CNN’s Arwa Damon is at it Again – Filing Fake Reports About Syria

By Scott CreightonAmerican Everyman

One day after Glenn Greenwald declared that CNN’s Erin Burnett was the “worst of the worst” of the lying war-mongering talking heads on corporate media, CNN’s Arwa Damon throws her hat back in the ring with a more than despicable challenge to the title.

A quick note about Arwa before we get into her new chicken hawk efforts: I exposed a fraudulent little pro-war/regime change bit she did a while back in June of 2011. She went somewhere (probably Bahrain) and filmed what she claimed was a refugee camp for Syrians suffering under the Assad led government. It was complete bullshit, but she did manage to exploit some little kids who were there, brought by their paid parents no doubt, trying to make them seem frightened and lost. They looked at her as if she was an idiot.

Arwa really likes using children to try to help spur another brutal NATO bombardment of civilian targets, this time in Syria. She must get paid well or have absolutely no conscience what-so-ever. To use children as pawns in an effort to bring about a military invasion which will undoubtedly kill and maim children in the process is morally reprehensible.

In September of 2011 Arwa Damon put out a story about “The Rose”, Zainab al-Hosni, an 18 year old girl Arwa said who was abducted and mutilated by the Assad regime. In this video, Arwa states that she is looking at the pictures of the mutilated “Rose” and the pictures are too gruesome to show.

Turns out, the Rose wasn’t dead after all. Her family along with the CNN handlers like Arwa, were all lying. They made the whole thing up, and that means Arwa was not looking at a picture of a dead Rose. That means she was lying as well.

Arwa Damon has a long history of helping globalist murders spin up justifications for more death and suffering. She’s like a young Hillary Clinton in that regard. She was there at Falujah as an embedded “journalist’ and she helped spin up bullshit stories in order to create a fevered pitch to attack Libya.

Her newest propaganda expose revolves around some “refugees’ hiding out in Homs Syria. And par for her course, she includes plenty of women, old and young, and tons of little kids.

They are all sitting around in the dark wondering why the rest of the world doesn’t swing by and bomb the shit out of Syria because they have to hide out now that the Syrian government and the rest of the Syrian people know that they are murderous traitors hell bent on handing over their country to globalist multinational companies and banks.

Arwa walks around with a phony stunned look on her face. When are these tv “journalists” going to realize that they aren’t good actors? She feels kids heads, tries to act like she is remaining neutral… keeps zooming in on the kids that look uncomfortable while rushing past the kids who are playing or have smiles on their faces.

At one point she even shows a “gruesome” picture of someone’s brother who was supposedly killed by Assad’s forces, but of course, Arwa offers up no proof of any of those claims as she apparently forgot her complete failure with the Zainab al-Hosni bullshit.

She really should be sued and the remaining film from that video shoot should be reviewed to see if she is staging all of these ridiculous “won’t somebody think of the CHILDREN!!!” psyops.

Maybe in the future she can sit back and smile and think to herself that she helped bring about yet another NATO bombing and another 30,000 or so dead civilians.

Maybe she’ll get real lucky and the Syrian shock and awe will help bring about an attack on Iran and eventually WWIII. Boy, wouldn’t her teacher daddy be proud of that?

“My little girl helped bring about the slaughter of millions of people by lying through her fucking teeth with every breath in her body! What a proud moment this is” war-monger Arwa Damon’s daddy

But for right now, Arwa can content herself with the knowing that she helped bring about all that democracy they are enjoying in Libya right now. People being rounded up and disappeared, privatizations out the ying-yang, stealing the wealth of the nation at a record setting rate, mercenaries killing civilians left and right.

I wonder if Arwa gets a percentage of the looting that is taking place over there.

If you’re gonna sell your soul, you better damn well be paid for it. I guess she figures after a couple more years of doing the lying dirty work for the globalists, they will reward her with a senate seat or something. Who knows what goes through the mind of someone like that.

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