SYRIA: Interview with Eng.Iyad Khuder for the German magazine ZUERST

ZUERST is a German magazine that is “surfing out of the swarm”, that is, not following the western orchestra that masters the media in accordance with the agenda of the global policy decided by the masters of the world, USA, NATO and the whales of business of oil and weapons who are in an eternal seek of providers of oil and customers of their weapons.

ZUERST! is different, very simply, because it sake the truth. It simply gave an ear to an ordinary Syrian like me to talk in logic, not in passion. I am afraid that the organizations of “Human Rights” and similar ones will consider my speech as “terrorism” or accuse the magazine of “supporting terrorism”!

Here is the interview (This is the original interview in English. It is not literally identical to the published interview in German language. The difference is just in the order of questions, also some answers are summerized because the interview is too long. Thanks to the magazine, it offered 4 whole pages for it.
Q: European mass media report frequently about Syria, that “Syrian regime under Bashar al-Assad slaughters down the civilians” in his country …


My answer as an ordinary Syrian is: This is ridiculous. However, to be professional, I would say: If European media is really seeking the truth, it should send journalists to probe it on earth, rather than basing on non credible materials from the net such as youTube! As a case study let’s go back to 7 June when a “breaking news” spread like fire in all the world media about the resignation of the Syrian ambassador of Syria in France, Dr. Lamya Shakkour, to discover few hours later that the professional channel, France 24, had merely based on a phone call from a woman that impersonated Dr. Lamya!!! The latter has denounced this news and declared on air for Syria TV that she is proud to be Syrian Ambassador and she will raise this case to the judge! What shows the non innocent behavior of the media is that no ONE key media gave the air to the Syrian ambassador to talk personally about this news! May be they think she is not the involved person! Further, the account of Syrian embassy website in France has been suspended to blur the truth!

The same media, in a trial to resolve this embarrassment, claimed that this phone call was a trick of the Syrian intelligence! And I reply: What if somebody called France 24 or CNN impersonating the Saudi ambassador in USA and telling that he is resigning from Saudi ruling regime protesting against supporting terrorists in Syria for example, the question is: would the same media be so enthusiastic to publish this as breaking news?
Q: But your state doesn’t allow media to cover the events from Syria!

This was frankly partially true in the past, cause the government “doesn’t trust whatever media”, but namely Aljazeera had always an office in Damascus and had left after people made a sit-in at its office protesting against its lies, and after it found that leaving Syria gives it the reason to adopt non credible sources and thus lie more.

However, the use of fabricated materials from the net and adopting it in media and justifying this act by saying “Syria doesn’t allow media” lead Syrian leadership to change the rules; it sent formal invitations to more than 50 key international channels to come to Syria upon the massacre of Jisr el Shughour committed by the so-called “peaceful demonstrators” to see the situation on earth while the city was still controlled by militants. Aljazeera and many others simply ignored the invitation, while CNN, BBC and Alarabiya reporters came. The reporter of Syrian TV asked his counterpart of Alarabiya who was in Jisr el Shoughour amid of the others who were photographing the terrible scene of the massacre: “Why aren’t you photographing?”, he answered “My camera is not working, I don’t know why!”. We haven’t seen these scenes on any international media; I guess that all cameras of western media get cracked when it comes to victims slaughtered by the “pro-American democracy demonstrators”.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the media consultant of President Dr. Bashar, said it clearly: “We welcome any media to come to Syria”. The response was: ignorance! They don’t like to come to Syria, may be they don’t like the hot weather in summer in Syria and they are afraid of getting a flue in the coming winter! Only about 10-20 channels accepted to come.

Q: Why do you think, nearly no journalist who reports regularly about Syria accept to go to your country to witness himself, what is going on there?


I can tell you a true story: We tried to invite a Belgian journalist, who had been many times in Syria. We asked him to invite some other journalists from Belgian key media companies, so they can see with their own eyes. When these journalists told their institution that they like to make a journalist journey in Syria, the answer was really shocking and frustrating: “Rejected! Because Syrian regime could take benefit from such a visit”!

This answer shows the psychology of the western media, the masters of this media are already aware of the truth, but they play “dummy”, sorry for the word! They refuse to come to Syria claiming that “Syria doesn’t allow media”, which is not true, in order to go on in the brain-washing process to form the public opinion that flattens the way to a potential freak of NATO masters!

Even those media who sent reporters to Syria, throw their reports in garbage, because they have their secret reporters who are almost actors, spies or liars. The reporter of an Arabic channel has complained to Syrian reporter, Abdo Halimah, that the media he works for doesn’t use any of his reports!

