Friends of Syria – With such good Friends, who needs any Enemies.

Tomorrow the People of Syria are meant to vote in a referendum for a new Constitution, that enshrines plurality, democracy, human rights, gender equality, protection of ethnic and religious minorities, and a Syria that identifies itself as an Arab State within a pan-Arab nation. Four new political parties have been registered  and will be taking part in the next coming election. The constitution was drafted under the widest possible co-operation with progressive Syrian reformists. The greatest obstacle for the most far reaching reforms any Arab people and nation have witnessed since the end of colonialist rule, is not internal opposition against it. 40.000 foreign mercenary forces massed at the Syrian border in Jordan, near Al-Mafriq. 18.000 of them are under the leadership of Libyan NATO ally, and known Al Qaeda terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj. Turkish Intelligence has opened an Operations Room and Recruitment Center in Amman, Jordan. NATO Special Forces are operating inside Syria, including German Special Operations Teams. Their task: To secure that tomorrows referendum will be dominated by bloodshed, terror, fighting and chaos, to secure that the “Friends of Syria” have plausible arguments for a military attack on Syria under the pretext of establishing “Secure Zones, Humanitarian Corridors” latest after the first week or March.

Constructive Syrian reformists are outraged about the fact that their chance for reforms are being sabotaged. The reason for the militant urgency by NATO´s political and military leadership, the GCC, and Israel ? A successful referendum, and the endorsement of the new Constitution would be disastrous for anyone who plans to pry Syria out of the Russian, Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese alliance, and for those within the so called “Syrian Opposition” who are eager to make peace with Israel at any cost, including that of solidarity with Palestine, and that of the Syrians from the Golan Highs who have been suffering from Israeli occupation since 1973. Compared with the worthiness and national pride of the Syrian government, the “real” opposition that can´t wait for the situation to calm down so a referendum and elections can be held, the tantrums and hysteria of the so called “Friends of Syria is eye opening, to say the least.

Loony Tunes. Yesterday representatives of about 70 countries and organizations were meeting in Tunis. The delegates were greeted welcome by new Tunisian President Rafik Abdessalem. The overt agenda was the coordination of international efforts to deliver humanitarian relief, and to bring about political change in Syria. Representatives at the meeting of the “Friends of Syria” composed of an unholy alliance that included Yemen, The Vatican, and the USA, unanimously called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end the violence so humanitarian aid could be delivered.

If it was not for the fact that people were murdered and maimed by the conflict between armed insurgents and Syrian security forces on a daily basis, one could eventually smile about the irony. A freshly elected President of Yemen, whose most noble qualification for lecturing Syrians about pluralism and democracy is the fact the he was the sole presidential candidate, but one that was endorsed by the USA, of course. One is tempted to ask, if the Holy Father in Rome has given his blessings too ?

The Moroccan President Marzouki, from a nation that has heavy handedly suppressed the South Saharan demand for independence and self determination is criticizing Russia and China for upholding international law as enshrined in the charter of the United Nations, while encouraging the abuse of the Security Council to establish bases of operations for NATO Insurgents in Syria under the pretext of Humanitarian Corridors. Marzouki, calling Russia and China “stubborn and obstinate”  somewhat reminds about the cartoon character Iznogood who throws tantrums when his sneaky underhanded attempts to assassinate the Caliph to become the Caliph fail, again, and again. So who is obstinate ?!

Arab league Chairman of the leagues Council of Ministers, Hamad bin Muhammad al Thani, of Qatar, of course, called for the formation of an Arab and International Force. To secure humanitarian aid corridors; naturally. How else would he traffic his 40.000 mercenaries that are stuck in Jordan, and are beginning to be quite so irritating for both the Jordanian government and it´s people, safely into positions from where they can attack Syrian military forces ? Al-Thani´s eagerness for guns and butter became so obviously revealing that other delegates had to moderate his statements by voicing that not “all” really preferred a military solution. The unanimous call for “Assad” to immediately allow the humanitarian deliveries however was the giveaway. Remember, after tomorrows terrorizing the Syrian people at the referendum, the US Special Op´s boys want to see a military assault latest by 7 March.

It´s always interesting to watch Hillary Clinton. In yet another Hilarious show of the psychological effects of long term Cocaine addiction, such as delusions of grandeur, unpredictable, aggressive mood, and other, similar attributes that make a perfect US secretary of State, she announced that an additional USD 10 Million of funding to help Syrians who have fled the fighting would be granted.One might wonder if those 10 Million are being laundered through her Rose Law Firm in Littlerock, Arcansas, like all the funny Cocaine money.As German journalist  Christoph Hörstel said it in an interview on RT, “with such friends, who would need any enemies“.

Russian PM and presidential hopeful, Vladimir Putin announced already on Friday that Moscow won´t change it´s stance on Syria. The 10 million Dollar question for Syrians is: Will they succeed in giving their friends a crushing defeat by voting for the new referendum tomorrow anyways; or will the coalition of Iznogood al-Thani, Hilarious Hillary and her Mena Arcansas Cocaine Crime Cartel et al. will be successful in telling the world that the murders and terror that will be unleashed by their minions, the butcher of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Abdelhakim Belhadj, the Muslim Brothers who have nothing better in mind with their new won power than to sale Egypt to the IMF at the lowest possible price, and the NATO´s Special OP´s boys, is the result of the ruthless oppression of the people of Syria by Bashar Al-Assad.

Christof Lehmann


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