43th Anniversary of the DFLP Commemorated in Cuba

By Juan Dufflar Amel – DFLP – Palestinians are condemning Israel´s genocidal policy and calling for unity and reconciliation of all the forces fighting for the national liberation.

“Since its foundation on February 22, 1969, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) has held a special place in the heart of the revolution and has played a special role in all of the national, military and mass battles. It united its revolutionary program with the arm of the Palestinian people´s resistance efforts to achieve their legitimate national rights and to end the historic injustice of Zionist forces supported by imperialism and neocolonialism.”

These words were stated by Walid Ahmad, the DFLP´s representative in Cuba and a member of the Palestinian National Council, at the conclusion of an event that took place in the Arab Union of Cuba to mark the 43th anniversary of that political organization.

Ahmad noted that in the long struggle for independence, the return of the refugees and the liberation of Palestinian land, the Democratic Front has been able to blaze its own path as a left national vanguard organization committed to the workers and the people. This unified, pragmatic and revolutionary organization has always highlighted the interests of the Palestinian people as being supreme.

“We celebrate this anniversary,” he said, “in the midst of an extremely complex situation caused by the intra-Palestinian crisis, as well as by continued aggression of the Zionist occupier, which continues blockading and bombarding Gaza, usurping our land, Judaizing Jerusalem, desecrating holy places and building the racist separation wall.”

Ahmad, who is also a member of the DFLP Central Committee, said that it is necessary to step up the process of the recovery of unity and the formation of a consensus government to supervise parliamentary and presidential elections based on a system of full proportional representation.

What is needed is “a government to rebuild Gaza and to achieve national and social reconciliation to overcome the traces of the abominable division that Palestinian society is experiencing,” he emphasized.

“We believe,” he added, “that the unity and the rebuilding of the PLO — without foreign interference — is the essential foundation for facing Israel´s bloody policies as well as for confronting the unilateral efforts of the occupying state to impose a new formula and the international blockade erected by the United States.

When mentioning the events taking place in the Arab countries, Walid Ahmad said the DFLP reaffirms these peoples´ rights to self-determination without any kind of foreign interference.

In conclusion, he pointed to Cuba’s and other Latin American nations’ solidarity with the Palestinian cause as he reaffirmed the condemnation made by the Democratic Front against U.S. blockade of the island and he demanded freedom for the five Cuban heroes imprisoned for fighting against terrorism.

Marwan Abedel-Aal, a member of the delegation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Alfonso Fraga, OSPAAAL´s general secretary; Edgar Ponce, ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador and a representative of the Latin American Unity organization; and the president of the Palestinian Students Union in Cuba delivered special statements during the political-cultural evening.

With their vibrant speeches, these speakers condemned the genocide and policy of ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel in the occupied Arab territories. They also reiterated their solidarity with Palestinian people´s struggle and that people’s inalienable right to found an independent state within the borders of June 1967 and with Jerusalem as its capital.

A video about the heroic struggle of the DFLP for the liberation of the homeland was presented at the beginning of the activity.

Numerous guests attended the act that was presided over by Oscar Martinez, deputy head of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba; Alfredo Deriche, president of the Arab Union in Cuba, leaders of the Cuban state and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country, among other personalities.

Dr. Juan Dufflar Amel


Editors note: I wish the DFLP, all progressive fractions, the resistance, and the People of Palestine all possible success in their struggle for liberation. First and foremost I wish that “progressive” fractions unite to cast of the entrapment in glory caused by the Oslo Accords, which have resulted in the establishment of  P.A. that has been transformed into a de facto administration of the Zionist genocide on the People of Palestine. I wish the DFLP and all progressive fractions a swift return to negotiations from a position of credible political and military strengths. Sadly, as the world is today, a nation that can not negotiate from the basis of credible military strength will lack political credibility. In doing so it is important, however, to remember not to turn into the evil one deplores.

Dr. Christof Lehmann

nsnbc – editor

Political Adviser

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