The reporter of Aljazeera in Lebanon who was reporting from the borders with Syria near “Tal Kalakh” when there was clashes there, has disappeared once and forever from its screen after he said: “There is a mutual shooting between Syrian army and militants”. According to Aljazeera, he committed an unforgivable mistake when he didn’t say: “Syrian army is killing peaceful demonstrators”.
Q: But there are demonstrations …


Yes, this is a fact. But let’s know the facts accurately:

The actual number of demonstrators in Syria, in sum, is not more than few thousands in all cities together! Most of them are paid! Yes they are!

The irony is that we witness every Friday just after the prayer tens of people demonstrating here, tens there, well distributed in all cities of Syria, so Aljazeera, BBC, France24 and the others can stick a news on their screens all the day saying: “DEMONSTRATIONS COVER ALL CITIES OF SYRIA”! They didn’t lie, but the one who read it would no doubt think that millions of demonstrators are filling squares of Syria. This is the media of evil.

There are external masters that organize these demonstrations, fund them with money.
Q: The western mass media would consider that as a typical “propaganda lie” …


That´s a legal question. But you can see logical proves, even as a foreign spectator. Compare the Syrian demonstrations with the protest movement in for example in Egypt. The protesters stayed day and night at the famous Tahrir-square in Cairo. They refused to leave this square before any change in the government was visible. In Syria the demonstration take sometimes 10 minutes or maximum 4 hours. Then the people go home. The reason is: They don’t really care about what against they are demonstrating. If somebody really believes in his political protest, he behaves different. But they get paid for participating at the demonstration, and for a certain time they spend there. That’s the easy proof.
Q: So people earn money with that?


(laughs) Yes, we make already jokes in Syria. There is a new part-time job: demonstrator
Q: Who pays that money?


Since we are talking in terms of money, I would say:

The headquarters are located in Washington, Paris;

The executive director office: Tel Aviv;

The funders: Arabic Gulf, as always they are in western wars on our region, and also USA that didn’t mind, for instance, cutting a part of the income of its poor people to establish Barada TV which is fully dedicated to attack Syrian regime, as recorded the Washington Times;

The cooperator: Turkey, Saudi Arabia;

The advertisement dept.: 39 channels have been dedicated for this Zio-NATO investment as main players, other than most of international media institutions that didn’t like to pay effort and look for the truth in their own ways.

We witness a weird collaboration between the western leading states and Israel on one side and the ultra-conservative, totalitarian monarchies in the Arabic Gulf on the other side. USA and France are supporting extremist terroristic groups while they made wars in the name of “Fighting terrorism”.
Q: How do the Syrian people discuss the oil embargo?


Fortunately we don’t have so much oil as for example Libya or Iraq!

Q: why fortunately?


(laughs) Because then the NATO would take action and maybe we couldn´t talk now together because Damascus would be bombarded. But seriously: What is true is, that we export a part of our raw oil to Europe and get it back refined. But I have to correct something: Oil is not our most important resource. We have a lot of agricultural resources, we export. Syria is for example a very important export nation for olives and olive products as olive oil.

Q: But the embargo will harm the Syrian economy of course!


Let me tell you something: We are used to embargos since we live. I give you 3 examples from my domain as a programmer: When I tried to install last year a trivial software, google chrome browser, on my computer, a window opened to tell me: “Sorry, you are in an embargoed country.”. A Syrian team of programmer lost a prize of “Best Project” in a competition in Beirut some years ago because “Their license of Oracle is illegal since they are Syrian”. And Syrian representative of a company in Gitex exhibition 2009 in Dubai was shocked when her counterpart from Korea whispered in her ears: “Avoid talking with me in tech. issues loudly, because this violates the sanctions against your country”. This all was already before the political campaign against Syria. So it is a permanent situation. I remember that in the 1980s even medicaments were on the embargo-list (and here I wonder how much USA and its followers are caring about Syrian people!!!). This was a real problem, but the Syrians solved it. Slowly we developed in our economy substitutes on these embargo-goods. The Syrian president said once (not literally, but what means so):

“If we want to fear sanctions and isolation, we wouldn’t suffer all the last years, we would obey a long time ago. But it’s a question of principles; we don’t want to be just another emirate, another Saudi-Arabia. But we are Syria. We are a civilization.”

