts of Southern Lebanon.

Combining all of the data-points above, it transpires, that the planned future “Palestine” is meant to be limited to a Palestinian Emirate in the Gaza Strip. This Palestinian Emirate would be almost completely dependent on Egypt and Israel as well as EU Subsidies. In a long term perspective it may be planned to become part of a Mediterranean Basin Alliance.

Palestinians from the West Bank are meant to either be re-located to Jordan, to Gaza, or to become assimilated as second class Israeli citizens in either the annexed West Bank or the annexed Golan.

The Golan Highs are meant to be permanently annexed, as it is planned to balkanize Syria into mini states which are easily controllable guarantying internal competition rather than unity against a recolonization of the Middle East.

Syrians from the Golan will be either forced to flee to Syrian controlled territory, or to be assimilated as second class Israeli citizens. Many of the residents of Southern Lebanon will be forced to flee northwards, providing room for Israeli settlements as well as room for some of the displaced Palestinians.

Taking the precarious situation of the source of this information into account it is not possible to reveal further and more precise details. It is however certain, that plans for all of the above exist and are being systematically implemented.

Contemplating the Zionist “Endlösung” for Palestine, let us recall the words of US-President Obama pertaining Palestine’s bet for statehood at the UN in 2011. “The recognition of Palestine is only possible within the framework of a comprehensive solution for the Middle East”.  (4) The “comprehensive solution for the Middle East began being implemented with the so called “Arab Spring”.

Unless a significant change in politics from within Hamas becomes evident, it must be understood that a support of Hamas is equivalent to the support of Israels final solution. As to the Palestinian Authority, it would be recommendable to return from a Palestinian Authority which is a de facto self-administration of the Zionist genocide on Palestinians to a united, politically and militarily credible PLO.

Everything short of a return to a united, politically and militarily credible PLO, I fear, will aid the Zionist genocide on Palestinians, the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, the creation of a Palestinian Mini Emirate which is absolutely dependent on Egypt, Israel and the EU.

At closing. It were Zionists that planned the murder of Yassir Arafat. It was a Palestinian hand that placed the poison.

Christof Lehmann


1)Hamas cleanup operation after 2010 U-Turn continues.
2) Israeli occupation authorities replace Syrian curricula with Hebrew, expel teachers in an attempt to obliterate Arab identity and culture of Golan people
3) Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and
in the occupied Syrian Golan
4)UN DONE The 66th Session of the General Assembly. Reflections by Dr. Christof Lehmann

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