Russian Foreign Ministry :Necessity of Solving Crisis in Syria Politically, Imposing Sanctions on It Rejected

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed support to continuing the efforts of the Arab League (AL) which aim at finding means to overcome the crisis in Syria.

During a phone call with AL Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi on Wednesday, Lavrov underlined the importance of the AL decision on extending the mandate of the Arab observers who play a helpful role in achieving stability.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that during the phone call, the two sides underlined the importance of quickly launching an internal dialogue between the Syrian authorities and the opposition on all the issues listed on the national agenda to guarantee performing effective political reforms and to ensure a peaceful democratic development in the country.

The statement added that al-Arabi stressed that the AL leadership shares Russia’s viewpoint on the necessity of finding a peaceful settlement in Syria based on stopping all forms of violence, speeding up holding a dialogue among all the Syrians and rejecting the foreign military interference in it.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Russia Won’t Support New Western Draft Resolution Calling for Imposing Sanctions against Syria

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that Russia won’t support any new Western draft resolution at the UN Security Council that calls for imposing sanctions against Syria.

“We know that the French prepared a draft resolution in New York to the Security Council on the Syrian issue, and we still have red lines which we can’t ignore when discussing any draft resolution regarding Syria which are represented in rejecting all forms related to imposing sanctions and to the calls upon all the countries to take unilateral measures against Syria,” Gatilov added.

” We cannot support any proposal or draft resolution which aims at documenting unilateral sanctions that have been already taken against Syria without consultations with Russia or other Security Council member states,” said Gatilov.

He stressed that the Russian draft resolution is still on table and that Russia is ready to consult with the Security Council member states with regard to all the sides of the situation in Syria.

Gatilov reiterated his country’s insistence on that the draft resolution should include an important provision about rejecting the military intervention in Syria’s affairs and a call upon the foreign players to contribute to achieving a peaceful political settlement to the situation in Syria.

He added that the French proposals included some positive sides particularly those which are related to the support and the continuity of the AL observer mission and the call upon all the sides to halt violence and to launch a national dialogue, in addition to the call upon the other countries to work with the Syrian opposition to convince it to start the reconciliation process.

“We are ready to continue the consultations and to forge a united stance, and we hope that our colleagues will take our stances into consideration to be able through the joint efforts to set a draft resolution that could form a realistic basis to achieve a political solution in Syria,” Gatilov said.

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