DPR Korea, USA and The World: Part II

By Dr. Kiyul Chung – The 4Th Media

Mourners for Kim not only in the North but also in the South and Overseas: But none were able to attend at Kim’s funeral

Since December 19, 2011 at noon when DPRK government officially announced the December 17th’s death of their charismatic and “deeply revered leader” Kim Jong Il, mourners were all over in the North.

However, mourners for the Kim’s sudden death were not in north only. There were many Koreans in the South and in many overseas Korean immigrant communities around the world as well.

Particularly in many third world nations, also in China and Russia, there are many who deeply and genuniely mourn for the death of Kim, too.

Like people in the North, they, too, seemed to have shared their genuine grief and sorrows with their brothers and sisters in the North. About some 200 overseas Koreans even flew to Pyongyang in order to attend at Kim’s national funeral on Dec. 28.

Many in the South, too, had also attempted to go to north. However, none of them had succeed to go, though they’d tried hard.

Of course, needless to say, it was due to the ”worst, notorious and deeply hated” (not only by a great majority number of people in the South now “close to 80%” of its population, but also the North and many overseas Korean communities around the globe) ”Lee Myongbak regime’s obnoxious anti-north policy.”

Two widows of former President Kim Dae Jung and former Hyungdai-Asan Corp CEO Chung Mong Hun, however, were the only exceptions. But, in fact like all others in the South, they were also not allowed to attend at Kim’s funeral but to pay a simple tribute only to the deceased Kim on the 26th of December and return back to Seoul immediately afterward.

What that meant was they were allowed to stay in Pyongyang for about a half day only, not even a full day. Many argue the only exception for two widows’ less than a full day trip to north through Panmunjom at the 38th Parallel was a political cover-up of Lee’s typical dirty politics with full of lies as his despicable and deeply hated trademark.

In other words, just like the last 4 years in power, Lee attempted to hide his unwillingness to allow even those highly-publicized two highlevel widows who’d known late Kim in person to the North.

He didn’t want to allow them either. But due to mounting political pressures from all over both inside and outside, he had to do something to show at least some sort of political gesture toward north.

A half-day stay allowance of two widows in Pyongyang, while not allowing them to have any substantive talks with DPRK officials, was another deceptive card as one of many cards he’s been typically playing with whenever he had to deal with either his own people in the South, the North or the outside world.

That was it! He again played the very same game without having any genuine sense of condolences to the North.

In the meantime, even two former heads of “North Korea’s two most traditional enemy states” like President Carter and Prime Minister Koizumi sent their sincere condolences, though however diplomatic maybe, to the DPRK government.

It was believed to be Lee’s cunning and deceptive political play to avoid any further criticisms and accusations from both domestically and internationally.

Anyhow he was able to successfully(?) manage not to allow ANYONE from SOUTH to attend at Kim’s funeral anyway, while he made himself look generous to outside world by appearing to “allow the two widows to visit north.”

“Lee who is pro-US & pro-Japan even in his blood” made his two pro-reconciliation, self-determination, and peaceful reunification predecessors Kim & Roh into the “early tragic deaths”  

From the first year in power, by clandestinely orchestrating the most corrupted Dept of Law which has become his faithful “lieutenant attendants” to prosecute the former President Roh Moo Hyun for an “unproven bribery” charges, Lee had viciously defamed and discredited his predecessor thereby cornered, pushed, and ultimately forced Roh into a suicide death.

Roh was only in his early 60s. It’s been, as many have argued since then, identified as “an act of political assassination of Roh” who was much more liberal (in some sense “progressive”), deeply honest, moral and conscientious, particularly reconciliatory toward and cooperating with the North, while trying to become independent from US during his presidency.

In a state of deep indignation at Lee’s evilness, treacherousness, viciousness, and of devastating sorrow at the death of Roh, former President Kim Dae Jung, a former Nobel Peace Laureate, who’d been praised for his extraordinarily enduring and resilient personality throughout his whole life which had been riddled with many great sufferings mainly from political persecutions also died surprisingly much earlier than many expected. He was in his 80s.

Many, who knew Kim’s health which was in a quite good condition, have also argued he must have lived much longer if Roh had not been dead or if Lee had acted differently.

But, with shock and sorrow from Roh’s suicide and deep indignation at Lee, former President Kim was believed to have been fell to ill and soon died.