However, what hurts most, and what is most deniable, is the recent decision to put sanctions on the Syrian private channel Addounia! Addounia is very close to Syrian people, it has become as the axis that gathers all Syrians, beside Syrian TV of course. How can EU decision makers claim to defend Syrian people, expression of speech and freedom of media anymore?!!! The worst is that they want to block Addounia while supporting the ugliest forms of extremism represented in channels such as Wisal, Safa, Souria AlHurra and many others who call day by night to kill and hate some local sects considered by them “atheists”! This is NOT Europe that I believe it is. I believe European people never accepts this.


If the international media is telling the truth about Syria that “The majority of people in Syria want to change the regime and is fighting and dying for this aim”, so why have it survived till now (6 months so far of so-called revolution) comparatively with Tunis: 23 days, Egypt: 18 days, and even Ghaddafi lost control over Libya since the first week and most of Libyan officials resigned the first month, while no one Syrian ambassador or army leader has resigned so far?

  • Some say because Assad’s regime is using force against its people: Well, did force help Ghaddafi? (I am not talking of military situation but of regime strength, Ghaddafi lost most of his governmental officials the first month I repeat)
  • Others say: Well it is because of the malicious “they mean smart” intelligence it possesses:
    Well, Mubarak’s one was famous of having one of the best intelligence systems in middle east and Africa, till that its boss “Omar Suleiman” was assigned to solve key issues in the region such as “Israeli-Palestinian mediation, Sudan issue.”
  • Others say: Syrian regime is paying money for people to go down to streets in rallies pro-Bashar (Even some Saudi media said that security forces rapes protestors’ sisters to make them obey): This is ridiculous; how can it be believed that Syrian people is being slaughtered and raped, etc and then accept to shout for Bashar supporting him . Against a handful of money?!

In contrast, the side that witnessed degradation and resignation is Aljazeera channel, the center of gravity of media campaign against Syria. Several highly credible characters in the world of media who were buttresses of Aljazeera left it due to its fierce campaign against Syria and throwing away the ABC of professionalism of journalism, such as: Ghassan bin Jiddo, ex-director of Aljazeera’s office in Beirut, Luna Al-Shibl, TV presenter and many others. Come on! Truth will shows off!
Q: So, do you deny that there is a revolution in Syria?


A revolution of any suppressed people should emerge from the social places, from factories, universities or cultural centers which is so far from the scene in Syria. Demonstrations in Syria are linked to Fridays, and more specifically, to Friday’s prayer; they occur just after the Friday’s prayer!
Q: Why do you think demonstrations are linked to Friday’s prayer?


The ones who trigger demonstrations in Syria uses the crowds that gather spontaneously after the Friday’s prayer when it ends to instigate people by shouting “Allah Akbar ” they try to stimulate their collective instinct that get them back to middle ages or even older. The speech of the channels that have been created several years ago to instigate Syrian people such as Alsaffa, Wisal, Syria AlHurra (The free Syria), Orient and Barada uses terms such as: “Jihad”, “God is with us”, “Our martyrs to Paradise while their killed people to hell! The brain that is instigating people to demonstrate is trying to hypnotize ignorant people with such mentality. Let’s take this shout that is common on these channels: ” al janneh rayheen, shuhada bel malayeen” that is: “We are going to paradise, millions of martyrs” in order to fool people and make them careless about their lives.

However, we can with some perception reveal the evil that is behind this slogan; by asking an innocent question:

Since you, demonstrators are willing to die voluntarily to go directly to paradise, so WHY ARE YOU BEGGING NATO FOR “PROTECTION” ???
Q: So do you think this is all planned?


Definitely. “Nato tender protection” is the keyword; it is the maestro that organizes the orchestra of the European media
Q: However, aren’t there legal justifications to demonstrate?


Yes of course, this is another issue. There’s a consensus in Syria about the need of reformation. President Al-Assad admitted that, he showed ultimate approval for all demands of democratic transformation. He even said in his speech in the “Parliament” on March 30 – 2011:

“We cannot say that all those who demonstrated are conspirators. This is not true, and we want to be clear and realistic.”

President agreed on all democratic demands such as: The state of multi political parties, the freedom of media, rewriting the constitution of Syria, reform the judiciary and fighting corruption.

An ironic matter is that Syria is progressing toward reforms and building the democratic state in a pace that is faster even from the “post-revolution governments” in Tunis, Egypt (and the new comer, Libya) where revolution triumphed! We already have in Syria a modern law of political parties, another of media, whereas Egypt, Tunis and Libya are still in the swamp of chaos. We have annulled the state of emergency 5 months ago, while the others are applying it.



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