By: Dr Salim Nazzal(*)
February 6, 2012

The title of the article might remind the reader of George Orwell book 1984. Orwell wrote about the totalitarian state and how the (big brother) controls every individual life. And since the soviet state was the assumed totalitarian state in Orwell mind it was a paradox that the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1990 which is 6 years after the title date. But if the culture of the comprehensive terror ended in the Soviet Union the state of Israel has become the legal heir of the compressive culture of terror towards the whole region. Meanwhile as the Germans were destroying the Berlin wall it was announced that the Second World War is over in Europe. By mere coincidence, I read Orwell book (1984) in the year 1984.It was a birthday present from Kristin, a French artist who spent one year at an Israeli kipputz. At the period when Kristin was at the Israeli kipputz it was popular among European left wing men and woman to take part in the (unique socialist Zionist experiment!).Not many of them asked the fate of the Palestinians that were living on the land on which the kipputz were going to be situated on. Israel wanted them to disappear from the geography and from history and its politicians declared that Palestinians never exist!

Luckily Kristin got to know about the Palestinian rights through the lies and the falsifications of the Israeli guide about the establishment of the Zionist state. (I knew that he was telling lies), Kristin told me. I was very happy to hear that. Nothing pleases a Palestinian more than seeing brainwashed persons freed from the Zionist hasbara. However I am talking about a period when the Zionist falsification was stronger than the voice of the Palestinian victims. But today in the age of the alternative media Zionists are unable to market their lies any more or at least not as successful as before. We have seen their failure in the war on Gaza which we commemorate these days. They denied the international media the access to enter Gaza but, thanks to modern means of communication the horrible pictures of the Zionist crimes came out to the world.

However, if Europeans saw the destruction of the Berlin wall as ending the Second World War, Palestinians are still living the result of the world war two. Its result was devastating on Palestine and Palestinians until today. If the world lives now in the year 2012 Palestinians are still living in 1948. The year 1948 is not only the year when Polish and Russian terrorist Jews occupied and wiped out Palestine.1948 represents the spirit of Zionist ideology based on land grab and continuous organized terror. The 1948 policy of destroying Palestine and Palestine has been always and still the corner stone of the Zionist policy .And thusly the Zionist terror in Palestine today and tomorrow and after tomorrow is a renewed 1948.

What would be the picture of Palestine and the region without 1948, or without the transplantation of Zionist state?

The immediate answer does not take much to think of. There will be no wars, and the hundreds of thousands killed by Zionist would be living now. There would be no nuclear race in the region because Zionists who introduced this terrific arm in the region, and said no body is allowed to own it and the one who think to have it will be attacked. There would be no tension between the Islamic east and the western world, and there would be no fundamentalism in the region, and all the resources went to war would have been devoted to construction.

Only this week and within the spirit of 1948 the Israeli foreign minister Lieberman threatens to uproot one and half million Palestinians from their home. This threat is not in the year 1948 but in the year 2012 which carries the ethnic cleansing spirit of 1948. However it is obvious that Zionists are unable to see the changes that took place in the region and the world. The decisive change is that Palestinians have learnt much from the 1948 tragedy and the Zionist terror machines won’t be able to uproot Palestinians from their home no matter what Zionist Jews will be doing. In 1948 Palestinian did not know their enemies who recently arrived from Poland and Russia. Arabs had no negative attitude towards Arab Jews who were part of the region. Arabs did not know that period the difference between those Jews and the racist Jews arriving from east Europe with the culture of murder and destruction.

But today it is not a secret to say that the Zionist Jews are the most hated in the Palestinian and Arab culture. However if the 1948 spirit of Zionism continues its terror machine the 1948 spirit of resistance continues to be the dominant factor in the Palestinian culture. It is a long way to go.

* Dr. Salim Nazzal a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

Source: Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine DFLP. http://www.dflp-palestine.net/english/articles/1948.htm

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