Terror in France – Orbituary to an Illusion of Freedom and Democracy.

By Christof Lehmann – nsnbc. Only one year after the shooting spree of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, resulting in the death of over 60 young Norwegians, shots rang through the streets of Toulouse, France. The official narratives ? Breivik was appalled by the Norwegian Social Democrats multi multiculturalism; a lone gunman with delusions of grandeur; The ethnic Algerian and French citizen Mohammed Merah supposedly shot and killed seven people outside a Jewish school in Toulouse, France before he was shot dead.

The 23 year old Merah was positioned by the BBC as someone who fit a “typical al-Qaeda profile”(1) which is a somehow valid observation but an incomplete one. One might want to add that he fits the profile of a typical stooge. According to the BBC Merah grew up in the troubled Toulouse suburb Les Isards which has a high percentage of North African immigrants. The average population in these suburbs is socioeconomically underprivileged. We hear about a boy who grew up with his divorced mother, and that he was arrested for the first time in 2005. Merah had two short stints in prison in 2007 and 2009. For petty theft and driving offences.

The troubling question is, how Merah became so radicalized that he began murdering people. The BBC reports that he has been under the radar of French authorities for years because of “visits to Afghanistan and militant strongholds in Waziristan in Pakistan“. Also the BBC reports that friends describe him as a waster. In other words, someone who does not seem to have a coherent identity, occupation, goals or ambitions.

The question arises, how was this socially and socioeconomically challenged young man with an incoherent and fragile “self” radicalized, or by whom. Should we reason along the guidelines set forth in the terrorism theory that is the most standard model for explaining the radicalization of youth to terrorism, developed by Iranian US-Citizen Fathali M. Moghaddam, it all started with young Merah “perceiving” injustice.

The theory does not attack the question if there was in deed any injustice that was perceivable. It continued with the “feeling of being deprived of political influence” rather than attacking the question weather a youth from Les Izards would ever have a chance of gaining legitimate political power within the social and political constructs of France. Following the model further, young Merah would have at some point met someone who introduced him ever so gently to radical ideas, making him feel that he would have the possibility to exercise the political power he was deprived of by France by joining a terrorist organization – and it is at this point that something goes terribly awry with young Merah – and in deed with Moghaddam´s terrorism theory. One merely has to answer the following questions to find out what.

“Real” resistance movements, liberation movements, revolutionary or jihadi movements are extremely careful at covering their traces, and with good reason. Now why would a real terrorist organization want to deal with a young, socially challenged man who is already well known to the police ? Driving offenses and other minor misdemeanors can endanger an entire operation and in the worst case an entire organizations existence. There is “something” missing and that“something” correlates the Merah narrative with that of Breivik, with the London tube bombings, the Madrid massacre and other atrocities committed against an unsuspecting public. The missing link in the Merah narrative is how his act of politically motivated violence interfaces with Western Intelligence Services.

And not surprisingly that missing link was forthcoming in an article published in The Telegraph. According to the French Minister of the Interior Claude Gueant, Merah is a French Intelligence Asset who was handled by the DCRI for years.(2)

Even though the fact that the French Minister of the Interior is forthcoming with the fact that the DCRI uses Al-Qaeda associated “assets” one is tempted to take his word for it which makes Merah – the young, disoriented, underprivileged youth from the Toulouse suburbs a perfect intelligence run “stooge” who can be used at an opportune time and occasion to commit an opportune crime that fulfills a function designed by his handlers; his intelligence handlers, while he himself probably was naive enough to believe that he really was a jihadi – a noble warrior for Al-Qaeda.

Even though Western Main Stream Media are likely to develop Merah into a “terrorist” he is most likely in the same league as Shoe Bomber Richard Reed and the poor man who had a fire cracker exploded in his underwear. Slightly retarded, naive, and just perfect to be duped. The fact that the French Minister of the Interior is the one who spills the beans about Merah`s intelligence ties as an asset suggests that the act of terrorism either was planned by a fraction within the DCHC which Gueant is in opposition to, or that the planners are to be found within NATO intelligence or a foreign intelligence service.

All this, however, can for the time being only be speculation. Best guesses based on prior experience. What is important to notice and to observe are the following facts, and the pertinent question what should be done about it to safeguard European citizens from their own intelligence services.

The fact that NATO has a long track record of false flag operations and politically motivated violence against European civilians, including children, against military installations, as well as politicians. The assassination of Aldo Moro by NATO´s Gladio network being a prime example. The fact that the London Tube Bombings, the Norway Shootings and numerous other were facilitated by simultaneous anti terrorism “exercises” is another. The fact that former Spanish Prime Minister Aznan complained about the fact that the leader of the Al Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who according to Aznan was involved in the Madrid Bombings now is leading the Tripoli Military Council and has a leading position in the NATO backed Free Syrian Army is yet another example.

The other question is, what function the Paris killing was supposed to have for any of the intelligence services that may have been implicated. Merah was surrounded in a house. Closing of the water supply and smoking him out could probably solved the siege without murdering him, but he is dead, shot by a sniper, and he won`t be able to tell who his handlers were.

Maybe Merah was used, and seven had to be murdered simply because someone badly needed to position Al Qaeda as a villain organization again. Even Western Main Stream Media could no longer omit the fact that NATO was closely working together with Al Qaeda. The open cooperation with Al Qaeda or the LIFG in Libya and in Syria could have developed into a scandal. In fact, it could also have resulted in Al Qaeda loosing it`s credibility as a function of social control in Europe. To counter both, what would be more obvious than a shooting by an Al Qaeda Asset, of seven people, in front of a Jewish school.

Frenchmen can again be threatened into submission when tyrannical terrorism laws are implemented, Europe has again a reason to continue it`s isolationist policy, expecting that Europeans can travel anywhere without visa while keeping as many as possible Africans ,Asians and Latin Americans out under the pretense of terrorism and their lack of willingness to integrate, and, nobody will ask such unpleasant questions such as:

Tell me, if Merah was associated with Al Qaeda, and we have to accept strict anti terrorism laws that reduce our civil liberties to zero to stay safe and protected, then why is it, that Merah was an intelligence asset, and why are we cooperating with Abdelhakim Belhadj and Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria ?” All we can talk about now, being politically correct is “ oh those poor people in front of the Jewish School, we really should support Israel and the Jewish community and forbid those Islamics radicals to open Islamic Schools and Mosques in the Les Izards suburbs of Toulouse, and let`s close our borders to Europe.

Todays Orbituary should be for the remaining illusion of freedom and democracy. It was a good show, the actors were brilliant, and we won`t miss them at all. Rest in Peace, Illusion of Freedom and Democracy. Will will assure that your ghost liberates tens of thousands to death each year.

My honest and deep felt condolences to the families and loved ones of those murdered in Toulouse and of countless other acts of politically motivated violence committed with the complicity of Intelligence Services.

My honest and deep felt condolences also, to the loved ones left behind after someone was duped by intelligence services into believing that he was fighting for the one or the other cause while being abused.

Christof Lehmann – nsnbc


1) Orbituary: Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah. BBC News. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17456541

2) Toulouse Shooting: Al Qaeda links an election gift for Marie Le Pen. The Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/9157878/Toulouse-shooting-al-Qaeda-links-an-election-gift-for-Marine-Le-Pen.html

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