Abbas to be P.M. of Interim Palestinian Unity Government; Regional Implications and the US-Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East.

An old European proverb says: “When the Piper plays the Pipe, the Clans have to Dance “. After Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa facilitated meetings between the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and the Chairman of Hamas, Khaled Mashal in Doha, Qatar, an agreement was reached, that Abbas should serve as the Prime Minister of the Interim-Government until elections can take place later this year.  There are still some uncertainties about whether Abbas will be able to take the position of Prime Minister. One of the uncertainties arises from the fact that Hamas is writing on it´s website, that Mashal had “in principle” agreed. (1)

The development can and should be analyzed on various levels. The fractional and the constitutional are one level, but only with an understanding of who the piper is, and what tune Abbas and Mashal are supposed to be dancing to, is it possible to comprehend the implications for Palestine.

One can not exactly say that Fatah and Hamas have developed more friendly or functional relationships. Only recently Hamas refused a Fatah Delegation access to the Gaza Strip. (ibid.) Hamas has it´s roots within the Muslim Brotherhood, and has for a long time been subject to making itself vulnerable for criticism for having turned to Iran. It´s political as well as military survival has for a long time been dependent on being on friendly terms with Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah. The “Arab Spring” has presented Hezbollah with a formidable dilemma. With the onset of the so called “Arab Spring”, which probably has been planned and prepared since 2010, the Muslim Brotherhood has gotten a stronger foothold again, and is now actively involved in a NATO-Israel, Qatar, Saudi backed campaign against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. With the recent decision of Hamas to withdraw it´s last representative from Syria, criticizing Syria for it´s “crackdowns on protesters” Hamas has openly chosen sides in the ongoing conflict. It is inconceivable that it has escaped the Hamas Polit-Bureau that Syria is subject to a NATO, Israeli, Gulf Cooperation Council backed armed insurgency. In fact there is strong evidence indicating that it has actively taken part in planning it since 2010. (2) (3)

It is even more unlikely that the Hamas Polit-Bureau has developed a more positive attitude towards Fatah, now that it has realigned itself to the international and Qatari wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and allies, who are currently waging war on Syria, and who have successfully ousted the government of Libya already. So why would Hamas “in principal” agree on Mahmoud Abbas for the post of prime Minister for the Interim-Government ?

One reason may be that Hamas is still designated as “terrorist organization” by the USA, EU, and Israel. A Hamas P.M. may be seen as an embarrassment in the light of increasing numbers of reports that document NATO´s, and Israel´s blatent cooperation with terrorist organizations. A government led by Abbas would in many respects have more credibility, or in other words, it would be more easy to sale to the populations of the USA, Europe and Israel that one is making deals with the Palestinian Government.

On 6 February the PFLP pointed out, that the choice of Abbas as interim prime Minister is unconstitutional. Abbas will be holding both the office of President and Prime Minister, which is a dangerous and unconstitutional concentration of power. It further drew attention to the fact that the decision was driven by regional interests. (4) Both this statement by the PFLP, and recent statements by PFLP and other fractions indicate that the opposition generally speaking is up to the regional aspects of the recent developments and bracing themselves for possible future problems.

In spite of the regular criticism of Fatah by Western Nations and Israel, it has for years been their preferred “partner”. After the PLO was entrapped in the glory of the Oslo Accords, and after ceasing to negotiate from a position of credible political and military strengths, Fatah has increasingly developed into an administrator of a slow, self-administrated Zionist supervised genocide on the people of Palestine. Even though Fatah seems to be strengthened internally by getting both offices, the political reality is quite different. With an Arab Region in turmoil, the West, Israel, the Brotherhood set on a comprehensive solution for the Middle East, Fatah has regressed into being the “mask” to sale negotiations, with  a complicit Hamas that enjoys the actual body of support.

According to a reliable Palestinian Intelligence Source from Turkey, Hamas has already in 2010 been promised a lead role within a “Palestinian Spring”, after the fall of the Baath Party, Arab Socialist Government of Syria. (ibid.)

The fact that Mahmoud Abbas will be holding both the office of President and Prime Minister is not only unconstitutional. It will be creating an extremely dangerous precedence with respect to a potential future Hamas government. A Post-Arab/Palestinian Spring Hamas Government, which holds both offices, and  which has to thank NATO, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for it´s hold on absolute power in Palestine. A perfect “partner for peace” for NATO and Israel, or a perfect reason to continue the daily violations of Palestinian rights and sovereignty. It all depends on what tune the piper plays – Hamas will be dancing to it.

It seems Fatah is prone to being entrapped in glory, and with devastating results for Palestine and it´s People. The Oslo accords, which paved the way for Fatah becoming entrapped so it ceased to negotiate from a position of credible Palestinian political and military strength was devastating for Palestine. Now it seems, Fatah is letting itself be entrapped in holding both of the countries lead political offices, creating the precedence for a future tyrannical regime by it´s main political adversary.

Fatah would be well served with acute internal reforms and a return to a Palestinian Position of Credibility. A good beginning would be to insist that Hamas takes the office of Interim Prime Minister, so it´s duplicity would become more visible for the electorate.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


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