At Any Cost, China and Russia Must Defend Syria and Iran from US/Israeli Military Aggressions

By Dr. Kiyul Chung – Editor in Chief – The 4Th Media

The World Must Not Repeat The Strategic Failure They Made in Libya Last Year! 

If China and Russia fail to stop the US/Israel’s further emboldened and much more vicious and desperate military aggressions against Syria and Iran NOW, the prospect of immediate future of the 21st Century seems quite dark.

Here in this article, the US means the “Neocons”, the Israel the “Zionists.”

If China and Russia repeat their strategic failures AGAIN they already made last year in Libya, there seems no genuine future available for a longtime to come.

Hence, those globally-organized 21st Century Western gangsters will be doubtlessly further emboldened, demonic and aggressive.

Of course, they wouldn’t stop there either in Syria and Iran as they didn’t stop last year in Libya.

They didn’t stop either in Iraq and Afghanistan ten some years ago.

That very same story goes all the way back twenty, thirty and even fourty some years ago in countries like Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, Chile and so many other places around the world.

If the world fails again in Syria and Iran, as many have already warned, those further emboldened US/Israel-led global gangsters will for sure continually go after those most independent-minded, anti-imperialist and self-determined nations like China, Cuba, DPRK, Russia, Venezuela and the likes.

Needlessly to say, they will 100% for sure go after those “resource-rich” nations as well.

The US/Israel’s omnipresent ”imperial ambition” has been, however, often hidden, disguised or hypocritically-worded in public’s eye.

US is firmly determined to eventually wipe out China and Russia out of the shared global leadership

However, with rapid and nonstop decline in all aspects of the Global Empire last 20 some years, their global strategic goals in which the US is firmly determined to eventually wipe out China and Russia out of the shared global leadership structure has become somewhat more fully disclosed now than any other times in recent history.

So the Neocons/Zionists’ “imperial ambition” through US Pentagon’s ”Full Spectrum Dominance” over the whole world thus has become now much more visible and overt than before.

This very fact seems to have made China and Russia, if they want, the two most viable and capable global powers, together with other militarily capable anti-imperialist countries such as DPRK, at the moment one of the most militarily feasible nations in that capacity, to deter and even stop the US/Israel-led Western military gang activities around the world more alert and strategically studied.

If China and Russia fail to stop US/Israel military invasions against Syria and Iran now, the first two global powers won’t be either free from the latter’s aggressive and further blunt but deceptive (as always!) military aggressions.

If they failed again, therefore, it seems most likely further deepen the already-deeply-seated disappointments, despairs and cement the already-rapidly-spreading a sort of distrusts or suspicions in their new joint global leadership among many Third World nations and peoples.

Once that happens, it seems they won’t be able to easily rebuild their lost global status and respects for a longtime to come.

If they failed,

they’d then look further subdued by the US imperial power;

they’d then look again miserably defeated as was in the case of Libya failure;

they’d then really look like rookies or juniors in global power relations;

then their huge (both land and population) sizes seem look really laughable and even might look funny;

they, needless to say, would then look much weaker than the whole past;

then they even might most likely look as cowards;

their huge and seemingly very much sophisticated superb military capabilities would look then irrecoverably humbled;

their potential powers would be further questioned;

their abundant natural resources would look further useless;

their “rapid economic growth” would look shaky, terribly dependent and even unpredictably uncertain;

their global images then seem badly damaged;

their huge land mass and the world’s largest population may all look immeasurably disgraced;

the other BRICS nations won’t be either free from criticisms for their inabilities, inactions and lack of strategic boldness to challenge, deter and stop the US/Israel-led global gangsters;

The yet fully unknown or undeclared prices which will be certainly dictated by the then victors for the losers’ political, military and strategic failures seem immeasurable either.

If the world as a whole failed again in their moral and strategic responsibilities in challenging and defeating the globally-organized gangsters led by US/Israel neocons and Zionists, there seem even no need to talk about what sort of miseries, disasters and destructions might fall on to the rest of the world.

If so, it seems very hard for those five BRICS nations not to be either identified, blamed or accused as accomplices, no matter how much unwilling or unintentional they were then, of the US/Israel-led globally-interconnected crime organization.

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Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-Chief  at The 4Th Media and Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

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