Syria categorically Rejects the Arab League’s Resolutions as hostile act

“The Syrian Arab Republic categorically rejects the Arab League´s resolution issued on Sunday”, Syria’s Ambassador in Cairo Yousef Ahmed said today, reminding that, since the beginning, Syria was not concerned in any resolution issued within its absence.

“The Arab Ministerial Council’s decision has shamefully reflected the reality of abducting the Arab joint action, the League decisions and falsifying the Arab collective will by governments of Arab Countries led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.. it also showed a state of Hysteria and stumble that these governments are passing through after their failure in the UN Security council to call for foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs,” Ahmad, Syria’s permanent Representative to the Arab League added.

He considered that the dominance of some Arab governments , particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia on the mechanism of the Arab work and resolutions regarding Syria is a flagrant violation of the Arab League convention and a hostile act that targets Syria’s security and stability.

Ambassador Ahmad said that such Arab governments are those who stand against any balanced, political solution to the crisis in Syria, reject calls for putting an end to terrorism and violence, impose sanctions on the Syrian people and destruct the infrastructure.

He underlined that the press show practiced by some Arab Ministers today during the Council’s meeting reflected the hostile and unbalanced stances of those countries against Syria.

Ambassador Ahmad called on the countries who have commitment to the independency of their national and pan-Arab decision to confront attempts of abducting the Arab decision, making it subject to Arab governments’ agenda and policies who seek, through money, Gas and oil, and in alliance with the US and west to impose hegemony on the Arab joint action and exploiting it in favor of foreign agendas.

Lebanon, Algeria Made Reservation on the Arab Ministerial Council Decisions

Lebanon reserved on all the decisions taken by the Arab Ministerial Council on Syria.

Algeria d also reserved on the 5th and 6th articles of the decisions, which call on the UN Security Council to issue a resolution on forming joint Arab and foreign peace-keeping forces to supervise a cease-fire in Syria.

The articles also call on the Arab group in the UN to submit a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) including the Arab work plan and the rest of the decisions taken by the Arab League in this regard.

Meeting of Arab Ministerial Committee on Syrian Crisis held

The Arab Ministerial Committee concerned with the Syrian crisis was held on Sunday to discuss the latest developments on the Syrian file.

The Committee will discuss the results of the ministerial meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s countries held earlier on the day regarding the stance towards the Syrian crisis.

The Committee is expected to refer its views to the resumed extraordinary session of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level, which is to be held immediately after the Committee’s meeting.

Nabil al-Arabi, the Arab League Secretary General presented a proposal to the Arab Ministers to return to the UN Security Council in coordination with different sides concerned to issue an immediate resolution which reflects the AL determination to bring the foreign intervention into Syria.

He claimed that the Arab Observer mission “was shocked” since the beginning that the Syrian commitments were not fully implemented, ignoring the existence of armed terrorist groups that perpetrate crimes against civilians and law enforcement members.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal presented fallacies about what is really happening in the country, expressing support, along with Qatari counterpart to hold the so-called “Syria Friends Conference.”

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