Hamas Grad Attack on Israel – Are Muslim Brotherhood and Mossad Positioning Hamas for “Palestinian Spring” and Aiding M.B. Election Bet in Egypt ?

Hamas Grad Attack on Israel – Are Muslim Brotherhood and Mossad Positioning Hamas for “Palestinian Spring” and Aiding M.B. Election Bet in Egypt ?

When analyzing Middle East Issues where the Israeli Intelligence Service Mossad is involved it is worthwhile to keep in mind that it´s motto is “War By Deception“. Yesterday, officials of Israeli Security Services blamed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for having poised Hamas to arrange a missile attack from the northern part of the Sinai peninsula. The attack that was carried out with two Grad Missiles which landed in an open, uninhabited  desert area. There are no reports of any damage or casualties. The attack is bearing the hallmarks of being a false flag attack that was carried out as part of the Mossad – Muslim Brotherhood – Hamas – GCC – NATO Alliance that was established at least as far back as 2010 in preparation of the war on Syria and a “Palestinian Spring” after the expected fall of the Syrian Government. Hamas was promised a lead role in that Palestinian Spring.

Even Israeli Security experts are puzzled by the fireworks. In fact there is no other logical and plausible explanation other than that it was carried out as part of a joint venture were the attacker, the attacked, as well as the purported heroic liberation fighter are scoring much needed and valuable PR Points.

The Israeli daily newspaper Haarez promptly reported that Israeli security officials were “confused about the motives of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood because it had promised that it would respect peace agreements between Israel and Egypt, while it´s candidates who take part in the Egyptian election campaign are are talking about abandoning the agreement and about liberating Jerusalem as the capital of a future Muslim Caliphate”.

It may sound like a wild conspiracy theory to state that the missile attack was a joint-venture false flag. That is, until one has understood that Israel, NATO, the International Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have established an ad hoc strategic joint venture with respect to the Arab Spring. The details are explained in previous articles by Martin Iqbal and Christof Lehmann. ( 1a+1b)

The questions that should be asked ? What utility does the attack have for the joint-venturists ? Who benefits ?

Even Haarez agrees that Hamas may have inspired allied Bedouins in the Northern Sinai to start the firework show in order to boost their Egyptian Muslim Brothers Election Campaign. And it is not even “really” unethical to do that because other than a few desert scorpions there are no casualties; and who cares about the fact that the people of Egypt who just have been disenfranchised after their revolution are cheated once again ?

Hamas is of course boosting it´s image as Militant Islamic Liberator of Palestine. What could be better than that. Keep in mind that they have been preparing a post-modern coup de etat in Palestine with the help of their Mossad, NATO and M.B. friends. A coup that is to be carried out, so they hope, as soon as Syria has been defeated. It would be advisable for true patriots among the members of the Al Qassam Brigades to join the ranks of those militant fractions who actually are patriotic. The Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades would be a good choice for a true patriot. I presume that it would feel a lot better not to be in a position where one has to ask oneself if one is risking his life for the Palestinian Liberation or Mossad ?

Israel is scoring a lot of points too. Off Course ! To start with the basics ? Israel will demand that Egyptian security forces sharpen security in the Sinai. Israel will most likely have one more argument to maintain it´s genocidal siege on the Gaza Strip, which coincidentally also benefits Hamas. Israel will heighten what it calls “security” throughout the illegally occupied territories. In particular it will heighten security in the illegally occupied East Jerusalem where it has massive construction going on under the guise of “tourism“. Naturally those assets must be protected against a Hamas attack.

The most valuable utility for Israel is most likely that it now has one more tool to brainwash it´s own population into believing that it´s illegal occupation is justified by a need for security. After all, one has to protect oneself against a boogie-man who plans to establish an Islamic Caliphate in Jahwheh´s Holy City.

All in all ? Everybody is happy, arms dealer included. besides a few sand bugs and desert scorpions nobody was hurt in the Joint-Venture´s PR -Fireworks Campaign.  With respect to the Middle East ? Business as usual.

Christof Lehmann



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East-West Standoff over Syria and Iran: Explosive Diplomacy and Brinkmanship at the Brink of World War III.


In Deutscher Übersetzung bei Hinter der Fichte:

Israel: Hamas’ Grad Angriff auf Israel

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