Churken: Arab-Western Draft Resolution on Syria is wrong Step and Unacceptable

Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Vitali Churken said that passing the Arab-Western draft resolution, submitted by Morocco, will represent a wrong step for the Security Council and a destructive measure to Syria.

Russia Today TV quoted on its website Churken as saying to the press following a meeting held at the UN Friday that the Russian delegation doesn’t consider this draft resolution in principle to reach an agreement , but this won\’t mean that Moscow rejects discussing the draft with the member countries.

He added that the Russian draft resolution on Syria is still under discussion at the UNSC and it constitutes a good base to reach a consensus among the Council\’s Members.

Churken considered that the Arab-Western draft resolution includes some items which are unacceptable for Russia, adding “My country sees that the most important thing now is encouraging and supporting the Arab monitors\’ mission and concentrating efforts on launching a political dialogue.”

He underlined that it is not possible for the Arab League to use the UNSC in order to impose specified resolutions on countries including Syria.

Russian Intellectuals: Syrian people are able to find peaceful political solutions to the Syrian crisis

Professor and Intellectual at the International Relations University of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yuri Zinin, stressed that the Syrian people are able to find peaceful political solutions to the Syrian crisis as the Syrian leadership has wide experience to face this up normal situation.

In an interview with the Syrian TV aired on Friday, Zinin said “it is necessary to exert all efforts to prevent any foreign interference in Syria as this scenario will be very bad like what happened in Iraq and Libya.

Zinin called on the Arab League (AL) to find suitable solution and settlement for the developments in Syria and to prevent the escalation of violence through keeping the opposition away from the armed terrorist groups.

He said “the Russian stance regarding the Arab-Western draft resolution at the UN Security Council is clear which the Russian Foreign Minister has expressed through Russia\’s rejection of any resolution that violates the Syrian sovereignty and imposes premeditated conditions of the political process in Syria.

For her part, Russian Expert at the Oriental Studies, Anhar Kochneva, stressed that the Syrian people are able to withstand in the face of the conspiracy, and the West was mistaken when it chose a country like Syria to carry out its projects because the majority of the Syrian people support President Bashar al-Assad and reject the foreign interference in its internal affairs.

In an interview with Russia Today Channel, Kochneva said that Russia has to vote against any Western draft resolution against Syria because what is taking place in Syria is similar to what happened in the Caucasus states as the terrorists targeted the civilians and the army members.

Director of the Center for Public Policy Research in Russia, Vladimir Yevseyev, said “Qatar, Saudi Arabia and France support smuggling of weapons and gunmen across the borders with Syria under the cover of the US and the Western countries. He criticized the Arab initiative as unilateral and doesn\’t fit the situation in Syria as the situation in Syria is not similar to that in Yemen

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