NATO is not the World Community

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Ban Ki-Moon stated yesterday that the inclusion of Afghanistan at the NATO meeting in Chicago sends a clear message that the International Community will not abandon this troubled Central Asian nation. First, why is it troubled, and second, NATO may be part of the International Community but does not represent the World Community.

Another NATO Summit, this time closely on the heels of a G-8 Summit without the presence of Vladimir Putin who did not want to take part in the back-slapping among partners who once again breached international law and once again launched a murderous terrorist attack upon a sovereign nation – Libya; a summit without the presence of India, of Brazil, or the People’s Republic of China, no representative from Africa or Latin America or Oceania.

Another NATO Summit, more back-slapping among the proponents of the arms lobby who use these meetings to perpetuate the existence of this clique which provides hundreds of billions of dollars to those who control the foreign policies of its member states – totally unelected – wholly against the precepts of their Constitutions.

Another NATO Summit, trying to find solutions for a destabilised Afghanistan. And why is Afghanistan destabilised? Because NATO destabilised it back in the 1970s, sending in terrorists to fight against the only socially progressive governments the country has ever had, which launched universal and inclusive education programmes, implemented women’s rights, fought against the feudal fiefdoms of the warlords, its only option being to call in the armed forces of the country which was supporting these social projects, the Soviet Union.

Another NATO Summit, supporting war lords, drug traffickers and the Karzai government which NATO leaders themselves have abhorred for its rampant corruption, a government which in the eyes of many was not even democratically elected, but then again, what is democracy to NATO, if not a word to use and abuse but never to practise?

How democratic is NATO? Why does it dictate the foreign policies of its members as it siphons off billions of dollars of the citizens’ hard-earned tax money? Who elected NATO? Why did NATO not allow the Jamahiriya Government in Libya to hold a free and fair democratic election? Why does NATO support terrorists in Libya? Why did NATO troops have boots on the ground against UNSC regulations? Why did NATO openly take sides in a civil conflict? Why did NATO strafe civilian structures with military hardware? Why did NATO strafe the Libyan water supply? Why did NATO attack the electricity grid? Why did NATO bomb civilian factories? Why did NATO murder children in their homes? Why did NATO attack Libyan Armed Forces personnel with helicopters while helping terrorists who committed atrocities, sliced the breasts off women in the streets, raped girls, tortured, burnt, looted, pillaged?

So by seeing what represents NATO, we also see what NATO represents. Maybe it represents the International Community, that wonderful expression invented by a United Nations Organization which pretends on one hand to be a humanitarian organization but in fact whose foreign policy bankrolls and whitewashes NATO’s imperialist schemes, in Serbia, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria.

It certainly does not represent the World Community of citizens and nations who respect international law, who regard debate and discussion and dialogue as the fundamental precepts of policy development and the UN Security Council, not the barrel of a gun or the cowardly imposition of democracy from 30,000 feet, as the forum for crisis management.

It becomes increasingly clear that the only way to stop a coward is a show of strength. The more NATO rears its demonic head, the greater the need for an enlarged and effective CSTO.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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