This is the main reason why many have consistently charged “Lee is the one who deliberately killed his two predecessors” who’ve been deeply respected by both many Koreans and non-Koreans around the world.

“The worst US puppet Lee” destroys over 60 years of achievements for reconciliation, self-determination, peaceful reunification

The deaths of two former South Korean presidents who’d made heroic political milestones, together with Kim Jong Il, through their historic June 15 Joint Declaration in 2000 and October 3 Declaration in 2007 came with the rapid and complete destructions of the whole sociopolitical, legal, cultural, economic achievements many Koreans have worked so hard with so many sacrifices for over 60 some years.

As well-known now, whatever achievements Koreans have made with regard to their ultimate goal of self-determined and peaceful reunification isn’t in line with the US interests at all.

However, if whatever is done by whoever is something opposite to that goal, then that’s something absolutely in line within the realm of US interests.

Therefore what Lee has done last 4 years was his faithful service to the interests of the US. That’s what Lee exactly did!

This is the very reason why, since the physical partition of a whole Korean peninsula into the two divided enmities which has been forced by the US upon all Koreans since the end of WWII in August 1945, anything relating to the reconciliation, peace and self-determined reunification has been mercilessly destroyed by the US “Occupation” Troops till this very day.

Of course, US has employed a numerous number of its faithful servants among many Koreans who were sent to various different sociopolitcal and military high positions including presidency such as Lee Myongbak.

He is now even described in South Korean public media as “the worst one among all Korean leaders since the inception of Korean nation called ‘Dangun’ (檀君) era more than 5,000 years ago.

The US military first landed on Korean soil in September 8, 1945. What happened with their arrival then was the transfer of colonial ownership of Korea from Japanese to Americans.

The period of 10 years during which many historic developments in all aspects of the “self-determined reunification” path had taken place between north and south during both Kim and Roh presidencies was often identified as “lost 10 years.”

The phrase so-called “lost 10 years” has became a notoriously famous but deceptive political catchphrase of both “neocons” in US and “new rights” in South Korea.

Even before Lee began his term in February 2008, Seoul’s top figures including his own older brother who’d been notoriously but extraordinarily powerful in South Korean dirty politics “assured the US Ambassador” by saying “not to worry since Lee is ‘pro-US, pro-Japan even in his blood,’” according to WikiLeaks in late 2007.

Lee’s treacherous and traitorous acts represent US interests both in Korean peninsula and the Northeast Asia region 

As was fully assured, Lee and his traitorous clique in south have faithfully served US interests all along, while destroying all the previously-achieved social, economic, political, national and international developments in the following ways:

1)     Join the US-led anti-North policy of isolation, strangulation and starvation;

2)     Oppress, suppress and discourage all the ongoing nationwide efforts for the reconciled, self-determined and peaceful-reunification goal;

3)     Cut all the government-sponsored funding to the above-mentioned efforts, projects, events;

4)     Instead step up, resume, and further heighten anti-North demonization policy;

5)     Create, double, organize and coordinate all sorts of anti-North projects, media campaigns, groups, and activities;

6)     While keeping military-confrontation policy against North both in the Korean peninsula and the Northeast Asia region;

7)     Keep military tensions by creating constant military conflicts by any means necessary such as the fabricated charges in the case of sunken naval vessel Cheonan in March last year and the US-led aggressive military drills throughout the year, 2011;

8)     Cut all sorts of relations, contacts, any joint projects between north and south such as Mt. Kumgang Tourist Project;

9)     Prohibit all financial transactions between north and south;

10)     While actively participating in US-led PSI military drills which thereby indirectly threaten both DPRK and Chinese national securities and territorial issues.

In return US also assured Lee for his political hangover and all sorts of financial crimes he and his traitorous clique’s have been committing even before he began his presidency.

Today, on the 10th of December, 2012, South Korea President Lee officially visits Beijing, China. It should be in normal circumstances a moment most Koreans would be happy with and proud of.

However, it’s been an unspeakable shame and tragedy last 4 years as a Korean. It’s such a shame that Koreans have an elected man like him sitting in that highest position representing the 45 million South Koreans.

He’s been a miserable figure who’s brought tragedy, shame, death, and destructions to many in the Korean peninsula, in the region and the world.

He’s a completely sold-out man to vicious foreign powers.


Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor in Chief of The 4Th Media and a Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.


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