Syria Referendum: A Battle Won A War and Peace to Win.

Regardless the eventual outcome, the  successful referendum yesterday was a battle won by the people of Syria. Syrians are however, still facing the challenge of winning the war that is waged on Syria and the challenge of winning peace and national reconciliation. Both the creation of the new constitution under intense pressure, the gargantuan security challenge to secure a safe referendum, and the massive turnout of Syrians who came to the more than 14.000 polling stations in spite of threats of terror was impressive.

Yesterday more than 100.000 Syrians demonstrated in Damascus and in massive demonstrations in other cities that Syrians, including the “real opposition” whose leaders have taken actively part in writing the new constitution, and who are eager to see stability and the next coming elections. Both the draft constitution, the massive turnout, as well as the pro Syrian, anti foreign involvement, and anti “Friends of Syria” protests have been the massive PR disaster that the Iznogood Alliance of the Friends of Syria wanted to avoid at all costs. An not surprisingly, the Western Main Stream Media are omitting the massive turnout and anti foreign protests.

According to some opposition forces over 300 Syrians have died in a military mortar attack on civilians in Homs. According to a nsnbc source who monitored the situation in situ the claim is outrageous and a malicious fraud. The claim is, however, very well in line with NATO´s, the GCC`s, and the “Friends of Syria`s” attempt to incite incidents that can serve as a pretext for military action against Syria.

The results of the referendum will be known within few days, and both the four new parties, the Baath Party, and the vast majority of Syrians are looking forward to hearing the result that, if positive, will provide Syrians with one of the Middle Easts most democratic, most inclusive constitutions.

The terror threat and the threat of war however still remains. Over 40.000 mercenaries under direct and indirect NATO command are still massing near Al Mafriq in Jordan, and along the Syrian border. Even though Syrian security forces succeeded in the gargantuan task of securing that Syrians could vote unharmed, and without harassment and threats at over 14.000 polling stations, a terror campaign is expected to begin at any moment. The question is, when will the signal be given to initiate it. As always with terrorism one never knows when the strike will come. It is likely that the day after the results are proclaimed could be opportune but nobody knows.

Yesterday Syrian security forces arrested five suspected Western spies. According to government sources three Frenchmen, a Briton, and a US American have been arrested by security forces. The detained has entered Syria illegally as journalists and have been arrested in Homs. According to a reliable source, the Syrian authorities have arrested approximately 70 French Special Forces as well as a number of Danish Special Forces as well, which would explain that both France and Denmark still have their ambassadors deployed to Syria. nsnbc has not succeeded at gaining detailed information about the foreign detainees. In the light of the ongoing covert war on Syria, and the perspective of overt military action against Syria to be expected at any time, it is most likely that Syria will uphold international law and treat both prisoners of war, spies, in uniform, military personnel in civilian clothes, and other detained, according to the provisions enshrined in international law.

nsnbc – Christof Lehmann


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