Syria: National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Forum Kicks Off in Tartous

Syria: National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Forum Kicks Off in Tartous

20120623-222912.jpgWith the participation of delegation from several Syrian provinces and Lebanese and Iraqi figures, the National Reconciliation and Forgiveness Forum kicked off on Saturday in al-Yazdiye village in Tartous.

The Forum was held based upon the invitation from popular activities in Tel Kalajkh and Safita areas.

Participants in the Forum held joint Muslim-Christian prayers at the Greek Orthodox al-Sayyeda Church.

Chairman of the National Reconciliation in Syria Committee, sheikh Ahmad Sheikho, underlined the role of such events in supporting national unity and healing the wounds caused by the current crisis, lauding the decision to establish a ministry for national reconciliation and calling on all Syrians to abandon weapons and preserve Syria’s diversity, adding that all Syrians reject the campaigns of takfir and canceling the other.

20120623-222934.jpgParticipants in this meeting said that Syrians must preserve their homeland and its Arab identity, and that Syria will remain a country for all its children without discrimination and a beacon of civilization that will withstand all conspiracies.

They also lauded the Syrian Arab Army’s role in preserving Syria’s security and unity, noting that what is happening in Syria is a clear and blatant conspiracy by Arab regimes known for their absolute loyalty to the west.

The participants called everyone to engage in national dialogue and conviviality to build a new Syria, stressing the need to release all hostages and abductees in Syria and stopping the smuggling of weapons and harboring terrorists in Lebanon.

Some of the Lebanese participants affirmed that the Lebanese people support the Syrian people during this crisis, while a representative of Syrian clans and tribes affirmed that they all support the reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Participants in the Forum attended the funeral processions of martyrs from Wadi al-Oyoun area who were killed while defending their country.


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