Afghanistan: German Troops open Fire at Crowd of Protesters – Evidence Covered Up !

Afghanistan: German Troops open Fire at Crowd of Protesters – Evidence Covered Up !

By Harald PflügerThe the cover-up of the war-crimes of German troops against the civilian population in Afghanistan is supposed to continue.

In Afghanistan, Germany is waging a war against one of the worlds most impoverished people. It´s hardly noticable, however, when walking through the streets of Colonia, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin or Hillbilly Town. Besides the known massacres in Kundus, where more than 140 – mostly children and youth – were murdered, there was another and far greater “Incident”.

In Taloqan “Our Boys” fired – as if it was a video game – into the crowd of people who were demonstrating against the brutal conduct of the occupation forces. The shooting accident resulted in 12 dead and over 80 wounded demonstrators. Three German troops who reportedly were “quite seriously wounded” received ambulant treatment. Then, the German military reported about one hundred demonstrators who reportedly had thrown bottles and stones at the German military encampment. The Germans had then had to return fire. BBC images, however, show some 2000 people who were walking and demonstrating. No stone-throwing could be seen. The German Military Commander Maj. Gen. Markus Kneip adamantly proclaimed in an interview with the Daily newspaper “Welt” that the case would be clarified by one of the German military´s “own” ! lawyers. And that´s how is remained.

One may imagine that some hooligans in Dortmund, Düsseldorf or Hamburg would throw stones at the police and the police would immediately shoot with life ammunition – 12 dead and 80 with gunshot wounds. The national apparatus would immediately respond; Medical Doctors would be forced to harassed into producing false attestations – like in the Kurras Case. Evidence would disappear – like in the Buback case; it would come down to perjury, but, the attentive observer could, because of the contradictions at least get construct a reasonably exact image of the actual event.I recall the “Hole in Celle”, the events on the Railwaystation in Bad Kleinen or the scandalous Buback trial.

But because of a few Afghani from the Hindukush one does not have to go through that much trouble. Who do they think they are.

And thus, evidence kept by the German military continues to be kept secret. There are for instance the security cameras of the now vacated German reinforced camp in Talokan. There were multiple security cameras operated and the images could provide answers to all the relevant questions that are being asked about the shooting at the demonstrators.

  • One could see whether the demonstrators really had thrown with stones and “Molotov Coctails” or if this is merely a cover-up statement by the German warriors.
  • One could see whether the German soldiers fired aimed shots at the “stone throwers” or whether they fired aimlessly into the crowd.

The fact that the German military does not make these images publicly available is telling. Obviously the images are in no way contributing to the defense of the German military. Sadly there are no German journalists who report independently of the German military from Afghanistan. All German journalists who are working there are in one way or the other tied to the German troops and that begins with the flight in a German military plane. Naturally, non of them is asking his “protectors” what the recordings from the security cameras actually show.

And, well, the fact that the Blood-Alcohol Percent of the involved German troops is not made public is understandable. It is, after all, a private matter and we all drink a little bit more than we can take once in a while.

Were the case held in a state with legal safeguards, however, many things could not be covered-up. That is why the government in Berlin is trying to avoid a public trial as the devil avoids holy water.It was already so after the German military´s massacres in Kunduz. Because all prosecutors actions are bound by the Federal or State Governments directions the Berlin Brads have so far successfully blocked for the necessary legal proceedings.

The results for the “Berlin democracy”:

12 dead demonstrators, more than 80 wounded by gunshots, and up to date no public trial. It remaisn to hope that the perpetrators at least would be prosecuted after a “Regime Change” and that prosecutors would finally be granted permission to investigate.

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Translated from German into English by Christof Lehmann. Original article by Harald Pflüger:

Afghanistan: Bundeswehr schießt in Menschenmenge – Beweismittel werden weiter zurückgehalten !

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