Vulture “Friends of Syria” plan the “Rebuilding of Syria”, from Berlin Office financed by Germany and the U.A.E.

Vulture “Friends of Syria” plan the “Rebuilding of Syria” from Berlin Office financed by Germany and the U.A.E.

By Christof Lehmann – NATO Special Forces and NATO-Allied Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brothers, also called “The Free Syrian Army” intensify their campaign of terror and declare the Anan Six Point Peace Plan for dead. Yesterday it became official, SAS and other NATO Special Forces operate in Syria. (1) Today we learn that the governments of Germany and the United Arab Emirates, (UAE) are sponsoring a Secretariat of the “Friends of Syria” in Berlin. A Secretariat to plan the war and the rebuilding of the Syria they are about to destroy.

A disgusting symbiosis of Hawks and Vultures is going for the kill, planning how to dissect the carcass and spoils before it´s dead. There can´t be any doubt about that the beaks and claws of State-Sponsored Terrorism and NATO-Terrorism are inflicting deep and painful scars on the people of Syria and the country. The question is if they will be breaking their feathers and beaks when they have gored themselves on the soft tissue and hit the bone. Massacres on unarmed civilians, like the recent one in Al-Houla are relatively easy objectives, but confronting the Syrian military forces, Iran, Hezbollah and in the final equation Russia are an entirely different meal to chew on.

Even the unarmed civilian population of Syria is not as easy a dinner as the Vulture Friends of Syria would like them to be, and thus the Arab League needed to demand from Arabsat and Nilesat to cease carrying Syrian TV signals so Syrians could be sufficiently brain-wahshed by Al Jazeera and colleagues. (2)  The German State-Sponsored TV-Stations ARD and ZDF, and their corporate financed pendants rigorously continue on the path of war propaganda.

The people of Syria are resilient against attempts to divide on the basis of sectarianism. The charade of “fighting for freedom and democracy” of the Gulf Kings who themselves behead women for “sorcery” like not to long ago in Saudi Arabia (3) are not credible among Syrians. The Hollywood Arabism of the GCC Dress-Up clowns, which would make the Palestinian scholar Edward Said, who coined the term “orientalism” turn in his grave, is understood too well by Syrians to let themselves be impressed. What or whom should they be impressed by to teach them about freedom and democracy ? Impressed by Gulf Dictators who seem to try to live up to all and any of the stereotypes about corrupt Arabs that are perpetuated by Hollywood, or the witch-hunt beheading mania of the Saudi Royalty ? Or the Jordanian Hashemite Royals who called on the Israeli Airforce when Syria sent a column of tanks in response to the Jordanian Military´s slaughter of PLO fighters in Amman during the Black September ?

The people of Syria are also resilient because reforms succeed in spite of all attempts to derail them. A new constitution (4) that is a Zionist Boot right into the face of the Arab Charade of GCC-Zionist-NATO agenda pushers has been adopted. (5) Parliamentary elections been held.

The disgusting abuse of human rights as pretext for murder, ma ham, murderous sanctions, and the unholy symbiosis of Amnesty International USA`s DirectorSuzanne Nozzel  and the US_State Department and Hillary Clinton are understood too well. (6)

Besides that, neither Russia or China will let themselves be blackmailed by NATO any longer, and even though it is a marriage of convenience, Russia and China are allied with Iran and know that the fall of Syria would invariably put Iran, and thus BRICS under attack next.

A state-sponsored terrorism planning office and business center in the heart of Berlin, financed by Germany and the U.A.E. That´s something, taken into account that post WW-2 Germany said “Never War Again”. But then, who other than the Extraterritorial SS-State of German Finance Capital that has made it´s way back to Germany and that has an all pervasive presence in Wall Street and the US-Military Industrial Complex, would have more experience at rebuilding a country. After all, just short of the nuclear bombs that were reserved for people of “inferior race” in Japan, Germany was as devastated as anyone with investment capital could only dream of. So, what better location for the “Vultures on Syria Office” than Berlin.

The German government states, “we support the project, so that we, after an end of the violence not only can contribute politically but also, so that the economical restart will be successful ” . I know, German is a difficult language so let´s ask the German government what precisely they intend to tell the public. We support “the project”. Is that the project of the destruction of Syria, that of rebuilding Syria ? That of earning on both ? Or all of the above?

Yesterday, Monday 04 June 2012 the “Free Syria Army” declared that it had resumed hostilities. Did it ever stop ? Or who committed the massacre in Al-Houla ? But letting that alone, what is important is that the declaration came simultaneously with the “leak” of the information that SAS and other NATO Special Forces are operating in Syria. (ibid.) And while the Western populations are desensitized to NATO troops being on the ground in Syria, in violation of international law, including the Nuremberg Principles, which should be well known among Germans, the “Free NATO Army´s” Major Sami Al-Kurdi declares that they no longer will observe the UN-AL-Anan Six Point Peace Plan. Less euphemistically said that translates into “We are going for the kill and we are opening an office so investors can buy themselves stocks in the rape and plunder of Syria”.Corporate warfare. Post-Modern Coup de Etat´s. Another word would be Fascism, so Berlin is of course a historically correct location.

Taken the artificially manufactured economical crisis into account it is understandable that a desperate German Finance Capital would like to invest into the future death of tens of thousands of Syrians or more as long as it makes a Euro and keeps the NATO Crime Cartels dynamic towards a confrontation with Russia afloat.

It would be time, however, that the German population, decent peace loving people who are almost hopelessly lost in a matrix of propaganda, reminded themselves about their own past. Also that part about their past, where propaganda was invented as a scientific discipline, and that of a government that ultimately turned on it´s own people.

A German government that makes a buck on the massacres of Syrians will potentially turn on it´s own population without scruples too. Maybe reading Gerhard Hauptmann would be not too bad; just to get over the worst emotional hurdles of the unwanted pain of recognizing how much a government actually can abuse it´s own people and that it is possible to resist. A Friends of Syria Office” in Berlin is an outrage.

“Deutschland wir weben dein Leichentuch.

Wir weben hinein den dreifachen Fluch.

Wir weben, wir weben, wir weben.”

Germany we are weaving you winding sheet.

We are weaving into it the triple curse.

We´re weaving, we´re weaving, we´re weaving.” (7)

A State Sponsored Terrorist Planning and Financing Secretariat in Berlin. Germany, you are at it again. Beware the consequences. And we may want to ask again, “With such good Friends, who needs any enemies“.(8)

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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