Syria: The International Red Cross supplies the terrorists: Report

Syria: The International Red Cross supplies the terrorists: Report

Syria: A small story about the situation in the Syrian village of Qusair.

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(For further corroboration read nsnbc comment and articles below the article)        nsnbc Editor.

Red Cross/ Crescent and weapons transports in Libya

The aggression against Syria has many faces. One of them is the hypocrisy. It is constantly spoken about human rights, the help for “civilians”, and of freedom, and these beautiful worlds were made into weapons against Syria.

To show how this support works in practice, the German Blogger urs1978 delivers a sickening example. The International Red Cross (ICRC) supplies the armed terrorists. An eyewitness in Syria reports the following:

“We are never safe from any nasty surprise. The day before yesterday, May 9,  I saw a convoy of the Red Cross at the checkpoint in front of our village. I know the policemen, I have a grandson, whom I accompanied to school and who always is happy to greet them.

I’ve talked to them (Red Cross) and asked the driver of the convoy, if they need me as an interpreter. So I was very glad when I learned that this convoy – four jeeps, two “double tractors” and a normal tractor – should provide food to the residents of Qusseir (Qusair / the village). Today I learned to my great surprise from someone, who has come from Qusseir, that the convoy of the Red Cross has unloaded its supply directly where these gangs turn their weapons on us.

When I have learned that the Red Cross has supplied the food to these murderous bands, who abduct, torture, cut throats, I became very angry.

Unimaginable atrocities are committed. Because of them our fields are not cultivated. For a year the villagers dare not to edit them, because they are afraid of the mercenaries, who hide in their orchards, to go from one place to another and to transport weapons. Therefore, and because of international sanctions against our country, prices have tripled.

A kilo of tomatoes, which previously cost 15 Syrian pounds, costs 80 Syrian Pounds today [60 SP = $ 1]. In the village, everybody grows tomatoes, lettuce, eggplants in his small garden now.

The young people no longer want to work in the field. You can earn every day 5000, 800, 1000 pounds, if they kill policemen. A man from Qusseir (Qusair), who has recently reported himself to the authorities, has confessed, that he has 150 000 Syrian pounds for committing the kidnapping and murder of six soldiers.

Syrian soldiers have said that they have received about 180 000 Syrian pounds, in favor to have deserted (from the Army), what is a fortune here in Syria.


I speak of the ICRC, the International Red Cross in Geneva.

The ICRC convoy of aid has brought help to those who turn their weapons against our security forces, who have massacred many families, and many people have been forced to flee!

For this reason, we Syrians became very suspicious and we often have expressed fears with regard to the humanitarian organizations that want to come to us.”


The following report remains to be fully confirmed,

Global Research Editor, June 6, 2012


nsnbc editor note:

Red Cross transported arms for “rebels” in Libya, Red Cross Ambulances used by NATO Special Forces in Tripoli for Ambush Attacks.

Even though the report above remains to be fully confirmed it would not be without precedence that the ICRC has smuggled weapons to NATO-backed mercenaries.

nsnbc editor Christof Lehmann received multiple, mutually independent eyewitness reports of Red Cross involvement in arms transports in Libya. In one such case the report was further corroborated by video evidence. The video showed a white Red Cross 4-wheel drive car from which white wooden cradles with Red Cross logo were unloaded. One of the wooden cradles fell from the truck on the road and broke open. Inside the cradle were assault rifles.

Further more, NATO member states Special Forces used Red Cross ambulances for troop transportation to facilitate ambush attacks on regular Libyan troops.

Read the following articles for further corroboration and watch the video for visual evidence.

NATO Special Forces illegal misuse of Red Cross Ambulances in Tripoli:


Christof Lehmann – nsnbc editor



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