UN Human Rights Council Imposes Illegal Inhumane Sanctions on Syria

The permanent representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Faysal Al-Hamwi informed international media, that the Councils session on the humanitarian conditions in Syria is part of a premeditated scheme to strike Syria and it´s institutions under the pretext of addressing humanitarian needs.

Al-Hamwi announced that the Syrian delegation did not recognize the legitimacy of the councils session or any of the biased, malicious and illegal sanctions that it would impose on Syria. Al-Hamwi stated that the council had been turned into a tool for some nations that abused it to support terrorism, and to prolong the crisis in Syria. He stopped short on pointing out the nations who are materially, militarily, and politically supporting the insurgency, and as a diplomat he did not mention the fact that NATO countries have deployed Special Forces, or that NATO mercenaries are making up the bulk of the so called opposition.

Al-Hamwi added however, taht those who called for the meeting didn`t even wait for the discussion of the report of the independent international investigations committee, which indicated that there was no deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Syria due to the actions of the government. He underscored that the Syrian committee acknowledged the painful and catastrophic consequences of the economic sanctions that were imposed on the people of Syria, calling the unilateral sanctions for the ugliest violation of human rights, because the specifically target the civilian population, including women, children, and the elderly.

If one is recollecting the disastrous consequences of the sanctions that had been imposed on Iraq before the invasion, with hundreds of thousands of children dying from malnutrition and preventable diseases, it is astonishing that a United Nations, which claims to enshrine humanitarian principles, human rights, and the peaceful and civilized settling of disputes is lending itself for genocidal sanctions time and time again.

Christof Lehmann


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