Preparation of Absolute Image Control in War on Syria.

By Christof Lehmann. Syriaonline informs that the Syrian Information Ministry yesterday criticized the Arab League´s Council´s decision to ask Arabsat and Nilesat to suspend the broadcast of Syrian TV channels via the satellite networks as a violation of Journalism Ethics, Freedom of Expression, and as a plot against Syria which constitutes media terrorism.

The ministry´s statement added that it was an attempt to block reality from local and international opinion, all for the benefit of the campaign of fabrications that is carried out against Syria and it´s people.

The Syrian Information Ministry is stipulating the fact that the same CGG member states which have seized control over the Arab League protect the channels that are inciting violence in and against Syria.

The statement continued that “Some Gulf Countries, which are arming and funding the gunmen to shed the Syrian blood, are trying to block the reality from the Arab people to achieve the U.S. and Western goals of fragmenting the region.” It also appealed to Arabsat and Nilesat not to follow the Arab League´s decision, which violates media ethics and the principles of media work.

The Syrian Ministry of Information stopped short of bringing the dispute before the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Kyi-Moon, which it legally would be entitled to according to international agreements about the peaceful use of space. The Arab League is de-facto acting as a function of both GCC and NATO member states who are in a state of undeclared and illegal war against Syria. Thus, both the GCC / NATO members and the Arab league are committing a gross violation of the treaty. It is however also very unlikely that such complaint to the U.N. Secretary general would have any effect even though Syria would be fully entitled to having the U.N. intervene.

With the signing of the Joint UN/NATO declaration of 2008 the UN has effectively become a contractually bound instrument of US foreign policy while NATO has become the contractually bound sole military instrument of the United Nations.

Should Arabsat and Nilesat cease to carry Syrian TV signals, which is very likely, it would constitute an aggravating of the relentless propaganda campaign that has being waged against Syria for over one year. A recent example of the propaganda that is waged against Syria is that the massacre in Al-Houla, which was committed by gunmen who specifically targeted families that are supportive of the Syrian government and families that oppose the violence, is still widely portrayed as an artillery attack by Syrian military forces.

U.S. and NATO Military doctrine demand absolute control over media imagery as one of the primary preconditions for successful warfare. How far the absolute control over media is actually going is astounding for those who are not aware of it. A few prime examples are:

  • The fact that the U.S. Department of Defense (D.o.D) has invested millions into BBC, and is investing heavily in other TV and News Services.
  • The fact that a large percentage of U.S. American movies are produced with help from the Department of defense.
  • The fact that the U.S. D.o.D. during the Iraq war installed “experts” in the majority of U.S. media, who received daily “talking points” and briefs about what to say and how.
  • The fact that U.S. media during the attacks on 11 September 2001 have aired forged media images to cover over the fact that the World Trade Center Twin Towers were brought down by controlled explosions.
  • The fact that Press TV has been banned from the U.K.

The list could continue into the fine details of what is euphemistically called “spin” in daily news and reporting in Western Mainstream Media.

What is more pertinent however, is that fact that the Arab League´s attempt to attain full control over Syrian Media Images and reporting is indicating that NATO, the GCC members, Israel, Jordan and other “Friends of Syria” are about to aggravate the aggression and that the total image control for the expected war is being implemented.

Christof Lehmann


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