Gingrich Promises The Moon as the 51st State: We Already Have A 51st State … Now Let’s Move It To The Moon!

By Sibel EdmondsBoiling Frogs Post

A Brilliant Statement from a Not-So-Brilliant Man

A few days ago presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich told the people of Florida about his plans for a permanent colony- base on the Moon, and promised to work toward turning the satellite into the 51st US state. I, and many others, including our leaders and representatives, thought we already had one- a 51st State. Our current president, Barack Obama, has publicly and repeatedly recognized the 51st State. So did our previous president, George W. Bush. The United States Congress has been treating ‘it’ as such. The ordinary but informed public has acknowledged ‘it’ for years. Thus, there was not anything new or groundbreaking about the notion of a 51st state in Gingrich’s recently publicized statements and promises. That was not what quickly grabbed my attention. And certainly that was not what I consider a brilliant idea coming from a not so brilliant man. What I considered brilliant, both as an idea and a solution to a major problem, was sending the 51ststate up to the moon.

For years I have been thinking and pondering about possible solutions to our 51st state, considered by many in the world as the greatest threat to global peace and security- far more dangerous than Iraq, Iran or North Korea. For a very long time I have been searching for a possible answer to stopping what world human rights organizations consider a major human rights violator. I know I am not among the minority when it comes to this 51st state, which has been declared a “ Nightmare for Human Rights”, even inside the walls of the timid United Nations. As a life-long advocate for children, how could I not seek solutions to the 51st state problem, known for its ongoing torture, abuse and imprisonment of children? I even thought about relocating the 51st state from its current location, and considered various spots ruled by the 51st state’s creators and backers.

I never considered Britain as a possible ideal location for the 51st state. Way too Europe.  Add to that their dense population, rainy and damp climate, more vocal anti-51st state population not shying away from boycotts, and their government’s  preference for continuing their neo-colonialist practices subtly (unlike their flashy and boisterous counterpart-USA) made it a wrong fit.

Next, I was thinking of Connecticut. You must admit, it makes practical sense in some respects. After all, the 51st state has had one of its representatives representing it right from Connecticut … for a long time. But then again, other impractical factors such as the state’s size, high population density, and un-desert-like climate quickly eliminated Connecticut as an option.

After that, I seriously looked into deserts in Nevada. Its population density looked right, and so did its climate. Things were looking good until my libertarian-leaning friends and colleagues begged me to give them a ‘pass.’ Because admit it, with such a long and thick record of illegal wars, illegal settlements … who would want to take a chance? It might start as a limited state-colony in the Mojave Desert, and before you know it would get greedy, move toward Arizona and California, cross borders and start claiming the entire desert and beyond. They would end up with repeated aggressions, human rights violations and wars, all instigated by the 51st colony-state, and relying on past history they would have no one come to the rescue! I value my friends, so I gave them a pass.

I then began looking past places within the United States’ borders. In this technology and communication age, with our military bases all over the world, there was no reason not to look for a place outside the US for our 51st state, as a new colony with a fresh-er start.

Australia looked pretty darn good. A huge continent, all those deserts, so very little population, brand new, and heck, it has been serving our government-military pretty well. Many still consider it a UK-Colony now partially shared and ruled by the US. However, that idea too had to be discarded. Why? The 51st state is known to be very touchy when it comes to titles-names-appearances. In this case it was Australia’s nickname-The Land Down Under. The 51ststate would consider this option as ‘moving down,’ thus not acceptable. They would claim that moving to a place referred to as ‘Down Under’ would have possible-potential discriminatory and pejorative implications … And with that, gone was my last possible option-location. That is, until …

Newt Gingrich came up with one of his most brilliant ideas. Let me correct myself: He accidentally came up with the only brilliant idea of his life; even if he is not nearly brilliant enough to realize it. I am not talking about the technological or political campaign strategy aspects associated with this accidentally brilliant statement. I am talking about the possible destination and solution he may have come up with for the 51st state; however unintended. I am talking about the new Gingrich solution to end one of the major causes of global conflicts, human rights abuses, and the constant thorn in our side. Let’s move the 51st State up to the moon. It’s a win-win situation. They would be moving up, and would have the entire moon as their colony base, where they wouldn’t be loathed, hated and despised by millions. The world will have one less major constant conflict to deal with, one less major threat, and one less instigator of atrocious acts against humanity. So yes, let’s pursue the Moon, and move our 51st state up there.

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