Iran Nuke Talks, Fools, Aliens and Gunboats.

Iran Nuke Talks, Fools, Aliens and Gunboats.

By Christof Lehmann. The latest round of the Iran nuclear talks in Moscow failed to produce results. Analysts who are aware about the background for the Danteésque Inferno that is being unleashed in the Middle East can hardly be surprised. US Double Bind negotiations strategy, demanding evidence negative of Iran not having “ill intentions” or else is too much a reminder of the US´s construction of a pretext to impress the worlds freedom and democracy loving nations with democracy a la shock and awe, Iraq, with a prelude of millions of dead Iraqi children and adults who did not survive the sanctions; the modus operandi is predictable and spells war. We care about the depleted uranium children afterwards – or do we ?

Naturally both Germany, France, the United Kingdom and their Big Brother, the Beacon of Freedom and Democracy, Defender of Human Rights can not tarnish their pretty diplomatic image with direct threats against Iran. Good that one has a little Mad Max Brother named Israel who can deliver the direct threats. After decades of illegal occupation of Palestine, the Golan Highs, of regular invasions of Lebanon and the Sabra and Shatila massacre under Israeli supervision, after having earned the dubious honor of holding the world record for the longest lasting genocide, who would be better suited to deliver the direct  threat than little brother in crime Israel.The other ones are to sophisticated to cut a horses head off and put it into Ahmedinejad´s bed. Good that they are such a well organized family that everybody knows his role to play.

“Iranian leaders make a costly mistake in believing the threat of military action is an empty one. You cannot provoke the world, assuming the world is made of fools” said Shimon Perez on Monday.

Admitted, this is a good background for negotiations in good faith. Especially since nobody cares to mention the 200 plus nuclear war-heards Israel possesses because the victioms of “The Holocaust” are exempt from moral obligations forever after all they have suffered. Omit the fact that some of them are deployed on German built submarines. Hitlers Krigsmarine and Zionism. An old and tested alliance ? If His Excellency Shimon Perez does not believe that the world is made of fools, whom is he kitting ? Aliens ?

Speaking about fools. The populations of Germany and the USA are not exactly fools either but. Media makes everything possible. Could it be that a little bit of good old gunboat diplomacy from Big Bear Russia can wake them up from their Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN induced propaganda hypnosis before they themselves realize that their best intentions, morals, ethics, love for peace and justice have been criminally misguided with the purpose to wage a Middle Eastern war that could ignite a world. A world that is as volatile as a powder keg that has dried in the Red Sea Sand since the times of Moses ?

I mean, if the words of Perez, that the world is not made of fools is right, there ought to be people who discover Damona, Israels Nuclear Program, it´s 200+ Warheads, it´s systematic genocide on the people of Palestine. Or the fact that Israeli weapons from Raphael Industry are provided to the Free Syrian Army via Secretary General of the Lebanese progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt? If Perez was right it ought to be discovered that NATO, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other avatars of democracy have been actively preparing the murder on thousands of Syrians since at least 2010 ?

The alternative is that Perez in reality was not talking about this world and that the world that is not made of fools is somewhere in the constellation of Draco or Orion ? In that case gunboat diplomacy may in fact be the only solution to preserve peace. What a wonderful world.

Christof Lehmann


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