Schrottschield, Fuckerella and Manly Chase Create New Bank.

nsnbc-Jeckylls Island – 19.01.2012. A new consortium consisting of representatives of the well known Schrottschield, Fuckerella, and Manly Chase families have last week held a confidential meeting, in Hideing on Jakylls Island. The consortium has today declared the establishment of what they presume, will be the fastest growing Western and World Wide Bank. The bank will establish a world wide, electronic e-currency that ultimately is proposed to substitute the worlds reserve currencies. The main chair holders of the new EROT E BANK, Davian Fuckerella, Schlemil Schrottschield, and Dick Manley Chase proclaimed that the new world e-reserve currency, the “Gold-Binar,” will be implemented as soon as the families ongoing fiscal campaign against the Euro, US-Dollar, and Yuan have been successfully brought to completion. “It may be”, he complemented” that we have to wage a world war for the benefit of humanity and human rights before we can finally implement the Gold Binar and we are working on it. It is well worth the investment. War is after all a profitable enterprise”.

Schlemil Schrottschield continued “ Who needs national states and regional currencies, with fictional values, which are regulated by us anyways. It is by far more easy, effective, power consolidating and environmentally responsible to cease printing banknotes, and leave the regulation of the values of bits and bites to EROT E BANK “

To the question if the new bank´s name had anything to do with the latin bankerotte, or bankruptcy, Schlemil Schrottschield replied “ In deed yes, our very existence is based on the continuous creation of bankruptcies, paid by the citizen. Consider it a tax for the liberty to breeze our air”.

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