Lavrov: Russia Will Reject Deploying any Troops in Syria, Won’t Pass any UNSC Resolution for Using Force against It

Russia stressed on Wednesday rejection of deploying any troops in Syria or imposing any sanctions on it, reiterating its insistence along with china on non-interference by the UN in the internal affairs of Syria and on not using force against it.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a press conference reviewing the outcomes of Russia’s foreign policy in 2011 that his country will not pass any resolution at the UN Security Council that paves the way for interference in Syria, affirming that any country seeking military intervention in Syria will not receive any authorization through the UNSC.

He reiterated his country’s call for reaching a political solution through launching an internal national dialog after violence, regardless of its source, is to be immediately halted.

He also stressed his country’s support to the Arab League efforts, adding that Russia rejects any one-sided sanctions as they undermine the reputation and influence of the Security Council.

“For us the red line is clear. We won’t back any sanctions or deployment of troops in Syria,” Lavrov told the press conference, adding that his country will not allow the Security Council to take any illegal decisions that are in the interests of peoples.

He said that the Russian draft resolution currently proposed for discussion at the Security Council and has the support of China and the BRICS Group countries is aimed at reaching a political solution through internal national dialog and preventing the United Nations from interfering in the internal affairs of Syria.

He continued that Russia and China continue to insist that the draft resolution include terms on non-interference by the UN in the Syrian affairs as well as on not allowing this document to be interpreted as a pretext to use force against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister commented on the stances of some foreign countries towards the Russian draft resolution and their description of it as “not strict”, saying not strict”, saying their comments are an attempt to evade the main question related to the reasons behind silence on what the armed extremist opposition is perpetrating in Syria against the government headquarters, hospitals and schools and on the terrorist acts committed inside Syria. He added that the West has adopted a one-sided stance towards this issue.

Lavrov reiterated his country’s criticism and rejection of the operations of arms smuggling into Syria to support the armed gangs and the attempts to create the impression of a humanitarian crisis in it, describing these attempts as “rejected and unfruitful”.

“There is an undeniable fact that arms are being smuggled to the gunmen and extremists in Syria who have been trying to exploit the protest movement in order to achieve their goals to usurp power,” he said, lashing out at the so-called “aid convoys to Syria” with the aim of creating the impression of humanitarian catastrophe.

Lavrov considered the so-called aid convoys proposals to Syria which as completely rejected and fruitless because they lead but to intensifying the cycle of violence.

On the statements made by the officials of some foreign countries on denying desire for military intervention against Syria, Lavrov expressed hope that honest intentions were behind these statements and that they reflect the actual stance of these countries.

He noted that Russia has information indicating that there are countries in the West that do not consider seriously the issue of imposing a no-fly zone similar to what happened Libya, stressing that the Libyan scenario cannot be applied in Syria.

“I heard calls for sending Arab troops to Syria. If some intend to use force at any price, they should do this on their own initiative…This will be in their conscience, but they will never get any authorization for this from the Security Council,” said Lavrov.

He called upon the countries that have an influence on the opposition in Syria to use their effect to stop violence and work on warding off its use against civilians, adding at the same time that the countries that have dialog with the Syrian government should insist on it not to use force.

The Russian Minister expressed his country’s readiness to host representatives of all Syrian sides to hold a meeting as soon as possible to agree on launching national dialog.

On the other hand, Lavrov said that Russia is exporting weapons to Syria in a legitimate way, adding that Russia does not need to justify this issue as it does not violate any international agreements or the UNSC resolutions, in response to what the U.S. Representative at the Security Council Susan E. Rice stated on what she considered a concern about sending Russian arms to Syria.


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