Kurdish Fractions Fight NATO-led Free Syrian Army.

Kurdish Fractions fight NATO-led Free Syrian Army.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. Leaders of the PKK affiliated Syrian Democratic Union Party, which has a strong political influence in predominantly ethnically Kurdish regions of Syria are determined to stop the bloodshed and massacres of the Free Syrian Army from spreading to ethnically Kurdish areas where the party yields a sufficiently strong influence to resist the FSA. In case of a widening of the conflict, the Democratic Union Party will stand side by side with the Syrian government and the Syrian Military.

Syrian Kurds have good reason to oppose the attempted subversion and stand in solidarity against the foreign backed insurgents which brand themselves Free Syrian Army. What is euphemistically called Free Syrian Army, is in fact a construct with a core consisting of US, NATO, GCC, and Turkish backed Al Qaeda brigades, armed brigades of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as NATO, GCC, and Turkish Special Forces. The people as well as the political and military fractions of Kurdistan and Syria are aware of, that there is nothing good to be expected from the Free Syrian Army, and in particular, that there is nothing positive to be expected from Turkey, which contrary to Syria maintains a policy of rigorous oppression of Kurdish ethnicity, identity, culture and political influence.

The Syrian constitution provides exemplary protection of Syria´s many ethnic groups and minorities. It is unlikely that a NATO/GCC/Israel backed future government of Syria, and especially a potential government with strong ties to Turkey would provide the same guaranties of democratic rights and protection of ethnic minorities to the Syrian Kurdish population.

So far the strong allegiance of the ethnic Kurdish population to Syrian National Unity has contributed to relative calm and stability in predominantly ethnic Kurdish regions of Syria. A senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria, Nuri Brimo, expressed, that the Kurdish National Council, KNC, has decided not to get involved in the insurgency against the Syrian government and military and that the council has decided to keep ethnically Kurdish areas peaceful. Nuri Brimo said, that the KNC does not want events like the massacres in Daraa and Homs to be repeated in predominantly ethnically Kurdish cities. Brimo added that one day things may get out of control, but so far security and calm has prevailed.

Earlier this month the Kurdish areas witnessed some violence between the Kurdish National Council and PYD. The clashes ceased after an agreement between the KNC and PYD was signed on 11 June.

It seems likely that the PYD and KNC clashes were based on insecurity about a possible security gap that could arise if the attempted subversion should succeed in defeating the Syrian Military. The clashes between the KNC and PYD have most likely ceased, and an agreement has been signed, after both parties recognized that their main strategic partner for security is the Syrian government and military, and thereafter other Kurdish fractions.

The Kurdish solidarity among Kurdish Parties, and the Kurdish solidarity with the Syrian Government and Military is an indicator of a strong Syrian National Unity and an unequivocal rejection of the call of Free Syrian Army Chief of Staff Mustafa al-Sheikh´s appeal to Kurdish Parties and Fractions to join the insurgency.

The “Chief of Staff” of the Turkey/NATO proxy Free Syrian Army informed Turkish Media the Turkish PKK has deployed it´s forces in Northern Syria to support the Syrian government and military. The information has not yet been independently confirmed, and could be false information that is set afloat by Turkey in order to find extra justifications for yesterdays deployment of military forces along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Several representatives of the Free Syrian Army have over the last month issued statements that the Syrian government is supporting the Turkish PKK, that the PKK is hindering the movement of the FSA inside Syria, and that the PKK is working for the “Syrian Regime”.

After several attempts by NATO assets have failed to break the Syrian Kurdish Parties solidarity with the Syrian government, and after attempts to co-opt the PKK for a war on Syria, the question whether Turkey is about to manufacture “cross border incidents” with PKK troops as a pretext for military transgressions against Syria is valid and worth serious consideration.

Christof Lehmann


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