Syria – Next Step of NATO Military Strategy: Bombing & Annexation of a Quarter of Syrian Territory

As the next step of NATO’s military strategy in Syria is revealed, the Orwellian buzzwords evolve a stage further to include ‘collective air shields’ as well as the ‘humanitarian corridor’ – euphemisms for the deadly bombardment, annexation and occupation of Syria’s sovereign territory.      By Martin Iqbal – Empirestrikesblack.

As Syrian rebels retreat from the Babr Amr district of Homs, yesterday’s report from Israeli intelligence outfile DEBKAfile reveals the military strategy being adopted by the NATO powers. In summary this strategy involves an effective annexation of a portion of Syria’s territory under the guise of a ‘humanitarian corridor’, as well as the standard ‘no-fly zone’ (this time it is termed as a ‘collective air shield’).

Though the report states (as is customary for the contemporary ‘humanitarian intervention’) that there will be “no boots on the ground”, several reports of foreign special forces already being on the ground have put paid to this myth. The recent Russia Today report of French troops being detained in Homs, as well as reports of British special forces on the ground in early February (in Homs, no less), should remove any shred of doubt from observers’ minds.

‘Humanitarian corridors’ is the new buzzword for the next stage of the ongoing Syrian intervention. This is Orwellian parlance for the effective annexation of Syria’s sovereign territory, enforced by a ‘collective air shield’ (read: carpet bombing by NATO forces). This evolution of language is designed to ensure public opinion continues to be deceived about the true intentions of NATO, after the brutal and merciless decimation of Libya.

DEBKAfile reveals the eight-point plan that delineates the emerging military strategy being pursued by NATO. The first point of the plan involves annexing 25% of Syria’s territory as a ‘safe haven’ that will be protected by a ‘collective air shield’.

1. A group of nations led by the United States will reserve a quarter of Syrian territory (185,180 sq. km) as a safe haven for protecting more than a quarter of the nation’s population (5.5 million people) a under a collective air shield.

5. The safe haven will be placed off limits to Syrian military and security personnel and its air space declared a no fly zone. Syrian intruders will be challenged by the Western fighter-bombers shielding the protected area.

Of course ‘collective air shield’ is code for a ‘no-fly zone’, which is code for relentless aerial bombardment of civilians, civilian infrastructure (ostensibly to prevent the movement of military forces) as well as any and all military targets, using fighter-bombers, Tomahawk missiles, heavy explosive ordnance and depleted uranium.

Whereas the Libyan intervention began as a ‘no-fly zone’ and then evolved into the outright targeting of all military targets including ‘troop concentrations’, the Syrian strategy begins immediately with this stated mandate of attacking any and all ‘Syrian intruders’. Most notably this will also include all Syrians (army or otherwise) who decide to defend their homeland from criminal foreign invasion and occupation.

2. The operation will be exclusively airborne. No foreign boots will touch the ground in Syria. American, Turkish, French, Italian and British Air Force planes will fly out from three Middle East air bases – Incirlik and Diyarbakir in Turkey, where the US maintains substantial air force strength, and the British facility in Akrotiri, Cyprus.

As we saw with Libya, and as we have already seen with Syria, the operation, if successfully initiated, will most definitely not be confined to aerial operations. French troops have reportedly already been captured in Homs, and in fact DEBKAfile itself had reported foreign special forces (British & Qatari) on the ground in Syria as far back as early February.

British and Qatari troops were instrumental in the war on Libya, and they likely played a central role in the murder of Muammar Gaddafi also.

Point 3 of the plan reinforces the importance of the American military in any full-scale assault on Syria:

3. France has offered to make its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle available but accepts that without US air power, spy satellites and operational and logistical resources, the operation will not be feasible.

This is reminiscent of the Libya war, wherein Obama had ordered American pilots to fly French jets to make up for shortcomings in French military capabilities. Any large-scale intervention in Syria will only be possible with the central involvement of the U.S. military, regardless of public proclamations to the contrary.

The ‘no boots’ myth is terminally shattered in the seventh point of the eight-point plan:

7. A regional Syrian administration assisted by Western liaison officers would run the safe haven’s day-to-day affairs. The coalition would take care of the population’s food, medicines and medical care needs.

In this case, “Western liaison officers” is a euphemism for soldiers, special forces, and military consultants who will be completely running the show for all intents and purposes. This was the model for the war on Libya, and this aspect of the strategy has not changed whatsoever.

The final point of the plan states that the military coalition “would not seek Bashar Assad’s ouster as a mission goal“. Again, this is precisly what these international criminals claimed with respect to Muammar Gaddafi as they relentlessly hunted him down with SAS death squads, before mercilessly putting him to death.

Every single point of this plan, without exception, is taken from the strategy demonstrably used in Libya, the only difference being that certain points have been watered down somewhat due to NATO’s frustrated progress thus far in Syria. This strategy to annex only a quarter of Syria’s territory indicates a piecemeal approach, no doubt adopted in the face of the Security Council vetos cast by Russia and China.

The fact that this eight-point plan was first revealed exclusively by Mossad-connected DEBKAfile in the DEBKA-Net-Weekly 530 of Feb. 24 gives a clue as to who the main player behind the war on Syria is – Tel Aviv.

What this strategy indicates most importantly is that these international criminals masquerading as the ‘international community’, will stop at nothing in their crusade to destroy all resistance to Zionist hegemony.

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