Lavrov: Geneva Meeting Aims at Preparing for the Launch of National Dialogue to Solve Crisis in Syria

Lavrov: Geneva Meeting Aims at Preparing for the Launch of National Dialogue to Solve Crisis in Syria

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Thursday said that Russia rejects any foreign interference or the imposition of previously-made recommendations against the Syrian people who should decide the destiny of their country and the shape of their system within the framework of the comprehensive national dialogue.

In a joint press conference with his Tunisian counterpart, Rafiq Abdel Salam in Moscow, Lavrov said that “We will not support and cannot support any interference from the outside or imposition of recipes. External players should not impose their settlement plans on Syrian people.”

Lavrov said the people should determine their destiny without any foreign interference and the country’s sovereignty, independence and the safety of its territories should be respected and these principles can be applied in regard to the crisis in Syria.

He expressed full support to the changes taking place to achieve national accord and all other changes and reforms that meet the people’s aspirations.

Lavrov said that Geneva meeting aims at supporting the plan of the UN Special Envoy, Kofi Annan, as to create appropriate atmosphere to launch comprehensive national dialogue to solve the crisis in Syria.

Lavrov stressed that there is no draft resolution for Geneva meeting on Syria, indicating that there are proposals to be studied in the preparatory meeting to be held on Friday, underlining that “No agreed Syrian resolutions drafted for Geneva conference.”

He added that the Geneva meeting is a chance to unify the stances of all parties on Syria and Washington’s rejection of Iran’s participation represented its doubled-standard policy, stressing that it is “wrong to leave Iran outside Geneva meeting on Syria.”

He called for implementing the principle of the rule of the international law in international relations and the multi-polarization in addition to enhancing the central role of the UN.

Lavrov said that Russia and Tunisia called for enhancing the role of the UN within the framework of this organization.

He stressed that the two countries share the same stance towards preventing the repetition of the Libyan scenario in Syria.

Lavrov underlined that there is no NATO member who desired to repeat the mistaken Libyan scenario in Syria since such intervention will be catastrophic for the whole region, indicating to communications with NATO representatives in this regard.

He stressed the necessity of not stopping the broadcast of Syrian satellite channels acceding to the calls of some western and Arab countries to guarantee the freedom of expression and media, regretting the attack against Syrian media.

He expressed support to the legitimate aspirations of the people in the region, adding that the changes should serve the interests of all spectrums of the people.

For his part, Tunisian Foreign Minister stressed Tunisia and Russia’s identical viewpoints on the need for a just multiple international order that serves all people of the world countries that is dominated by the rule of the law and achieves justice and balance among all countries.

The two countries agreed on that the peoples determine their destiny without foreign interference, Abdel Salam said.

He added that Tunisia supports real political reforms in response to the aspirations of the Syrian people but according to Syria’s priorities away from foreign intervention.

Abdel Salam hailed Russia’s positive and balanced stance towards the Palestinian cause and its commitment to the international legitimacy resolutions, in addition to rejecting settlement.


UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review for the Syrian Arab Republic 2011.


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