Danish Espionage Sentence for Professor is setting dangerous Precedence for Scientists, Political Advisers and Consultants in Denmark and E.U.

By Christof Lehmann – nsnbc.  The Finish born Professor Timo Kivimäki, who has tenure at Copenhagen University has been sentenced according to what Danish law calls “the mild espionage paragraph”. Timo Kivimäki was accused of espionage for Russia and has been arrested by the Danish Domestic Intelligence Service PET. His arrest, trial behind closed doors, and his sentence for espionage is setting a dangerous precedence for Scientists, Political Advisers and Consultants in Denmark, as well as within the European Union.It is also establishing an extremely dangerous precedence for peace activists in Denmark.

Timo Kivimäki was arrested by the Danish Domestic Intelligence Service PET on the claim that he in the period between 2010-2012 had several meetings with Russian citizens in Denmark, that he has passed on information to them, and that he has been paid approximately 20.000 DKK per year for passing on the information. 20.000 DKK amounts to approximately 5.000 USD per year.

Kivimäki has been sentenced to five months in prison, and he has been suspended from his work at Copenhagen University. While the PET claims that the Russian citizens were spies or agents, Kivimäki maintains that the Russian citizens were normal employees at the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen. Kivimäki, who is chocked about having been sentenced at all is calling the sentence unfair. He was given two weeks to decide if he will be challenging the decision of the Court in Glostrup.

The information Kivimäki has been sentenced for for passing on included a list of students who were promising with respect to being recruited to work for Russia. Besides that he passed on information about the director of the Danish Center for Military Studies. Kivimäki maintains that PET did not have as much as a shadow of evidence that proved, that the Russian Embassy employees were agents or spies. Kivimäki states, that had the embassy employees been agents or spies, it would have become evident at the trial, but they did not even know their names nor what they looked like.

In fact, Kivimäki informs that the meetings with the Russian Embassy employees were no different than any meetings with other nations diplomats. “I did the same with them as I have dome with Danish or Finish Diplomats” he said.

A Dangerous Precedence:

Even though Kivimäki received only a five month sentence, the case is establishing an extremely dangerous precedence for Scholars, Political Advisers, as well as Peace Activists in Denmark and the E.U. There can not be a shadow of doubt that Kivimäki would never have received a five months prison sentence for espionage, had he passed on a list of names of promising students that could be recruited to work for France, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Israel and if he had passed on information about the Director of the Danish Center for Military Studies to French, American or British Diplomats.

Thus, the case can not be understood isolated from recent geo-political developments. Ever since the appalling abuse of UNSC-Resolution 1973-2011 by NATO to bring about regime change in Libya, Russia has vehemently opposed that NATO is getting away with another war, this time on Syria, under the guise of the UN/NATO principle of “the responsibility to protect”, which has become official NATO doctrine at the 25th NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012. ( 1) It will also most likely not be easily forgotten that then Russian P.M. and the new President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, sharply criticized then Danish Minister of State Lars Løkke Rasmussen for NATO´s abuse of the UNSC in the case of Libya. (2) Finally it should be taken into account that Russia since has seriously complained against the NATO anti missile defense, which NATO claims to be directed against a potential threat from Iran, but which in fact provides a first strike capability for NATO against Russia. Russia´s stern rejection of foreign intervention in Syria has more than once created diplomatic discord in Europe, the USA and at the United Nations.

Thus the Kivimäki case is setting precedence for the fact that the return to a multi-polar world that challenges NATO´s ambitions for global full spectrum dominance results in politically motivated show trials and witch hunt like prosecution of scholars, political advisers, consultants, and eventually peace activists under the pretext of espionage.

The case is establishing a dangerous precedence for everyone in Denmark or the E.U. who is working as political advisor for foreign nations governments, institutes, diplomats, media and other. How dangerous the precedence that is established really is, is difficult to comprehend in it´s full consequences but a few examples can indicate the inherent dangers for civil liberties and rights.

One can imagine that the sentencing of Kivimäki opens the door for having secret trials, behind closed doors, with secret evidence, in such cases as:

A political adviser who is advising the Minister of Information in Syria to release information to Western media and Media world wide, that clearly proves that NATO member states illegally have had special forces operating inside Syria since August 2011, and advises the Ministry about the most effective media strategies. At least, until the Danish Ministry of Justice has clarified how to interpret the sentencing of Kivimäki, political advisers in Denmark and the E.U. seem to have become seriously threatened.

Another Dangerous precedence is for instance that the sentencing of Kivimäki would cast serious doubts over, if it now is to be understood as being espionage, if a Professor at a Danish University suggests to a foreign diplomat that this or that student may be promising for a scholarship and post-grad studies in Russia, that the one or the other student would be a good match for a position as political analyst at a Russian TV Channel such as RT. Is that to be understood as espionage ?

Is it now espionage if I provide information about a Danish citizens to Russian Diplomats who would be promising with respect to establishing a more peaceful co-existence between Russia and the E.U. or NATO, or about people who would be promising persons to be recruited into an international and much needed Peace Movement, Institute for Conflict Studies or similar ?

The sentencing of Professor Timo Kivimäki is opening a legal Pandora´s Box. It is also opening a Pandora´s Box of despotism. It is a political sentence that has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with a political witch hunt against those who still dare to work for diplomats of a nation that challenges NATO´s outrageous demand for global full spectrum dominance. With a return to a multi-polar world, we have obviously returned to political trials against Scholars. One might consider to seek political asylum in Russia or China soon.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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