Al-Jaafari.. Syria calls for Adopting Necessary Procedures to Prevent, Stop the Financing of Terrorist Acts in Syria

Al-Jaafari.. Syria calls for Adopting Necessary Procedures to Prevent, Stop the Financing of Terrorist Acts in Syria

Syria’s permanent Envoy to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari said that the terrorist acts in Syria wouldn’t be perpetrated without the support, whether in money, weapon, persons or through providing the political and media backing to the terrorist groups who carry out such acts.

“Syria urges all countries to cooperate in order to implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, and calls for taking the necessary measures to prevent and stop the financing of any terror acts against Syria launched from lands of neighboring countries and not to provide a safe haven to those who plot for the terrorist acts,” al-Jaafari added in a statement at a the UN General Assembly session held to discuss the UN Global Strategy for Combating Terrorism.

“During the latest period, Syria has witnessed painful events due to the terrorist acts perpetrated by extremist groups that use unusual criminal means based on takfiri and extremist fatwas issued by instigators, residents in courtiers known to all using the suicide bombers, booby-trapped cars and others to spread death and chaos in the country,” al-Jaafari said.

He added that targeting civilians, law enforcement members, private and public properties unfortunately became a daily criminal activity by the armed groups who practiced acts of burglary, breaking off roads, burning hospitals in order to terrify the civilians and obliging them to flee their homes like the latest acts against Lebanese pilgrims who were abducted by an armed terrorist group in Syria.

“Those systemized terror acts bear the imprints of al-Qaeda and its mentality in killing, tearing off and mutilating bodies and assassinating whole families on sectarian backgrounds… I here now inform you of two explosions that took place near the Justice Palace in Damascus today,” al-Jaafari added.

Al-Jaafari added, ”These terrorist acts cannot be committed without material, financial, political and media support that some Arab and regional countries are, regrettably, providing for the terrorist groups to carry out terrorist operations in Syria, even declaring commitment to providing such support through conferences whose organizers claim to be friends of the Syrian people.”

”Stopping the Ship Lutfallah 2 proved the involvement of certain Arab and non-Arab countries in sending lethal weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria to practice the killing not demand reforms…Reform is all the Syrians’ demand which cannot be realized through terrorism, ”said al-Jaafari.

”The media incitement to terrorism in Syria has become a painful reality that the Syrian people suffer from which necessitates tackling it seriously…the terrorists’ usage of information and communication technology has risen recently that certain countries, who suffered from terrorism, are furnishing for them.”

”We have witnessed launching satellite channels directed to the Syrian people, which disseminate extremist religious views that instigate terrorism, killing and sectarian sedition, supported by extremist groups and countries, ”said al-Jaafari, adding ”It is a such a odd contradiction that the broadcast of the Syrian channels is blocked according to an AL decision, not to mention the unilateral sanctions that the EU imposed of the Syrian General Organization of the Radio& Television.”

Al-Jaafari added ”This fierce campaign against the Syrian state and private media has encouraged the ”peaceful” terrorist groups to carry out a terrorist attack against the headquarter and buildings of al-Ikhbariya channel and assassinating three innocent pressmen, as well as four guards and workers after tying them up…They blew the building up and abducted several other journalists.”

Al-Jaafari added ”Sadly enough, as we are discussing a revision of the world strategy to combat terrorism, neither the UN secretary general nor the president of the UN General Assembly condemned the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of innocent people.”

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the number of victims of terrorism perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups is increasing continuously, while the Syrian Government, in cooperation with the UN organizations and NGOs, is offering humanitarian aid to the victims and to other people who were forced by the armed terrorist groups to leave their homes.

He added that hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from Homs and Hama cities as over 110 thousand Christians were forced to leave their villages and their churches were occupied in addition to hundreds of thousands of other people whose villages were destroyed.

Al-Jaafari stressed that Syria calls on all countries to work together to implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and to take the necessary measures to stop funding any terrorist acts.

He added that the terrorist acts which are aimed at destabilizing the state and the people of Syria are no less dangerous than any other terrorist acts which targeted other developing countries and developed countries.


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